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  1. terry


    I f you have hobby insurance, a commercial will be a whole lot more, but I'm sure you have checked that out. terry
  2. The 5th to 6th gear shift will tell you real quik if it is a 9 or 10 spd.
  3. Can't believe how clean that double frame is for that year, could make somebody a nice truck!! terry
  4. Not sure if I would plumb it in on the pressure side of turbo, all the older mack engines with turbos I have seen had it between air filter and turbo. terry
  5. That would be a pretty boring job !! terry
  6. What a ride!! terry
  7. I have heard good and bad both on them, my daughter had one, but if it got to cold the gas furnace would have to kick on to heat the house. they finally took the heat pump completely out and just ran the gas furnace, might depend on how cold your winters are. terry
  8. I had a vibration once in a 237, it was running but the crank came out in two pieces! terry
  9. If I remember right, I believe some years ago I seen an ad in a truck magazine on a Beard concrete and I do think it was in Conn, had a whole bunch of old macks for sale. terry
  10. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  11. Is the plastic to cloudy to see oil level? terry
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