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  1. 04 ac 460p antifreeze problem

    Well I found that the sleeves were leaking on cylinders 2&5 so I ordered a new long block
  2. 04 ac 460p antifreeze problem

    The leak is not external, that's the funny part it's internal runny out crankcase breather. I did not sample but tasted it and its antifreeze
  3. 04 ac 460p antifreeze problem

    I have no white funky slime like water oil mix makes, I also have deleted the egr and egr coolers
  4. 1983 Mack superliner transmission swap

    The 12 speed is an all around awesome tranny, down fall is extremely expensive to overhaul I have one in an r model with 4.17 gears and tall 24.5 rubber cruises about 75 at 2000 according to gauges
  5. rods and mains

    About $500 for rods and mains. 210ft lbs on mains buttress bolts are 95ft lbs rods are 30ft Lbs plus 90 degrees. Oil pump bolts are 40ft lbs
  6. I have an 04 ac460p. That is using antifreeze. The other day I was trying to find the source and found that the antifreeze is running out the engine breather hose. I had the oil pan off few days ago to roll bearings in it and had no traces of Antifreeze there. And nothing inside valve covers, so my question is what is causing it to run out the breather? It uses about 1/2 a gallon a10hour day
  7. E7 460P

    2004 and older I believe
  8. E7 460P

    Hi, I'm looking for someone with a truck with an e7 460p etech engine in it, im looking for the vin. number to order some 460p parts. thanks in advance Jeremy
  9. can you shift mack 12 speed lo to direct on the go?

    Shift mine all the time doesn't seem to bother
  10. 1994 CH613 E7-400 no start

    Wiggle the wiring harness around back of engine, by air compressor. They break their.
  11. I have a 93 RD with an E-7 400. It started to intermintately pushes the antifreeze out of the radiator. Then it will run for a month and do it again. Now it wont quit. I also noticed that during this time it had seemed to have alot of pressure in the radiator, even if it sat for a week still had excess pressure. So we installed a new waterpump and water pump housing (local dealers idea) but did not work. Then we removed the drive coupler from the compressor and tied the antifreeze lines together so we eliminated the compressor. Still no cure. So next we pulled the heads, and the head gasket was blown out in the left rear corner of #6, but not to a water jacket. It has oil shmoots on the firewall, Is that my problem? if so why did it blow out there? We also noticed that the heads are cracked in three places all the same, from like the exhaust valve seat towards the center. Is that common, or the problem? Any help would be great thanks
  12. 93 rd injection pump timing

    I'm looking to buy the tool to set pump timing on a 94 e7. Any help would be awesome.
  13. power divider question

    as i have been told the air lockers still have the peanuts and are still automatic just that you can lock it in before you get slippage. that way you know it is locked up and cant let it go. maybe im wrong correct me if i am but my old mack mechanic told me that.
  14. 07 chn egr

    no cuz it does it when you hold it at that rpm and pull it hard, but if you floor it it will quit doing it once it hits 1300 rpms.
  15. 07 chn egr

    Got an 07 chn with a 460/ 480 horse. When you pull it hard at like 1200 rpms it spits and like shakes the whole truck. Sounds like the egr doing it, but dont know the cause. Any ideas? thanks