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  1. Believe they call them rotochambers, and very expensive I believe. most guys change them to a conventional brake can. terry
  2. Guess I missed something here, what does brakes have to do with power steering pressure? terry
  3. terry

    More BS

    This post is getting pretty deep!! Typical politics. terry
  4. looking for one 

  5. Are looking for one, or trying to sell one? terry
  6. Sure ain't like the old days, pre electronics, you could swap almost any engine in make do with a few items and go!! Life was much simpler. terry
  7. Guess we all did stupid and dangerous things once in our life. We're not all perfect! terry
  8. terry

    F 797 ST

    Two speed 44,000# rears, must something other than a mack? terry
  9. how far back you want to go, pull the ole throttle cable out and go!! 😂😂 terry
  10. terry

    More BS

    41chevy, not trying to hyjack the thread, but don't you think that whole Viet Nam thing was a fiasco? take the ground and then give it up, and all those young G.I. lost for nothing. I turned 21 there in "69". terry
  11. Funny how such a small item, can cause such a big headache! terry
  12. Look on the front rear, just to the left of input shaft is a flat area, scrape or wire brush, should be a R with the ratio numbers behind it. that year of truck I would be a 5.13 5.73 or a 6.34 ratio. terry
  13. Unless the logs are hauled on the highway only!!😂😂 terry
  14. That short wheelbase would kill you on the bridge length!! terry
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