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  1. now that's what I call a rebuild!! terry
  2. terry

    Type 30 Chambers on 1978 R

    good to know, didn't realize that. terry
  3. no milling unless flywheel housing was run real loose for a long time, can do it with engine in the frame, maybe there is something you are not understanding? like I said remove flywheel housing, remove dowel pins, install flywheel housing and dial indicate to find center, and tighten bolts, ream dowel pin holes to a size you can get oversized dowel pin for and pound them in. terry
  4. The proper way to center flywheel housing, is remove dowel pins, center housing and ream dowel holes, and drive oversize pins in. terry
  5. Very, very nice!! Bet she is a rough ride with that short wheelbase and rear suspension, but I still love it!! terry👍
  6. Seems like years ago I took a 72 series transmission out of a B53 that had a smaller bell on the trans. terry
  7. terry

    62? Diamond T C.O.E. CL

    heck of a price for a running truck!! terry
  8. hopefully the face of the lifter hasn't come off, almost immediately ruins the camshaft. terry
  9. terry

    Pictures of the Week

    looks like that DM and B model have been sitting for quite some time. terry
  10. That DM with them drive train components are a trouble free set up! Do you know what that walking beam set up is rated for, I think I have seen a heavier beam on some models with the bronze trunnion bushing. terry
  11. terry

    Engine ID & intermittent issue

    Can't give you a solid answer on the governor, but sounds like it MIGHT be fixed. terry
  12. terry

    Engine ID & intermittent issue

    A T676 is a 285 horse. terry
  13. terry

    Engine ID & intermittent issue

    ENDT 676 and T676 are the same engine three filters is a ESI engine, should have a extra deep oil pan if everything is correct. Sounds like he might have fixed the governor problem. terry
  14. terry

    Three Dog Night

    Don't know the actual number, but there wasn't a lot of those made. terry

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