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  1. Can't bridge anything, too short and very easy to overload the steer axle. terry
  2. Chances of them spindles being the same are slim and none! terry
  3. Can you imagine the stories them trucks could tell! terry
  4. makes you wonder what goes through all them holes in the firewall!! πŸ‘πŸ‘terry
  5. Stunning! Going to be to nice to put on the road! πŸ‘πŸ‘ terry
  6. Don't see many single axle RS'S terry
  7. Them jacks will get you hurt on big stuff! terry
  8. Looks like some good eating there! πŸ‘ terry
  9. Also gone are the days when you could go to a mack dealer, tell them what you want and go back to get it, or knew the part number by memory, all they want now is a seriel number, or give you a blank stare! terry
  10. looks a little shaky there, can't be much braking power there! terry
  11. if you are talking that bracket with the ground hooked to it, if memory serves me right, I think it was part of the mid sixty's mack that had llinkage rods for the clutch instead of the cable. terry
  12. Maybe I missed it but what series of cummins are you putting in it? terry I am also in the belief of build what you want! πŸ‘
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