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  1. Superliner question

    Might be waiting quite a while!
  2. Superliner question

    I'm not a big Detroit fan but 60 series aren't a bad engine. It would be kind of cool to see one in a newer Superdog. Hmmm That give me ideas for another project LOL!
  3. Magnum Vin:1325 up for auction

    I wondered who got that one. Glad it got a good home. If if turns out as nice as your other bulldogs it will be a sweetheart for sure! Hell New Castle isn't to far from me. Deffinently need to keep use posted on that build. Did you get your KTTA Superliner repainted yet?
  4. Magnum Vin:1325 up for auction

    Does any body know what ever happened to it or ended up getting it? It sat in Butler, Pa on 422 for sale for a short time for sale after it was in Mercer, Pa at the auction place then I lost all tabs on it. Just curious. Thanks, Josh
  5. many e9 parts for sale

    How about valve cover? Do you have any?
  6. Look what I found

    Very Nice!!
  7. Mack ENDDT 865 V8 Maxidyne Engine

    I'll have to check that out on my Brother U795. Most the 865/866 engines had 27 degrees injection timing but his has a factory setting of 31 degrees injection timing and man can you tell.That thing is like a fire ball! I know the in one of our overhaul manuals is shows that a limited number of 865s had the 31 degrees timing but only in the first few years. Josh
  8. ETB1005 v8 engine

    I had the heads and pan off mine when when I found it I guess so there was a little more room.
  9. ETB1005 v8 engine

    Your in the right place. I had the same problem when I was looking for my numbers. I had to get the sand paper after it. There not stamped real deep and can be hard to read sometime.
  10. r 700 v8

    I'm going to check it out tomorrow. Josh
  11. It's not a truck but it's a nice addition to my Mack Magnum collection. My Brother found it on Ebay and got it for me for Christmas. He''s the Man! Josh
  12. ETB1005 v8 engine

    Yes you are correct.
  13. ETB1005 v8 engine

    Ok I found it. According to the list I have from Mack, they only made 2 RWL736s and 4 RWS736s between 1979 and 1980.
  14. ETB1005 v8 engine

    That would be cool to put in a 1976 R700 or just keep as a display engine. I've only ever seen a hand full of 1000/1005s. The build numbers I have for the trucks which had them were all very low so the numbers might be right. I know that Mack only made 8 R735s with the 1005s and 9 F735s with the 1005s. I have the build numbers for the RWS/RWL 736 Superliners here somewhere. Give me a minute to find them.
  15. ETB1005 v8 engine

    The tag says 1980 though. Mine is a 1000 not an E9 and is a 721 not a 736. The few 736 I've seen all had 1005s