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  1. Thanks Billy Mack appreciate that information ill will check with them 👍
  2. Rj1 thanks for yiu help this schematic will help alof appreciate it ..
  3. Yea understand, thank you though for your time .. do you know of any other members that are in the west coast or any mechanic out here
  4. Ok understood, this does help , thank for you feedback and help greatly appreciate it ..
  5. Yes please get book number on maintenance and lube would greatly help. I have 1990 rd690s w/e6-300 .. last time I had backup light and beeper wouldn't work , put power directly both work so had to be a fuse mostly everything works on truck but when to look fuse panel and nothing label or no decals so no telling whats what..also have few issue with **red shutdown button on@ start up.. have good oil pressure, not over heating, tranny not overheading , every is fine runs good .. basically some sort of electrical issue .. truck has a kysor switch if your familiar I notice the coolant switch at
  6. Yes I did , I will try to do some research but I believe that book will help ... Ill need one on the t2080 an 90 rd690s .. mainly because fuse box doesn't have a diagram or anything label and don't know what does what ? Any idea?
  7. Joey Mack thanks for you reply..I did see the books you have . Might not be wat I'm looking for at this time .it's great collection and understand what you mean. .. I looking more for engine and transmission & truck manuals for my truck ..
  8. Hello ,looking for repair or service manual for 1990 Mack rd690s with e6- 300 with t2080 transmission looking to buy any repair/ services manual for truck or engine ?? Any one have any please send me a message thank you
  9. What do you mean by jumping it with wire ? Might have same issue trying see how I can test it
  10. Not running in that picture, just ignition on , but once truck is on light stays on , oil pressure normal , temp normal, battery voltage normal , have to double on coolant might be low I think that's the issue..
  11. Thank you Guys for your help
  12. Hi, I have 90 Mack rd690s with e6-300 , I have this button dash .. ***Red shutdown *** would always turn on @ start up then shut down but now STAY ON CONSTANT WONT TURN OFF **unless I shut off ignition or truck of. Can someone tell what that is or does? How to fix it thanks
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