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  1. Looked through several Mack calendars from the 80’s that I have. These pics are the only ones I could find that look like what you’re describing.
  2. Saw this truck complete about 8 years ago. Couldn’t make a deal with the owner for it then. It got parted out since. I did end up with the cab though!
  3. Haven't seen that one. I'll have to keep my eyes open next time I'm down that way. There were a couple of B's up here in wine country that would haul during harvest but I haven't seen them lately.
  4. That's the one. Hard to see the V8 emblem on the hood but it's there. He was behaving himself pulling away from the stop sign. not even a puff of black smoke.
  5. I was in the right place at the right time this morning and got this video of a buddies LT hauling his D6 I believe. There are still a couple of working old Macks left in CA. Not many though. LT w-D6 video.MOV
  6. PM sent, sorry for the delay.
  7. I did a double take when I saw your post. I looked at that truck a month ago. Never thought to ask if it was for sale. I was visiting a buddy who has a business down the street from where it was parked. Nice clean truck! Congrats
  8. I've got a pair that are in good shape that I don't need. one has a small crack that could easily be repaired, third pic over. $100 plus shipping for the pair. Brad
  9. I don't have any cab mounts currently but I do have the mold to make them. They are reproductions made from an unrepaired original. Even have the correct part number. They have to be machined for width to fit between your frame rails and the mounting holes drilled. If you're interested I'll contact the foundry and get a current price. Last batch were about $1200 ea.
  10. I've been looking for one of these for a while for my dad. Found this one on Ebay. Didn't realize until I got it in my hands that it's a very early R700 Western. Drop center bumper and the hinged lower part of the hood gives it away. Strange since the date on the back is copyright 1976. The truck is not quite that old, 1971.
  11. I've seen that LTRV as well. When I sold my LJSWX the buyer came down from Canada and hauled all the way back on a 2 axle tilt trailer. Guy by the name of Ross Baird from Enderby BC bought it. He wanted to know if he could drive the LJSWX back to Canada! Quite an adventurous guy.
  12. You just never know whats going to turn up here. Most recently an EH showed up. You just need to be here when we open that Zin.
  13. $750. Engine has been open and in the weather for years, rust around the windshield frame, lots of good parts. In northern CA. PM for more info. Brad
  14. 865 or 866. Likely the later if the engine is original to the truck. If the data plate is still on the valve cover that would supply all the details.
  15. Not seeing it is good, not hearing it is even better. Getting harder to find.
  16. From the album: F Model at work

    The old man, the old cat and the old dog. All of them still working.
  17. The old Man, the old cat and the old dog
  18. From the album: F Model at work

    Believe it or not there are still some places in CA where you can go play in the woods.
  19. That's for the crossmember as it is in the picture. The ends will have to be machined to whatever width your frame is now and all the holes drilled.
  20. Since I started looking for parts for my LTLSW 10 years ago I've never run across one of these or even heard of one for sale. About 5 years ago I borrowed one from a friend who had disassembled his LTL for restoration with the intention of making a reproduction. I got the project restarted a couple months ago with some encouragement from a fellow BMT member who now owns and is restoring the donor truck and wants the original back. After years of thinking about it I finally got the finished product. Brand new castings of the LTL aluminum cab mount crossmember complete with part number. If there is any interest I do have the ability to make a few more. Not cheap though, $1300 a copy. I'm sure I've wasted money on more ridiculous things but I can't recall exactly what they are at this point. They are beautiful though. I think I have a better idea what my wife sees when she looks at jewelry now.
  21. I've got some of that stuff. PM sent.
  22. I've been looking for a set for my LTH for a couple of months now. I used the Webb website to find part numbers for some that should fit. You can search by any of the drum dimensions and maybe find something close. Good Luck.
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