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  1. If you're use too eaton/fuller trans this will always feel in between gears. My only advice for that is using the low/low and low holes in the high range. Low/low is kinda in between 2-3 gear and low is kinda in between 3-4 gear.
  2. I need 1 of them down in here in Atlanta.
  3. It wouldn't hurt too pressure check the intake, install a boost gauge.
  4. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If it won't kill you financially if something goes wrong, then my vote is to give it a shot.
  5. Not similar at all. Turbo, injectors, manifold and you will be happy with the 370. Stock you will not be happy.
  6. YTS turbochargers in griffin, Georgia. Tell him what you have and he will take care of you.
  7. Just curious, what is the diversity like in Minnesota?
  8. Been watching the news, cheering for the tear gas.
  9. This hurts my feelings, a bulldog on the front with spring suspension, but not camelback. Just not right.
  10. They still have all the tunes, just depends if your local dealer wants to help you or not. They have to ask permission from czar volvo to do it, so you might be sitting around for a couple hours.
  11. I havent had a chance to get to it yet.
  12. No, going to have to check on that.
  13. 1 with fuller 9L and 4.64, 1 with 8ll 4.64, 1 with 8ll 4.42, 1 with 8ll and I'm guessing mid to high 3s cause that truck will run 90mph, 1 with a super 10 and low 4s. I really like the super 10, but with no deep reduction it will wear your leg out under the milling machine. The quick shift doesn't bother me, I have had to learn how to let the jakes hit between shifts. I have no doubt this truck could probably use a taller gear, but if the trans is still a pain, is it worth it? I've talked to other guys who say there t310mlr shifts nice and easy, so if I need a rebuild and it costs 7k or I can get a fuller for $3,500. I hate to give up on the mack trans, but I feel like the $ is making the choice for me.
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