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  1. On that first pic of under the hood pics look like an air filter on the left side? terry
  2. What model of B? Looks to have a pretty good stack of leaves on the front. terry No tag on either door?
  3. If the duplex is a 72 series it will work fine with a 237, just keep the RPMs in the higher range, them series of trans. do not like a lot of lugging which that engine is noted for. I ran a quad behind a 237 for years in a dump truck without any problems, but I was the only one that drove it. terry
  4. Was the B42 already switched to the 673 engine, if so I think you have to use the front crank hub off the 673 and water pump, they have to set closer to the engine block or they will hit the radiator mount and the radiator. terry
  5. Was a classic workhorse for a lot of years, along with that superliner behind it! πŸ‘πŸ‘ terry
  6. You might fall through the floorboards!πŸ˜‚ terry
  7. That is a true trucker field repair! How many of these new wheel holders could do that? terry
  8. A lot depends if engine will turn, that is the first thing I would try. Besides the floorboard rot, how is the rest for rust? terry
  9. I thought the name looked familiar. terry First bid yesterday, sure wish that truck was closer!
  10. A whole bunch of a lot of nice iron!! Love the pics. terryπŸ‘πŸ‘
  11. Old school, classic stuff there! πŸ‘πŸ‘ terry
  12. Quite the selection of trucks, got them all at one place? terry
  13. When I made a comment about them on springs, guess it was the torsion bars! terry
  14. The early F's had a spring, don't know what year they went with hydraulic lift. terry
  15. do them cabs tip up like a f model? terry
  16. Why not put a later cab on? Dump box to close/ terry
  17. Can't help with the line, but the big plug is fill, the small is a magnet. terry Reread your post, the line you said is broken might an exhaust line from the air shifter.
  18. They even took them big ole ugly mufflers off way back then! πŸ‘πŸ‘ terry
  19. nice bunch of whites! terry
  20. run a setup like that for years, can't count the number of springs I put in it! terry
  21. Would there be a problem putting vin number on the web?
  22. love them old chain drive trucks! terry
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