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  1. Check the yoke bolt for the driveshaft, mine has lossened twice with loctite.
  2. I wouldn't think the manifold swap would accomplish much because if remember right the s300 has the smaller restricted ports leading to the turbine. Anyway you can talk him into installing a pyrometer? How much is the modified stock turbo costing him, I think you can pickup a generic s400 for under a thousand.
  3. So it's a 370 with a 460ac cam. Is that all the mods? Do you know what the egt's are? Is it an electronic boost gauge or manual? If it's a manual gauge is there a lot of needle deflection? Sorry for all the questions, just wanted to know all the variables. In the end though, that s300 and ai manifold are only useful as a paper weight.
  4. I do like the KISS method being applied here, and would love to try out that setup, but dont know if I could get over that price tag. Having never had to buy a vgt though, that price might be on point.
  5. We have always gone off the flywheel and done it 1 at a time working our way around. Pain if your doing it by yourself, but I would rather only do it once.
  6. I would recommend pressure checking the intake and also unplug ecm and check for corrosion. Plastic coolant tanks are prone to cracking and leaking on ecm.
  7. Yes, but it is a dump truck so I dont calculate fuel mileage. On average I'm probably saving an 1/8 of a tank or better a day.
  8. The one other thing I think about is air flow. The turbo and injectors could be matched perfectly, but the filter is too restrictive or the 3" inlet on the compressor housing is not enough. Maybe re-working the piping and putting on a 5" "race" housing could create enough volume to satisfy it?
  9. He did, im kinda stumped on it. Only thing I can figure is the turbo isn't exactly right for that setup, but that's hard to say not knowing exactly what they did to come up with their injector stages. Need to know what's been done so the turbo can be mapped right and everything works in harmony. That's not saying the turbo is the wrong size, but the minute changes in the pitch and length of the compressor wheel blades can make big changes in power and temps. I say that from experience, we tried a couple different wheels trying to see if there was anymore to gain out of it and ended right back where the math told us to be. The "higher performing" blades we tried resulted in higher temps and less power.
  10. Well, sorta. That is for the AI series engines. The AC series engines have an external egr and I'm not sure if anyone has tried to convert an AC into an AI.
  11. Who is the dump bed manufacturer on that 97 international? Figure this thread has already gone off the rails.
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