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  1. I ran a quad behind a 237 for a whole bunch of years with no problems, but I was the only driver. terry
  2. They look real good like that ! terry
  3. Mack 2060-70-80 are all.60 overdrive. terry
  4. Does the G cab raise like a F model, almost forgot, very,very nice truck there. Terry
  5. i love original!! terry
  6. If that is the case, might work good for you. but with what glenn said on that series, will that series handle the torque of that 300l engine? Them double countershaft's do not handle the torque nearly as good as a triple countershaft mack trans. terry
  7. those ratio rears will only work with the 2060, 2070, or 2080 trans. anything else will be REAL slow. terry
  8. Wonder if I get the seriel no. from this truck, would the info. from the mack museum tell if it was one of these trucks? terry
  9. Does anybody know what seriel no. range these were in, I might know of a local one here in my area. Is there any other way to identify one? terry
  10. Some say use a rolling pry bar between inner bearing and seal, I use a long drift and knock bearing and seal out together. terry
  11. Well looks like they are trying to make it right. good for you. terry
  12. So are they going to help with replacing axles? terry