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  1. That guy that I posted on earlier with the H model 955's and 977's also has about 5 983's like said before they are a real beast, he uses one in his landfill to push and compact rubble. terry getting about impossible to find parts for them
  2. Them H model series are a classic!! I guy I used to work for has about 20 H model 955's nd 977's still uses them as a fill in machine. I actually remember when he had some stick 977's I believe they called the a 20A machine. terry
  3. Can also leak in the shifter into the wrong side . terry
  4. Pretty straight looking old r model! terry
  5. Keep us posted on how it goes, from a V.N. vet, thank you for what you are doing. terry
  6. Check Manders Lakeville MInn. terry
  7. looking like a truck again, fantastic work!! 👍👍 terry
  8. If I am not mistaken some of the early U models had the bump for the short handle but used a U shaped long handle that started from the top two bolt holes, then came out and down a ways then doubled back up to connect to the bottom two holes. I believe I had one of these handles out in my shop, I will have look to see if it is still there. terry
  9. Not to change the topic, but I am pretty sure I ran an old garwood crane in the service back in the late 60's. terry
  10. I had an older Dm years ago with that tank and hoist, it was a Galion, ran it a lot of years with no problems. terry
  11. That tank and hoist looks like an older galion set up. terry
  12. terry

    1969 Brockway

    Looks like he is pretty proud of all his stuff!! terry
  13. new rails, sounds like a major undertaking, should make a real good truck for a lot of years, probably worth the hassle to stay away from all the emission problems. terry👍👍
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