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  1. I knew I had seen that truck before - http://www.steelsold...920-hybrid.html
  2. Looks like a Bentz conversion crew cab. My Schalbe conversion crew cab runs just fine with an 8.3L ISC Cummins in it. Let us/me know if he's gonna scrap it, I've had a blast with mine! Since this is the Roasted Peterbilt Owners post, figured I would chime in with my dirty little secret! Here's my 2000 Peterbilt model 330, 8.3L Cummins, Allison MD3060P automatic transmission, and a Western Hauler bed for towing Momma's little home away from home! Bob's misfortune could be a nice twin for mine with a little work (and a Cummins to replace the "scaterpillar"!). Let us know if he's getting rid of it Rob, I might be interested. Scott
  3. checked out your profile pictures,the B-series with the "l" style cab has always been one of my favorite trucks..mark

  4. If I remember correctly, that truck was for sale by a museum in California for the price of $10k. Motor was running but stuck at the time of the ad (probably wouldn't take much to get free). I was contemplating the possibilities of a crew cab mack truck, but never shelled out the $$$$$$. I agree, nice looking Mack! Scott
  5. I have seen cancelled orders or model changes where the original serial number was crossed out on Mack's records and a notation was made of the cancellation or change of model for the order. Scott
  6. Here is one on eBay right now (actually, 5 of them!). http://cgi.ebay.com/...ercialQ5fTrucks
  7. Register c, Would you say you have a majority voice in the policy and direction that Volvo takes in it's business model? Do you have a say in the marketing plan for future investment and profitability of the company? Are you a key stakeholder that provides direction to the CEO? Or are you a cog in the machine that believes in what you do (rightly, and with fervor), who is caught in a catch 22 with no other options? If you can say yes to any of these questions, then I understand where you are coming from. If you say no to all of the above, then I say quit fooling yourself as you are not fooling anyone on this forum. You have not provided anything of substance to this board, you have not provided sage advice to get someone out of a jamb and back on the road, you have merely proffered your opinion that there is more to Volvo than meets the eye (or stock dividend). This is the wrong board to hang your hat on "Mother Volvo" and preach that all is well and good. A number of people on this forum have been forecasting the demise of Mack, just as Brockway, Diamond T and others have gone away due to business models. It is a fact a business, but it doesn't make it any more pleasant or palatable. Mack has a proud history, with dare I say proud owners, mechanics, users, drivers, and admirers... It is unpleasant to watch the bumblings of Volvo destroy such a REPUTATION. It is sickening to watch the shackles applied to a company that catered to (or should I say, bent over backwards to SATISFY) its customers and their desire to build the perfect truck to their "one off" application (although that "one off" helped build market share and penetration, look that one up in your business model textbooks). If you are pissed at the responses you have received and don't care to help, then don't. But don't act like a spoiled child and mope in the corner. Provide some technical input, some valuable knowledge and contribute! Life is too short to allow a thin skin to keep you out of the mix and enjoy the company. Jump in, have some fun and kill some time...you might learn a little more about subjects that have no relation to trucks (or motorcycles), but may be even more beneficial to you in the long run. Scott
  8. Pat McPhail (sp?), (aka MackLTH) is pretty knowledgeable on these trucks. He has had a couple of related columns published in the Wheels of Time. I have a couple B models with L model cabs, but I haven't been able to glean too much information from the internet on this series. Good luck in your quest! Scott
  9. Now other dog, you be careful throwing them chains. Here's some photos circulating 'round the internet email... It's a crying shame. Scott Steel cord in them tires didn't stand a chance... and the smoking gun...
  10. Greg, I think James sums it up for all of us. Nothin fancy, from the heart, with meaning. My thoughts & prayers. Scott
  11. I am kinda partial to that old truck as well. It's located in Eastern Washington state. I have the owners name and number; he moved to Montana. Not sure if it is still there or if it's for sale, but if you are interested, PM me. Scott
  12. Mike & Larry, I saw it as a resource for people instead of the $10 a page sales on eBay. The power of the internet has saved me a bunch of money over the years and I'm always looking for avenues to same me (and those who have a similar interest) a little coin. Doesn't appear that too many large trucks are there, but it may be of interest to people... I know Barry posted the mix a paint shop ginned up for the color under an overspeed dash plate and have rounded up a few other codes on the forums. Thanks for the ideas & offers, Scott
  13. ex-Spokane, WA Electrical contractor boom truck
  14. 1 of 113 B-77's made? I am planning to restore this truck first, as it has history in Washington State via Goodfellow Bros construction, is somewhat rare, and has an L model cab. It used to have a Cummins NHRS-6 supercharged engine (long gone, as are the 5&4 and radiator). I did find a Cummins big cam NTC-290 that I plan to put in, along with a Mack quadraplex. The restoration process has been slow, but I'm learning a lot from the forum members and having fun - money permitting!
  15. I was looking at paint and primers for my truck (it's getting pretty confusing with all the options out there). I came across a historical paint chip library at DuPont. The link is DuPont Historical Color Chip Library I haven't found the color chips for Mack trucks yet, but did find the colors for a Coca-Cola truck! Let me know if you find the right pages for our old Mack trucks, and better yet, post them! Scott
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