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  1. We do the same on the inline pumps as well. We set the timing just the same as a V pump. Runs much more gooder!!!
  2. I think its 650 for inline pump and 625 for v pump. All my v pumps are 625 and have no issues.
  3. Lol I thought of that after I posted. I was thinking V pump. Yes its on the side.
  4. The idle screw is on the side of the injector pump where the throttle linkage comes out. The proper idle setting is 625rpm. Josh
  5. Better look closer. The frame is broke at the rears on the drivers side.
  6. I don't know if phildirt contacted you or not. What's the vin?? The Mack Museum has a registry. I can give them your info or you can contact them direct. Thanks, Josh
  7. Its the top cover like in the picture. the radio goes there too. Ours is missing.
  8. My Brother and I are looking interior parts for my Brothers recently acquired 1976 Cruise-Liner WS795LST. We're looking for a drivers side door panel with the dog in the cowboy hat and the top heater cover. We would ever consider a complete or partial deluxe blue or brown interior out of a Macungie truck as well. Thanks, Josh
  9. Well where's the old girl off to??
  10. I know who has the white magnum and it is a true documented magnum. I heard he wanted something like 85k.
  11. I'd still be very interested in the valve cover dogs if your going to get them done. Pm me when your close to needing a head count on haw many to make if you would. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Josh
  12. I'd be very interested for sure! I have a 2 set of the chrome/polished valve Cover that the bulldog emblem came on and I'm missing 2 of the emblems for them and I would be interested in extras along with V8 emblems. Prices seem fare to me. Keep us posted on your progress! Thanks, Josh
  13. Its on a RS795 chassis with an E9 under the hood. I did a lot of studying to see how it was done. Very nice indeed.
  14. Mack made a lot of E6 4 valve engines. They are quite common.
  15. ranchhopper, Just in case you didn't know the Superliner mount looks the same as the RS mount but they are not the same. Both the My RS795LST and my RWL721LST have the same style of mount you are looking for but the Superliner one is taller than the RS. They also made 2 different syles of the Superliner 1 mounts. The newer ones where 3 piece rather than one.
  16. You can still get that pump new Rob. I believe I got mine through Pai for my RS795. As stated above you will need the adapter plate though. Josh
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