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  1. Not really sure what you are asking- This is the book you need if you are planning to change out the synchronizer in the truck.
  2. 2907 lbs, with clutch and air compressor, no oil, water, starter, fan or alternator
  3. https://www.macktrucks.com/about-mack/museum/trucktoberfest/ You can call and register.
  4. ET673-260 with 188 hp at the rear wheels on the dyno. 38,000/ 4.54 Mack rears, 177,900 miles.
  5. Thanks again. The dyno sheet for my engine shows 16.5 psi boost @ 2100 rpm, down to 15 psi at 1500 rpm.
  6. Thanks for the information. Different injectors and pump setting from the endt673- and a different turbo?
  7. I am looking at a dynamotor sheet which lists the engine as engine model # ET673-260 with a serial # of 4B7058. What is this engine? The sheet says 260 hp @ 2100 rpm. The dyno sheet is showing 188 horsepower at the rear wheels with 15 pound boost and exhaust temperature at 850 f.
  8. There are multiple wiring diagrams in the Wiki section of this website.
  9. Here are pictures of the undercarriage: Grouser height: 1 ¾” Link height: 3 9/16” 5 pin length: 26 15/16” Link: Cat Sealed 9K6628
  10. Here are a few pictures. Other pictures available. Asking $5,500 Will
  11. 2/8/2017 Tractor is sold. Caterpillar D 4 7U 31112 (c. 1955) Good running D4 with 4 roller track frame, 32 link, 60” gauge. Solid front idlers. Track chains, link height and grousers (13” wide) measure 100% of new. 2 sealed lower rollers, 1 upper sealed roller. Sprockets cut off and good sprocket rims welded on. 4A Caterpillar angle blade, nice shape. Cat # 44 hydraulic pump and tank (1 valve), rear ports. Hoses need replaced but do not leak. Full belly pan and front tow hook. Radiator/ hydraulic guard nice and straight. Under seat tool box with lid (hinge broken) with track adjustment wrench and a few other tools. Starter motor runs good and starts the diesel easily – it will need rebuilt due to excessive crankshaft end play. Rebuilt carburetor, gas tank cleaned and sealed. Electric starter works good. Tractor has been gone over with all new filters (oil, fuel, hydraulic), all oils changed (finals, transmission, engine, starter motor, starter clutch, fuel injector pump) new Cat thermostat. Oil cooler leaks and has been bypassed. Good oil pressure hot and cold. Air cleaners serviced. Diesel tank flushed. Two speed rear mounted pto works good. Handle for shifting has been broken off Drives and steers excellent. No seat cushions. Hood has been damaged and repaired (poorly). Battery box complete with all inside parts (no battery hold down) and top. Two headlights with original style Cat brackets. Some paint, has been cleaned top to bottom, front to back. All remaining rust is included. All tags intact and match. Located in NW Pennsylvania. Delivery possible in Spring in the northeast. Can be seen in heated shop by appointment. Don’t waste your or my time if you think you’re going to buy if for 9 cents a pound. Make all inquiries via personal message with your email and I will contact you directly. I won’t answer question here. I only guarantee an accurate description – your only other guarantee is your personal inspection. Will Wingo Titusville, PA
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