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  1. The RL is a straight frame, where the R model spreads out around the engine. right? terry
  2. I would bet a R model mount is different from a RL mount. terry
  3. made the same looking plates years ago, tells you real quick if you got it sealed up!
  4. The 676 was a 285 hp engine the 675 was a 237 hp. terry and i do believe the 676 had variations up to 315+.
  5. That is the one i was thinking of! terry
  6. Not totally sure, but it seems like i remember a filter outside, under the windshield on cowl top. terry
  7. I have seen them run a long time like that. terry
  8. but don't it look like the topfront edge of the hood is more squared off than a regular later RD hood. terry
  9. What Joe says about leaving the level low, don't know if it has a plastic expansion tank that you can see how much is in it, on a cold engine leave it low as you can in the expansion tank and see what happens. terry
  10. Your going to have to post more info, maybe a pic of each engine you are talking about. terry
  11. 2000. for a oil pan!! wow! terry used overhaul a engine for that!
  12. If i remember right, on some applications the snap ring is needed to hold the pilot bearing a little farther out to catch the input shaft. terry
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