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  1. looks to be an older steel dash one,looks in pretty good shape. terry
  2. looks like a long hooded B73 or 75, also air cleaner is in a little different spot than a B61 series. Where are these trucks located? terry
  3. Second two pics looks like a C model, love them right along with the rest of the L model cabs. terry
  4. nice pics ! !
  5. Thats all you need, stops any flow thru the core. terry
  6. That era of trucks were bullet proof ! terry
  7. What kind of museum do you have? terry
  8. Quite the load on them trucks! terry
  9. After about third gear you need a splitter with the six,seven and eight speed trans in this series. terry
  10. I'm pretty sure he needs a overdrive trans with his rear ratio, whatever they are, never hardly seen a B model with rears much faster than 5.73's unless they were changed. terry
  11. I think you have to change rears only if you went with a different transmission, a 237 works real good in place of a 711 or 673 engine. terry
  12. Just to make sure you can look on front rear just to left of input shaft there is a flat spot with numbers stamped in or punched dots with the ratio, you never know what has been changed. The drive shaft length might or might not need changed. terry