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  1. They were very low production numbers on them. I'd have look to be sure on exactly the number. I had one which used for a donor to a superliner as it had lots of issues but I sold the cab to go on another cruiseliner v8. Both were WS722s. Mine was the first off the line, 001001.
  2. Wow those look good and definitely the right location for Wills truck for which he was asking
  3. Sure go on the door above the latch if I remember correctly. I'll look later
  4. Mike is good people. Help me out on some oddball engine bearings for my E9.
  5. What ever happened to the Mack ED pickup. Do you guys still have it?
  6. Sounds like typical 325 to me. Every one we have does that bobtail. Hook a trailer on and it's fine. I put a cable throttle on the one to cure it.
  7. We do the same on the inline pumps as well. We set the timing just the same as a V pump. Runs much more gooder!!!
  8. I think its 650 for inline pump and 625 for v pump. All my v pumps are 625 and have no issues.
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