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  1. with all the problems with the newer trucks with emissions, i probably would stay with an older one. but i am partial to the older iron. terry
  2. Fine around the Council bluffs area, had a little high wind, some power out in spots and a few semi's blown over on the interstate, but was over in no time, I think most of it went north of here. terry
  3. Love that old school green cab and red frame!!👍 terry
  4. Always loved those C models, especially a V-8 one!! terry
  5. Hamm's from the land of sky blue waters!! terry
  6. was sitting here wondering does the low sulphur fuel do anything to the old pre L/S engines? Do you have to add anything to the fuel now for the older engines? And I bet the bio-fuel is another question all together. terry
  7. No tag, it is stamped in the case, you might have to wire brush it to see it. terry
  8. What did the gear on the counter shaft look like that mates with that gear? terry
  9. sounds like a return line, any hole in it will lose prime. terry
  10. Are you sure it is a 300 horse? maybe post a couple pics of the engine. If the engine is original , not a 300. terry
  11. got idea on the difference between a EHU and a EFU? terry
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