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  1. If you are looking at them round front cab mounts, no it does not tilt. terry
  2. I ran a 237 in front of a Quad for years, ran a single disc clutch the whole time, just have to be a little easy on it, to run a double disc clutch you have to change bell housing and input shaft on the trans, kind of hard items to find. terry
  3. Most people would be tickled to use only 1/8 inch of oil on a truck dipstick in 1800 miles. terry
  4. This truck is awful tempting!! ๐Ÿ‘ terry
  5. Also depends on what letters are in the seriel number. Generally with a L in it such as a B61LST, meant lightweight aluminum components. terry
  6. Pretty straight ole jimmy. terry
  7. terry

    "R"at Rod

    If you got 40,000 to spend on that, you got way too much money!! Or short on common sense!! terry
  8. Nice to have somebody that has worked on them before. terry
  9. Bet that's a high dollar pickup!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ terry
  10. Not a bad looking truck, got a price in mind? terry
  11. I also have had real good luck with Manders diesel years ago.Always dealt with terry manders, Shipped me a rebuilt DM/U cab, had all new padded interior, and never sent a nickle down, he said just send me a check when you can. good people. terry
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