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  1. Pictures of the Week

    Never seen a forklift driver look so good!!
  2. Crate engine suggestions

    What did we do before computers!! terry
  3. Critter in the Yard

    looks like an overgrown kitty! terry
  4. 350 2 valve

    Was that 2 valve 350 with the tip turbo made only a couple of years, don't remember seeing a lot of them? terry
  5. I once had a 70 DM that had them, can't give exact years they used them. terry
  6. very nice looking for the age, love that engine and tranny combo. I would not touch a thing on it! terry
  7. END673c engine

    wasn't that early turbo engine engine a ENDT ? terry
  8. END673c engine

    Don't forget the 711 engine, 211 HP with no turbo. I once had a B model dump with a 711 that local mack dealer put a turbo on, it was one of the best sounding engines i ever heard. Alot of people told me they could tell it was me coming by the sound of it. terry
  9. END673c engine

    Didn't know there was a C version in the nonturbo engines, learn something new everyday! terry Shows our age talking about these engines!
  10. END673c engine

    673C was a 250 hp engine, about as big as the early engines were, predecessor to the 237. terry
  11. I heard on the news that it is pretty hot there right now!
  12. Pictures of the Week

  13. Trans

    They have a bunch of different maxitorque transmissions, have to have the numbers off of trans. to tell what you have. terry
  14. Pictures of the Week

    Nice flatbed !!
  15. Astro needs a new home

    Might be the valve above it with a different knob on it. terry