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  1. So, I had my mechanic check the truck out and it's actually the torque Rod arm. One side has no bushing in it at all it sounds like. My mechanic calls them dog bones. I have one ordered. 250 bucks. I will need to do this trunnion soon though! I appreciate the help and glad I found this site. Thanks all!
  2. Thanks, I sure will first thing tomorrow I have not done that
  3. The truck has camel back Mack suspension. 44k rears. I crawled underneath er and inspected the springs and area around the springs. No broken leafs, when I apply the brakes the rear end of the truck shifts slightly and you can just barely tell out the mirror the reagents walked a bit. When you apply the throttle it goes away. The truck still drives down the road straight and narrow
  4. 89 superliner E6 300 nine speed

    I have a 1983 superliner I am working on. I just had Mack put a t2180 tranny in it. It will do 80mph now at 1700 rpms. I had it painted and am redoing interior. Good luck with your project! I am very partial to superliners my great uncle always wanted one and died before he had the chance so now I have 2 lol. 4th generation running macks
  5. Hello, I am into doing this. I am currently making a b model tandem 4x4. You will need to located a front axle with the same ratio as your rear pig first. You will also need a transfercase. Lxq is a place in toledo Ohio that's has alot of these things. Fabco is a good manufacturer to work with. If your savey with parts you can keep an eye on ebay sometimes people list these things. The transfer case is usually air selenoid controled. You will need a good Mechanic / fabricator to assist in this project. You will also have to have someone redo your drive shaft for rear and front. It will probably cost more then it's worth, however-- if your like me my stuff is never worth anything except what it's worth to me. When I want to buy something it is always top dollar. My feeling is sometimes being satisfied cannot hold a true cost. But if you Penny pinch and are patient and get the right parts and take your time it for sure can be done. Manders diesel is a great place to check out also. Keep in mind ritchie Brothers and Manders always are trying to sell wrecked or totaled trucks (4x4 bucket trucks ect) one went last auction for $2800 bucks. The transfer case was worth more then that. Good luck!
  6. Hey all, So I have a 2007 Mack ctp713 triaxle water truck. I just noticed the reagents had movement from front to back. Nothings moving side to side. I called my local Mack dealer and they wanted the Vin number. They called me back and said the job takes 24 hours and would cost me between $6-7k on a good smooth no other issue basis. 1-I don't have that kind of money, 2- I think that price is crazy seeing how they just charged me $9,000 to swap a tranny out, 3- I have never done suspension work. I have heavy equipment and welding equipment (I am in the oilfield we normally fix all our own stuff on the rigs) is this something I and my mechanic could do? They were very hesitant to tell me my parts price and would not tell me what's consisting of the job. I checked youtube and found a few videos but there not in English. I am in northeast ohio. If someone does this work or can assist me in helping out I am game. Please help!
  7. 2008 Mack cxu 613 $15,000 obo

    2008 Mack cxu613. Has 760,000 miles on it roughly. Has a pto on it also. Truck has recently been serviced and checked out. Front end is tight with newer steers and fresh alignment. Crack around headlight from vibration but other then that trucks pretty solid. This is a good truck but my wife and I cannot afford to run it over the road. We are in the on-site construction business and this truck is too light duty for the work we do in the mud. I need to sell this truck because we can't afford the payment. Please enquire.
  8. 1998 Mack rd 688s etech 350 won't start

    The heater goes on and it makes a few clicks like it normally does like click click click. Then click click click (I always turn the key and wait 30-45seconds before I turn it over). This thing is boggling my brain. Mack said they doubt it's the ecm but could it be? There senior tech said if it was the ecm I'd most likely not get any smoke and it wouldn't start on ether.
  9. 2008 Mack cxu 613

    I have a Mack cxu 613 for sale. It has 760,000 miles on it. The truck was well maintained and has just been serviced and aligned. Has a tight front end with newer steer tires. I need to sell this truck because it is too light duty for me to use in my local Oilfield business and I can't really afford the payment. My wife and I used to run this truck over the road but quit after the numbers just were not working and we decided to focus on more local work. It has a pto on it and a hydro pac if the price is right. Crack in hood around Driver headlight from vibration. Reliable truck just can't use it or afford it. Asking 15k call if interested 2348064185 or [email protected]
  10. Waterpump? or radiator?

    Hey there, so I have a 1998 r model and it ran hot at highway speed and pulling an empty Trailer. Loaded forget it. I took the radiator in after I flushed it and it didn't solve the problem and the radiator Shop said it self destructed from the inside although the outside was perfect. Put a new radiator on and it never ran better. I had also replaced the t stat and I figured not the water pump bc it was a remack only a year old. Maybe check that radiator out. Good luck man
  11. Hey all, I have a 1998 Mack rd 688s truck with a 350 etech motor. The truck has 700,000 miles and is an Oilfield truck pulling a semi dump on a highway project on site (oilfields a little slow). The truck was pulling around a corner empty when the driver said it just died. It did have a small fuel leak on the electronic fuel deal under the chrome plate on passenger side. We took the two Allen head screws out, pulled it out of the motor, replaced the o rings and bolts and fuel leak is now stopped but still refuses to start. We also changed fuel filters and check fuel pump and bled all injector lines. The truck will start on ether but quits immediately after. Any ideas what this could be? Please let me know if there is anyone who had this issue and what it might be. Thanks all
  12. 1983 Mack superliner transmission swap

    I'll keep that in mind for sure thanks for the information. When you say wide geared, are you referring to distance between gears or that you ride them out longer?
  13. Hey all, I have a 1983 Mack superliner I bought at an auction. Someone restored this truck with a new cab, and put air ride suspension on the truck. It has a 350 e-6 I believe. It also has 4:17 gears and my Tire size is 11 r 22.5. I am in the oilfield and dump truck business. I would like this truck to cruise 65/75mph like modern trucks do. Currently top speed is 57mph at 2000 rpms. It currently has a twin stick 1071 I think in it. I have a 2080b now from spare parts. The twin stick is also popping out of high gear constantly so the tranny needs fixed regardless. Can anyone help me? Will the swap work? Will this truck be able to drive down the road and pull a load ok? A local guy told me this idea is suicide for this truck and a huge mistake? All I pull is frac Tanks, a semi dump, drill pipe, and move my d6 Cat once in a while. Please let me know any help is greatly appreciated