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  1. Oh yes, and no insignia at all except for the Mack letters under the passenger seat!
  2. Looks very clean for its age. I've never seen an offset Western Grill like that before. Is it factory? If so you'd have thought they would have offset it both sides and blanked out behind it on the right hand side. Looks like it's got a dual air cleaner set up with the external one feeding the tip turbine and the one under the hood routed to the turbo. I think there used to be a similar set up with a rear facing scoop on the hood but I thought it was only the Super-liner with a grill intake. Forgive my ignorance but what exactly is a hill climbing helper?
  3. 753: Isn't that CAT powered? Looks like it needs rescuing although the cab looks rough.
  4. Thank you very much for the terrific pictures. That's just the kind of detail I wanted to get a look at. If it's not too much trouble would you be able to get two or three more showing the first couple of feet of the frame from both sides and the radiator? That would give me a clear idea of how it all fits together. Also, Is that an aluminium frame? Many thanks.
  5. Thanks. That would be great. As well as being practical and designed to last trucks also had character back then. They all look a bit the same now, like big cars! Looking forward to the pics but no hurry. I've got several Macks on the bench still!
  6. Great looking truck and a nice project to get into.. These are my favourite Autocars. I have one on my list of to do model projects. I have already 3D printed a hood for it but have got a bit hung up on how the front end goes together. Would you be able to take some pics with the hood up? I'm trying to get a look at the frame horns and Radiator mounting but there are so few of these around now that getting any detai is almost impossible.
  7. All the 771's have this modification so it must have been factory. I guess that they were so few in number that it was not economical to produce a longer hood so they came up with the cowl extension instead. You know me, I like figures so I was hoping to find out exactly how many inches were added!
  8. Does anyone know the BBC dimension for the Detroit Dozen RS771? It's longer than the standard RS700 and you can see there's an infill between the cowl and hood. I know these are rare beasts but I was hoping that maybe someone has access to one and could measure that extra cowl infill or that there are some figures available somewhere. Another model project.
  9. https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/192800269/1971-mack-rs700l Beautiful! Price tag to match.
  10. Sorry, I think I muddied the waters because I thought we were talking about RW 1 and RW 2 models whereas we are really talking about RWL/S and RWI. Perhaps the 2nd Generation Super-Liner should have been RMH! So, to summarize; Hayward closed in 81 and all Western model production moved to Macungie or elsewhere. RWS/L Super-Liner continued with split frame. WS/L Cruise-Liner with split frame continued with improvements and cosmetic changes like new grill to match Super-Liner. RS/L Value-Liner continued as was. WS/L Cruise-Liner discontinued in 83, replaced by
  11. Glad to bring back memories. I have only ever come across two of those pre facelift Western Contractors; the one in the brochure and the other on this site:
  12. I don't know much about the detailed differences but I think late production 865's and 866's may have looked similar to the E9. The obvious difference is that the E9 had Chassis Mounted Charge Air Cooling which meant there was an aftercooler in front of the radiator along with the piping that went with it. Can we see some models?
  13. Misleading publicity from Mack! I took a look at that brochure again. There is a picture of an unbadged Value-Liner labelled as an RD but later in the brochure there is a correctly labelled Western Contractor RD! The brochure is dated 87 so the Value-Liner must have gone by then. Here's a link to it but I can only open it with google Chrome. Firefox or Edge don't seem to like it. Photo: MackConstr87-04 | Mack Construction Trucks 1987 album | modeltrucks25
  14. Yes, I've come across the Western Contractor. Wasn't it an RD with the old hood and a lookalike but slightly smaller Western style grill? I remember seeing a Mack construction brochure from the 80's which had both the Western Contractor and the Value-Liner in the lineup so there must have been a period when both models were available.
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