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  1. I once had a DM dump put a overdrive 12 speed with 4.17 rears and loved it, was on 22.5 rubber, but the pump was set to 2300 RPM'S would not push it that hard very often, just surprise another truck or two!! it would bury the 80MPH. speedometer. terry
  2. Click on the truck specs, that will tell you. terry
  3. Should have went with the original heater box. terry
  4. As joey said be sure to hook some shop air up to it, hard to hear smaller air leaks with a running truck. terry
  5. definitley check out the two plastic check valves first. terry
  6. I would start with the lift axle dropping down with the loss of air pressure. terry
  7. Don't know if there is any connection, but could the dizzyness be a inner ear problem, i have had that dizzyness before myself. terry
  8. That is a different looking intake manifold. terry
  9. Nice looking ride!! terry
  10. That will let it lose it's prime. terry
  11. Never realized the 8V71 was such a small cubic inch engine. terry
  12. you can always bolt some sheet steel to the floor. terry
  13. terry

    67 F

    looks to be in real rust free shape from the photos. terry
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