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  1. I have a set of six of cummins reman injectors says PTD injector part number 3018840PX, if anybody can figure out what these are for? would sell them real reasonable if you can use them. terry
  2. he said it was the line going to the govenor. probably the one to the compressor. terry
  3. Sounds like the beam might be wollered out! terry
  4. That trans and rear ratio should work good, but have absolutley no experience with that suspension, i'am sure somebody will comment on it here. terry
  5. Was it making this noise before the oil change? terry it would be a good idea to put the correct oil in it! I believe the 50 weight syn. was for the fuller trans. A lot of viscosity difference between them two oils.
  6. If there are two allen head screws, unscrew these and should pop out, they have a little curved piece on each one that clamps the heater down to the block when you screw them down.
  7. Hows norm doing/ bought a B733 from him some years ago, a real terrific guy.
  8. If you look on his very first post it says the truck is sold.
  9. I have only seen that seven speed trans used with 300 engines. terry
  10. Yeah i once had a DM dump with a 285 that would turn 2300 RPM'S, with the 1070 12 spd, and 4.17 rears, it would bury the 80 MPH speedometer. terry
  11. If that is an overdrive 12 spd. with them 4.17's it will be a runner!! terry
  12. are you working this truck with the front end in that bad of shape? sounds like your are! terry
  13. i have seen trucks with a 38.000 pound housing on one axle and a 44.000 pound housing on the other axle. terry
  14. terry


    Need a little more info, year model of truck? terry
  15. A five speed is not made for off road, unless you got some deep rear ends! terry
  16. Some of the early mack wheel bearings had a inner seal to separate inner and outer bearings, the inner was packed with grease and the outer run in gear oil. most guys just knocked out the inner seal and run oil in both bearings. terry
  17. Can,t say for sure, but the older 12 spd had a regulator that cut the trans working pressure down to about 60 or 65 pounds. terry
  18. Thats pretty unusual, have you tried tried tightening bolts that hold the cases together? terry
  19. Where are they leaking oil from? terry
  20. Do you have the right gasket under the filter stand where it bolts to lower left side of the block? terry
  21. What happens on a road like that when you meet another load coming at you? terry
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