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  1. Thank you j hancock that was very interesting!
  2. I’m sure it would get the job done, I just wish I had a job for it to do so I could buy it. I wonder what something like that has for a motor, and what a weight would be? Also what is a model?
  3. https://www.equipmentfacts.com/listings/other-items/auctions/online/194681413/2010-mack-lowboy?LP=TH Does anyone know any details on this neat old Mack? We stumbled across it on a auction website and it just looks cool.
  4. There is this one here in South Dakota. It’s sitting in water due to the spring flooding we had but good shape. I can get that to you for $2500
  5. I know of a clean 85 Superliner with a 350 Cummins and a Eaton 9 speed. Pm me for details and pictures
  6. What motor transmission and suspension options you looking for?
  7. Rodger did you try sending him a message on the messenger of Big Mack Trucks?
  8. I’ll have to give them a call. Thanks 👍
  9. Yes I understand what you mean. I’ve had plenty of those kind of projects where it supposed to work but it turns out it takes plenty of modifications. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for your input 🙂
  10. Hey Vlad thanks for sharing your knowledge. Did they change the motor itself too or will they still bolt in and wire up the same?
  11. Hey thanks I did see that one. I’m kinda looking for something with with engine trouble or something since I have a Superliner with a good V8 but no title. Even something sitting for awhile already would be alright with me.
  12. Looking for a Superliner to restore. The condition of the drive train don’t matter. Needs to have a title. Preferably in the Midwest but could travel for the right one
  13. Really keeping a eye out for superliners there! He had it posted for a thousand but when I called him it wasn’t his asking price. Apparently just wanted to get ppls attention.
  14. I got some of the tires to air up and put some used ones on I had laying around yet. Yes anything to make it legal is taken off the truck, but Everything it needs to drive is there . You could come test drive it today.
  15. Price drop to 8000 obo without the hood. Would be willing to part out and sell just the motor
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