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  1. get the doors fixed and drive it, looks good to me! terry
  2. The only good thing about them, don't have to pull trans to put in. terry
  3. So much for quality control!! And they wonder why guys want to run the older stuff. terry
  4. Don't know about damage, but is definitley to low of temperature. should be a thermostat on engine too. the thermostat temp should be about10 or15 degrees cooler than the shutterstat, so when the thermostat is open and is still to warm the shutters will open and cool more. terry
  5. Quite the selection of engines over the years!! terry
  6. Try manders truck salvage in lakeville, minnesota.
  7. Yeah i am not totally sure either, been a long long time ago! terry
  8. You can pull that 676 down to about eleven or twelve hundred, thats why they had the extended range six speed trans. but that is a triple counter shaft and will take the torque the 676 puts out at low RPM's, but the 72 series will not take the constant low rpm lugging. the 72 series will be okay behind the 676 just keep the rpms up around eighteen hundred or more, I had a DM dump with a 237 and a quad box and had no problems for a bunch of years, but I was the only driver, if it is a hobby truck i would not worry at all. terry
  9. looks like quite the shop you have there. with alot of help!!👍 terry
  10. Keep the rpm's up with the quad, they don't like to be lugged, like you can do with that engine. terry
  11. There is a oil slinger on the crank right in front of the seal, throws most of the oil away from it. terry
  12. I would say run it, some people might say that is to much, but i would not be afraid of it. terry
  13. how much is it using? what one guy says is oil consumption, the next says it isn't nothing. terry
  14. Got the Browning Automatic Rifle or BAR on his shoulder! terry
  15. On warm up put front box in gear and back in neutral, loosens everything up. terry
  16. Thanks 41chevy for your service, spent "69" there myself, don't regret it a bit, the only thing i feel bad about is all the young men lost for nothing!! terry
  17. very informative bunch of pics, hope the manifold works out. i would get it running and put back together, love the original look!! terry👍
  18. Them clips that are shown are for the removable hood panels on b models. and maybe the door panels. terry
  19. have you tried mike harbison on this forum, he has acres of old mack trucks. terry
  20. Should post for what model mack. terry
  21. you might get a better idea of what is binding your engine up. terry
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