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  1. Might have to double check to see if the pickup is the right depth. terry
  2. terry

    1956 B-42

    Real straight looking truck, should be well worth the money. terry
  3. Not sure if that year has this, but check to see if it has the accessory relay, on the older R models you took that panel off on top of the dash and it was right there, sounds like a loose connection on it maybe. terry
  4. Was that a factory set up? Or did somebody put it together? Really like the looks of it! terry
  5. had to be one of the last at that year of the truck. terry
  6. I used them type of heaters for years, never had a problem with them. terry
  7. I believe that is a non air ride set up, the poster has a air ride cab, has a roller to move with the cab. terry
  8. I think EPA stuff put the demise to a lot of small repair shops, couldn't afford all the new regulations. terry
  9. I am pretty sure them axle studs are 9/16, should have been a 5/8, seems like I was always breaking them off. terry
  10. You got lucky, them screws almost always twist off! terry
  11. Can't imagine what them solid rubber tires ride like! terry
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