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  1. Not to change the subject, but isn't that pump similar to the 6.9 and 7.3 engine pumps in the ford pickup's terry
  2. R700 in Alabama

    Maybe just a close up to show miles. terry
  3. 250 is a real good engine, of course all pre electronic mack engines were bullet proof!! terry
  4. mack cab

    It's a steel dash and doesn't look into to bad a shape. terry
  5. Does that have a deep frame like a B53? Looks like a short hood, have a doghouse in it? terry
  6. Today's Project:

    Going to work day and night! terry
  7. Craigslist Scan:

    Inverted camelback, used from about 63 to early70's terry
  8. That's when Mack made real trucks!!! terry
  9. has a doghouse right? terry
  10. Oil capacity

    Some older ones had different size oil pans, don't know if a 20001 has different ones. terry
  11. Not familiar with the B57 but the B53 had a beam over a three leaf spring, would stay in line real good, but would break leaves constantly. I ran one for a lot of years, always kept a spare spring in my garage. terry
  12. Air compressor

    Air governor should have a rubber cap on one end,remove and loosen lock nut and turn screw in or out to adjust cut in and cut out setting. terry
  13. checking for boost leaks

    learn something new everyday!! terry
  14. checking for boost leaks

    Don't you have to plug other end of intake system? terry
  15. Thermostat or something else

    get a heat gun and compare guage readings to gun readings. terry