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  1. For what it's worth, I never had a code for a weak eup. Put new injectors in and developed a miss, still no code. Cracked fuel lines 1 at a time found the problem, changed the number 6 eup, problem went away. Never had a single code pop up.
  2. No I havent yet, been too busy. And also the mack dealer in Atlanta moved buildings and left the dyno behind because they never used it on the new trucks, and I havent really had time to look around and find another shop with a dyno. If anyone in BMT world knows who has a dyno in Atlanta I would love to know.
  3. Basically the same, but I also use Lucas oil so it's closer to 30 at idle hot. That's with napa filters.
  4. That's where mine is at on start up. 2007 AI engine. Been that way since I bought it. No problems in 5 years.
  5. On loaders and such we have "scrubbed" the coolant system with cascade dishwasher soap and had pretty good results. But that is also heavy duty steel radiators, dont know if that would work in this application.
  6. Did you check the intake with pressure or just with soapy water?
  7. Georgia, no salt and the roads are in pretty good shape, so the suspension and what not isn't beat up too bad.
  8. Intake, exhaust and brake lash. We had a 94 that had a weak Jake, adjusted all the valves and brake lash and it got a lot better. Still not great, but definitely better.
  9. You can try to adjust the valves. Is it an actual Jacob's "Jake brake" or mack version "Jake break" of the time.
  10. If you still have the bed PM me some pics and exact measurements and I might take it off your hands.
  11. If I remember right, the top has basically a built in nut, just turn the bag assembly counter clockwise.
  12. We just had a whole new system put in, but we are in georgia. All the hvac guys I talked to before the install said down to 30 degrees electric was good, but below that go with the duel fuel like eddeere. Where the lp/natural gas kicks in to help. We had 2 units installed 1.5 ton for upstairs and 4 ton for downstairs, both 14 seer units. The units and all new duct work came to $11,500.
  13. You guys are the best! They are both mechanical engines, guess I should have added that earlier.
  14. BMT to the rescue, I need the mack part numbers for pln injectors. One truck is a 94 with a 300, the other truck is a 94 with a 350. I dont want to take the old injectors out until I have the new ones ready to go in. Thank you all in advance.
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