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  1. As far as i am concerned the best trans mack ever built was the overdrive 12 spd, i put one in a DM with 4.17 rears, best combo ever, and it was a runner too. terry
  2. very trouble free set up, but not a good transmission for a pup, to wide of gear ratios. but they were used for alot of years. terry
  3. Yeah that should be fine for a ground to the frame. also need a good ground from frame to cab. terry
  4. Very good patchwork on the floor, will look real good with some paint on them. your doing some real nice work there. 👍 terry
  5. can give you some problems without that ground terry
  6. That is going to be to nice to put on the road!! 👍 terry
  7. Can't open any of the pics, wants you to open a google account. terry
  8. But you also have figure out how to have the hood float above the cowl, so hood and cowl don't rub each other. terry
  9. The three filters is a ESI engine, has a deeper pan and more oil capacity for extended oil changes. a rs600l could be an aluminum frame, also has light weight components such as spring hangers and other aluminum components. terry
  10. Wonder what springs if not camel back? terry
  11. I would trust an older well maintained truck before these newer ones with all the emission junk. terry
  12. You might have a set of bearings and oil pump put in it, and run the balls off it!!
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