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  1. Send me a private message with your email address/ contact information and I will ask Tony to contact you.
  2. Thanks- Those are some real nice looking labels. The earlier labels were slightly different - more of a transparent backing. Made in your shop or by somebody else?
  3. OK Thanks- How about this one ? Left door jamb under latch post? Will
  4. This may be what you have already seen. The old voltage regulators were either negative or positive ground, but the more modern ones can be used with either. If your series/ parallel switch has through bolts open it up and repair the burnt contacts. There are two sets of contacts within the S/ P switch.
  5. Where is this label (part # 4MR2625M) place on a RW 613? Probably on the driver's door jam below the latch? 2" wide x 4" tall
  6. The first Mack in Australia was imported from the US in 1919 (AC). That truck still exists in the Champion collection. Mack started building trucks in Australia in 1963 and still continues today. 2019 was the 100th year celebration by Mack Trucks Australia.
  7. It belongs to Mike and Kelly Osborne, Osborne Trucking, near Riverton, Wyoming. Their business and trucks have been featured in Wheels of Time magazine twice. The truck is V8 powered. I think the bulldozer is a 36A D8. Mike uses that for snow plowing in his driveway and removing cattle guards. The Freedom Series trucks have been discussed in many threads on this forum. Do a search. It was a special edition (<200 produced) of MH and RW Mack trucks in 1986/ 1987 with a 3 year 300,000 mile warranty that offered "complete Freedom" from repair cost. All trucks left Allentown with the Phantom grey paint with red trim and the statue of liberty graphics. "War Dog" is much more of an expert on things Osborne than I am. This is the decal on the hood:
  8. Remember: What you see is not what you get and also what you buy is not what you are going to get.
  9. Vlad- that is the cab suspension (?) that was used with a sleeper compartment - at least on the early trucks. From the records at the Archives at the Mack Truck Historical Museum: Freedom Series engines: (these numbers don't add up to the total production due to some missing build sheets) E6 350 131 E9 500 14 E9 450 8 E9 400 5 All of the Magnum Series left Allentown with one of the 3 E 9 engines.
  10. The build sheets for the SuperLiner II Magnum (186) trucks all list "Air Suspended Cab Mounting" as part of the standard package. On all trucks equipped with either size (36" or 60") sleepers, that item is either lined out or marked "deleted". My truck had the 2 shock absorbers installed as in the picture above and a block of rubber (might as well have been a 2 X 6) mounted where the air bag and control would have been placed. All of the sleepers I have seen are ridged mounted - just rubber bushings on 6 steel brackets. I replaced the rubber block on my truck cab with a Mack air bag and control rods and used a modern, flexible cab seal. Seems to work just fine.
  11. The collection does include the Australian limited editions (4). These trucks have been added in the last 4 years. The Freedom trucks do have the correct Statue of Liberty decal - just hard to see.
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