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  1. Magnum Questions

    All Magnums were RW613s and MH613s. I have heard of a few Magnums with spokes on the rear. A far as interiors they all left the factory with level IV red not oxblood red. I've included some interior pictures of my Magnum. Josh
  2. 1985 Superliner

    My one one buddy has one of My Cousins old Magnums that is titled as an 86. It sat on the lot for a while when it was new but it is was built in 85. Josh
  3. Registry: Mack EF

    I have a list of all the Magnums and Freedom series RWs and MHs built that my good friend Will Wingo (phil dirt) compiled from info he researched at the Mack Museum.
  4. My new used Superliner

    I already do on the side but I have several to finish and more on the way I have to do when there gone. I'm not takeing any more on till I'm all caught up.
  5. My new used Superliner

    Ha Ha, I'm gonna keep her!
  6. Contemplating transmission upgrade in my truck.

    Ha Ha! It was me, Josh that you talked to. It was nice meeting you in person. My Brother Ben is the one with the blue 72 R700. My Dad who you met as well is Mark. As far as the bellhousing the starter is on the passenger side but all the V8 are like that. Thanks, Josh
  7. My new used Superliner

    I have a factor pattern that I had my local welding shop use to cut the stainless one out with. I had them make a copy of the factory inside cab support as well. Dad and I had to rebrace the inside of the hood support as it ran down right where I cut the hood out.
  8. My new used Superliner

    My light weight is about 25500.
  9. Another superliner rebuild

    Same here. Eventually well get them together! I don't get south with mine very much. I'm usually up around Erie with it but not always.
  10. Finally Got A Magnum Superdog

    No we bought them. There hard to come buy but every once in a while I find them.
  11. I remember seeing a Magnum Superliner pulling a dump once in a while back when when I was a kid riding with Dad in his Superliner on I 80 when we would be getting on from I 79. It was a day cab from what I remember. Dad told me that he used to see it and a Ultraliner Magnum pulling a dump as well. I don't know who's they were but I know which ones your talking about. My Cousins and Great Uncle always hauled steel with there 4 Magnums across I 80 and up and down I 79. Josh
  12. New toy in the box. U795

    It actually needs frame rails and the cab has rust but beond that it is a very straight truck. The rust and old age always takes over after siting for a long time. The old girl does run like a top though !
  13. New toy in the box. U795

    Ya we are definently V8 nuts. We have about 6 or so in trucks and they all run!
  14. We picked this up on the way to Lititz. It's a 1972 U795ST 1013. My Brother bought it and is going to restore it. It even still has the U-700 emblem on the cab! Thanks, Josh
  15. Here's some pics of Thunderdog's 1989 Superliner that I've working on repainting this summer and fall. A just have the hood left to finish now.