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  1. Even for Africa these trucks were pieces of junk.Watched this a few years ago and wondered how the UN could be scammed like that.
  2. I don't understand why this is still called the Dakar rally
  3. Happy 4th to all Americans on this site.
  4. Some idyllic time coming up for you
  5. We love to see pictures of trucks too
  6. Looks was like one of the Chinese Ford truck that put up here sometime by Kscarbel2.Soon there will be a White House replica in one of the Chinese provinces then someone will wake up.
  7. He is in mine.Hope not what I am thinking.
  8. My Family and I's Prayers are with you.Sometimes you just can't believe certain behaviors from the animal called Man.
  9. As usual everyday view of America
  10. Check passenger side on the frame frame inside the front tire well.
  11. i hope the Ram was grass fed.here the taste of the ram depends on the pasture it was fed on.As for pork a lunatic was asked what was the tastiest meat and he said he did not want to get into arguments with different people over what meat was the best but all he was sure of was that pork would be the second best no contest
  12. Happy birthday Vlad.Hope the weather will stay warm for the World cup.Who knows Russia might be possible in June for me.Remember to share pictures of the Barbecue.
  13. Do not forget to ask for a BMT member discount
  14. Go to the watts truck centre website the contact numbers are there
  15. Welcome to the site.That is some good work you are doing on that truck,most of us would have gone for a decent used stand.
  16. There is a glow in your new display pictures that was not there before.What happiness does to a man,was afraid to use the L... word
  17. Indeed He is risen.Happy Easter all
  18. Ok.The cabs without the hood will pass for a Mack any day
  19. were mack trucks an inspiration for the design of those trucks?
  20. If you want something really bad you just have to pay for it.I just paid $5800 Canadian to truck an RD 886SX dump truck from Timmins ON to Baltimore which is more than the Shipping cost of $3026 US from Baltimore to Nigeria,The life of exporters buying for use is not an easy one.
  21. I thought something happened in The US over the weekend.
  22. For all the work you have done on this truck Mack should owe you some money for the research you have done on their behalf.This should be a case study.The culprit might eventually be a $500 fix.
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