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  1. Tire/ Rim Question

    Could be a combination of worn spoke, or clamps, the old school remedy was a small spacer that went with the original wheel spacer, think i still have a couple hanging in my garage. terry
  2. just a note to say I really like following this adventure! terry

    I know there have been some changes on the site, just noticed the like button missing, kind of liked it ! guess i better open my eyes! terry
  4. Wix filters

    Alot depends on working conditions, real clean, or real dirty conditions, goes for all the maintenance items, oil change, air filters and greasing. terry
  5. Mack ???

    Probably put together from different brands! terry
  6. Rare old mack for sale

    I ran a rough terrain crane in Viet Nam, had the 903 in the carrier, and a 220 in the crane, we had to change the 903 once, that was a real job! terry Also seen alot of the 10 ton trucks with the 903 engine.
  7. One of the best looking R model series, besides the RD800. terry
  8. Not alot of them, but there out there. terry
  9. Rare old mack for sale

    Remember these from army days in the late 60's, they were a real horse! terry
  10. John Deere G Reunion

    Love that autocar, and quite the 2 cycle engine! terry
  11. 68 u or dm mixer

    Bet that 400 series is a scania! terry
  12. 1936 Mack Jr

    learn something new everyday! terry
  13. Superliner Front Axle

    Make sure your donor axle has the same spring width and same center bolt hole to hole as the old axle., mack has different widths on these, depending on the model of the truck. terry
  14. 1936 Mack Jr

    I thought a mack jr. was a pickup? terry
  15. 1993 Mack CH613 Dump Truck For Sale

    Sounds to be set up pretty good, but a little steep on price i would say. terry