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  1. Don't have any handy of just the trailer. When I got it it was a run hard oil field work trailer. I put new side rails and cross members, brakes, lights and paint. I also rebushed the entire suspension (Hyster was gone by then Etnyre still provided the bushings). 8/4" white oak for the deck. It has a Braden winch (20,000 slp), 90' of 5/8 cable, mounted on the head end of the trailer. Hydraulic driven off the B75 wet line. It still shows battle scars from days in the patch. Here is a picture behind the B75 with the Sixty Caterpillar on board.
  2. The Rajah truck is a R800, E9, 9 1/2' wide prime mover and is part of the Osborne operation based at Champions, Rockhampton, Queensland, AU
  3. Here is a specification sheet for the E9 V8 as a .pdf. Send me a private message with your email and I will send you a more detailed sheet on the E9. I don't usually respond to updates on these 8 year old posts. E9 500 Spec Sheet ESP.pdf
  4. That is Mike and Kelly Osborne Trucking, near Riverton, WY. Mike has moved multiple military vehicles for a new museum there in Wyoming. Other than an occasional red engine, almost all their powers are V8 thumpers. Mike can give you all the details on the truck. This is one of the prime movers from the southern branch, Osborne Down Under.
  5. I guess that I can deal with either a 10R x 17.5 or an 11R x 17.5 tire diameter. My question is will they fit on any 17.5 wheel or will there be a difference in wheel width as the outside diameter gets larger. The 215 x 17.5 wheels I am looking at are much smaller in diameter but I can't tell if the wheel itself is narrower in width.
  6. I downloaded and printed the charts - can't read them in either format, thanks for trying.
  7. My Hyster lowboy trailer has 10.00 x 15 LPT tube tires on Dayton spoke wheels that are ready for a changeout. I' m looking for a chart showing size and compatibility to change to tubeless tires on Dayton wheels. Looks like 11R 17.5 would be a direct swap for the tires but one of the questions is would a 215 75 R 17.5 wheel work with that size tire.
  8. I usually pay $50 for the inspection sticker. The permanent plates are for 10,000+ gvw only. May be up to $150 for the plate now - we are in PA.
  9. Pennsylvania will not issue an "antique" license for a trailer. Just buy a permanent plate for it - $125 and your done other than an annual inspection.
  10. Send me a private message with your email address/ contact information and I will ask Tony to contact you.
  11. Thanks- Those are some real nice looking labels. The earlier labels were slightly different - more of a transparent backing. Made in your shop or by somebody else?
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