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  1. Pretty early R model with that tank and bracket, they were bullit proof, very little would go wrong with them. terry
  2. anyone know much about hydrostatic drives

    Glitter is a failure somewhere, yes or no?
  3. A twin countershaft would not be a mack box. your triplex is probably a single disk push clutch with no clutch brake, a 13 spd would be a double disk pull clutch with a clutch brake, but it can be made to fit! terry
  4. CRD 93 Housing w/or w/o transverse rod

    Going to a 4.64 from a 4.42 will slow you down. terry
  5. Trans and Rear lube

    I would put just what it says. terry
  6. CRD 93 Housing w/or w/o transverse rod

    What are the ratio of the old rears? i have seen guys drill the rears without holes for the transverse rod and use it.But always seen them use studs in the housings. You can mate an old end to a new end by cutting and putting in a sleeve and welding, but you have to be real close on length. terry
  7. 12 speed PTO

    I believe it has to have a splined counter shaft. terry
  8. Thanks for the explanation. terry
  9. Do you use a dial indicator? terry
  10. Got to be hard on a 4 cyl. to get that kind of horsepower. terry
  11. 2000 CL E7-427 upgrades

    Sounds like you got the goodies out of the tahoe. terry
  12. RB

    Been driving a RB dump for about 3 years, they have real long tapered front springs, do ride softer than a RD. It has a pretty heavy duty single frame. They do lean pretty bad if you corner too fast. But I am still partial to a DM or RD, I owned my own DM for about 20 years. terry
  13. 1958 B61 3030 Chambers

    Don't know what kind of chambers you now have, but the 30/30's might be to big to clear. terry
  14. RW brake light switch

    Sounds like your good to go! terry