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  1. OldRedMack

    truck spec sheet

    My 07 is still stamped there.
  2. OldRedMack

    2004 Vision CX613 Engine Damage!

    Maybe I'm wrong, but listen to fjh!! Is it more believable that you ruined your engine in a few seconds, or that you sucked up trash and plugged 2 eups, and in the process loosened an intake pressure hose.
  3. OldRedMack

    Intermittent power loss

    Vanes in the turbo sticking?
  4. OldRedMack

    Help! Towed back to shop

    We have had an eecm take a crap on us out of the blue on 1 of our cat motors. The truck was running great, shut it off on a job site and it would not start. Spent 2 days trying everything under the sun to no avail. Finally got an eecm out of a wrecked truck and it fired right up.
  5. OldRedMack

    No start after oil/fuel filter change

    I'm sure some people won't like my response, but get it running with starting fluid for 10-20 seconds and it should pull the fuel up. I've had to do it with my ami 370 after filter change. I did everything you've done and still had to spray it. Just be careful with the starting fluid, giving it just enough to run.
  6. OldRedMack

    mp7 rollin coal

    Pressure check the intake. My guess would be an intake leak or turbo vanes stuck if it's a vgt turbo, but we have all gray motors no mp.
  7. OldRedMack

    Mack dm vs granite

    I won't say that 1 is better than the other, but the glaring difference is the space in the cab. Unless they changed something, the last dm I was in, was an 80 something model.
  8. OldRedMack

    2003 mack E7 and allison auto

    Pressure check your intake for leaks, and put a boost gauge on it. A boost gauge is fairly inexpensive and easy enough to install, and will help you diagnose issues.
  9. OldRedMack

    AMI 370 power increase

    $1500.00. On the turbo.
  10. OldRedMack

    AMI 370 power increase

    Hopefully that is ledgible, all the injector numbers to get you whatever you need. Thanks to mackpro. Or mack tech, I can't remember which one I got them from, but they both have been a HUGE help to me and a lot of people on here.
  11. OldRedMack

    AMI 370 power increase

  12. OldRedMack

    AMI 370 power increase

    No, we have been so busy I haven't had time to take it to the dyno. But it's on the to do list.
  13. OldRedMack

    AMI 370 power increase

    I have a ami370, put on an etech exhaust manifold, went to the 427/460 injectors from k&s thanks to mack tech and they were great to deal with, and had the local turbo shop build an s467 with a billet wheel. The truck makes 44psi of boost and runs like a monster, fun to drive now.
  14. OldRedMack

    What turbo do I need? AI 460. Etech 460

    The good fuel pressure doesn't mean that there is not a problem with an eup. I had a loader that was hard starting, replaced batteries, tried priming it, did everything I could think of, nothing helped. Then the starter went out, the bearing on the gear on the flywheel side was worn slap out. Causing it to bind and drag just enough to slow it down, but not enough to make an audible difference. Replaced the starter and it fires off fast now. We have never had that problem with a truck, but you never know.
  15. OldRedMack

    What turbo do I need? AI 460. Etech 460

    The 427 and 460 injectors are the same, no difference between them. With a miss and hard start makes me wander if it's an eup.

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