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  1. Mack t ,ill look in to it not sure , thanks for help also Joey Mack it's running fine not over heating
  2. Thanks Joey Mack , I can spin fan when cold , so I'm sure it's working properly thanks for help everyone
  3. Hayseed , I don't have pictures of it now but Mr. Gumby is correct looks just like it and seems to operate as he described.. thanks for you help all you guys
  4. Mrgumby ,yes thats it .. so that's correct because seems to be on at all times but spins different speeds .... I thought it was defective because @ cold start fan Is on ..and truck runs good no issue does not over hear
  5. Squishy, thanks for your help , all mechanic engine , factory no a/c and fan clutch, so not air actuated .. so I'm guessing I cannot wire a switch to do it manually
  6. Mack's...... pictures of what ? Truck ? Or engine fan clutch?
  7. Ron, thanks for the help .. and yes I sense fan clutch to be faulty seems to to run or be on at all times .... ..ill look into replacing it ..also truck original..has original engine From factory
  8. It's 1990 rd690 w/ e6-300 has fan clutch not not way to wire a switch on it
  9. Hello, have a 90 rd model w e6-300 mechanical . I seems engine fan is on constantly on is this normal ? Also would like to wire a manual switch to turn it on & off no a/c from factory any help would greatly be appreciated thank-you
  10. Thanks Billy Mack appreciate that information ill will check with them 👍
  11. Rj1 thanks for yiu help this schematic will help alof appreciate it ..
  12. Yea understand, thank you though for your time .. do you know of any other members that are in the west coast or any mechanic out here
  13. Ok understood, this does help , thank for you feedback and help greatly appreciate it ..
  14. Yes please get book number on maintenance and lube would greatly help. I have 1990 rd690s w/e6-300 .. last time I had backup light and beeper wouldn't work , put power directly both work so had to be a fuse mostly everything works on truck but when to look fuse panel and nothing label or no decals so no telling whats what..also have few issue with **red shutdown button on@ start up.. have good oil pressure, not over heating, tranny not overheading , every is fine runs good .. basically some sort of electrical issue .. truck has a kysor switch if your familiar I notice the coolant switch at radiator is un plug might the issue but want electric schematic on the e6-300 engine and possibly cab to see how's everything wired
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