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  1. That yellow D model mack is a rare one! terry
  2. Has there been a change with tires? terry
  3. you might have something there, my blood is O+ terry
  4. Good luck on your recovery. me and my wife both had it last oct. but had no symptoms at all, not even a fever. terry
  5. Just because it has a 18 spd. don't mean you have to use all of them, i drove a side dump with a 18 spd. most of the time i could use the low range like a 5 spd. then use the splitter on the high range when needed. just nice to have the low range splits when you need them. terry
  6. terry


    much better pick.👍 terry
  7. I'm sure they are a hardened surface after, a bunch of miles the hardened part flakes off, just like wheel bearings will do. terry
  8. Thats what happens with them right hand drive trucks!!😂 terry
  9. Pretty straight truck for the year, could give alot of trouble free years over these new emission plagued engines. terry
  10. Only thing that makes it worse is when you bolt compressor in and notice the oil feed tube on the bench!! terry
  11. I have messed with quads and triplexes for alot of years, that is where i always found them, either behind the fill plug or right above behind the mack stamping, wire brush it real good, might be a light stamping, there will be a 11KBA number with a TRQor TRT 72 or 7220 also a 7210 version, no 0 on the end is a direct in fron box and overdrive in back, a 0 on the back is overdrive in both boxes. terry
  12. Right behind fill plug, should a flat spot with the stampings there. rub hard with a wire brush. terry
  13. Could be water, from bottom of water pump to compressor. terry
  14. Just keeps a sloppy operator from bouncing rocks of the top of cab, they will just land on the hood!😂 terry
  15. if you are thinking of any other series transmission you will have to change rear ends to reach a reasonable road speed. terry
  16. seats look awsum!! 👍 terry Infact the whole truck does.
  17. no a/c on that truck, and that is no 80.000 it is a 38.00 or 44.000 at the most. terry
  18. Should be a good trouble free truck!!👍 terry
  19. I have seen them engines with a bunch of blow by and run for ever. terry
  20. they should be on the park and headlight, as far as the plastic bottle, may have been part of a alcohol evaporator kit that put alcohol in your air brakes to help prevent freeze ups. terry
  21. every cat or cummins engines i have seen in R models was in the R 700 series trucks. i don't think there is enough room, in a 600 series. terry
  22. As far as i am concerned the best trans mack ever built was the overdrive 12 spd, i put one in a DM with 4.17 rears, best combo ever, and it was a runner too. terry
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