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  1. terry

    Pictures of the Week

    very nice jimmy, and a even better lookin' lady in it!! terry👍
  2. terry

    First F model

    Mike were there early F models with a cummins engine? terry
  3. terry

    Air Leak

    raise box up, chock wheels so no roll, shut engine off and walk around truck, very possible the parking side of a brake can. Will only leak when brakes are released. terry
  4. terry

    Extensive Mack Collection, Auction

    Click on the proxibid auction on first post, has all the prices. terry
  5. terry


    Follow positive cable does it go to ground or starter? terry
  6. key to the 12/24 system is a good series/parallel switch, but if everything is up to par they will turn that engine like you would not believe. terry
  7. terry

    1966 B61

    the back box has shift rails out in the open, slide under and take a look at them, might be full of dirt or whatever, there are grease fittings on the front and rear of the aux. shift tower, kind of hard to see, maybe spray some penetrating oil and grease the fittings. terry
  8. It is amazing what an old school sheet metal man can do, most guys now bolt parts on and paint and generally poorly at that! terry👍
  9. terry


    looks like the old macks were the best deals there, would loved to have had that C model for that kind of money. terry
  10. lookin' good!! terry👍
  11. terry

    Axle break down?

    A B81 could have the 50,000 rears, takes a different carrier, different seals maybe. terry
  12. I would guess being a 83 year, would be a 12 spd too.
  13. Don't think you have to run elog on that old of a truck. terry
  14. There were two versions of the quad box, a 722 and a 7220, the 722 is a direct in 5th gear which you can split, the 7220 is a overdrive in 5th gear which you do not split, you go from 4th high to 5th high gear. hope that helps!! terry
  15. terry


    I believe same as a B67. terry

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