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  1. I looked at this truck before it was cut up. Had a v-8 detroit in it. Years later I saw the hood in Reno on it's way to you and ended up buying the cab from the same guy. Still have it, waiting to go on a 69RL700.
  2. Not sure if they are identical but I've replaced the bearings on an LTL that look very similar. No inner race on those needle bearings so you'll have to replace or figure out some way to repair the grooves in the shaft. Just knock the outer shell out with a punch from the opposite side, clean up the bore and press the new ones in.
  3. And what's with the offset opening in the grill? Never seen that before.
  4. This had to be some corporate fleet truck. No gauges, tachograph, wedge brakes. Seems like a strange spec.
  5. Found this door plate in an add on Truckpaper, https://www.truckpaper.com/listings/trucks/for-sale/list/manufacturer/mack/model/rs600. It was listed as an RS600. Just wondering if anyone has ever seen this or knows what this started as? Glider Kit?
  6. Have you looked at the ATHS website? There's a guy in CA selling what he's advertising as an AC. It's actually an AB. Looks like it has an engine in it. https://aths.org/backlot/8787/1924-mack-ac/california/usa/trucks/
  7. Those don't have spring brakes so the shoes might not be stuck to the drums, maybe. Back off the slack adjusters and see what happens! If they are stuck and you can get the slack adjusters backed off sometimes you can break the stuck shoes loose by hammering on the drums. Might need to use a large drift punch to get to them. Best of luck!
  8. Not hydraulic, definitely early s-cam air brakes. With Wedge brakes the air pot bolts right to the backing plate. None of the operating mechanism is visible.
  9. It seems thats been done a lot. Here's a link to an article about a Northern CA log trucker who had several of them. See page 29. https://rootsofmotivepower.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Roots-Of-Motive-Power-Highline-2006-April-Vol-24-01.pdf. I wonder if any survived?
  10. Just revisited this story. I don't suppose you have the serial # for the 53 LTL? My dad and I bought an LTL out of Oroville a couple years back that was supposed to be one of Roys trucks. I'd love to be able to confirm if it was or not. It originally had a 275 in it. Thanks, Brad
  11. My dads 1920 AB parked next to a new 2020 Mack at the Snake River chapter ATHS show last weekend. Trucks have come a long way in 100 years!
  12. Thanks Vlad, I have a couple in steel that I will be using if I can't find an aluminum piece. The are actually under an LTL now. Not sure if they are original or got swapped after the original ones broke. Just because the truck is an LTL and the aluminum parts were available doesn't mean Mack put them in.
  13. Looking for one of these brackets in aluminum. Anyone have a spare?
  14. Looked through several Mack calendars from the 80’s that I have. These pics are the only ones I could find that look like what you’re describing.
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