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  1. Are you referring the electric/mechanical throttle? I have a 1993 Superliner that has electric throttle.
  2. If parts were not so scarce, I'd have that E9 in a heartbeat! I passed on a very nice CL700 last year. It was everything I wanted (heavy spec) with a fresh E9 V8. I know a couple guys with them, and they scared me away.
  3. I am half thinking of converting my Superliner from an E6-400 to an N14-500 Cummins. Anyone here have an idea how difficult and expensive to make such a switch? Would Mack even have this stuff anymore? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Missed magnum

    Don't take it too badly. I agonized over a really nice E9 last fall. I reluctantly passed the truck up. Parts for that engine are very tough to find. You might be better off without it. - Tom

    Thanks for all the input. I'm going to build a drip type super charged version of a few I saw on youtube. If done right they are very clean burning and quite reliable. I don't see me leaving it unattended for long, but we'll see how it goes. I have a friend who knows a good bit about burning waste oil. We are going to pre heat the oil and use a blower of some type (possibly a bilge blower) to kick it up a notch. I just put a bunch of wood in the shop today and hope to be converted by the time it's gone. As far as the waste oil furnaces sold today. They are in the $10K neighborhood, and they are a big headache to keep running. I know two contractor friends that have late model furnaces and they are not impressed. They told me when the fuel price was up a few years ago it made more sense, but not now. I can build what I have in mind pretty cheap, and if it all goes bad, go right back to burning wood. - Tom
  6. I have a very large shop built wood stove that I'm thinking of converting to waste oil. I have seen a few youtube videos on the subject, but really know nothing about them. From what I've seen, it looks great! I have plenty of waste oil to burn. The shop I'm heating is only 30'x40' with a 12' ceiling height. It is well insulated. So, I am wondering if anyone here has any experience with them that they'd like to pass on. Thanks for your help. -Tom
  7. I checked all the obvious places in my area. I took 41 Chevy's advice, and put an ad elsewhere on this site looking for a used hood. Thanks.
  8. R Model Hood

    I need either an entire hood for a 1997 RD 688S. Or the right side (just over the tire). I'd prefer a whole hood. Thanks. - Tom
  9. That's what I was hoping for. If I could purchase the section, I would be styling. Where can I get one?
  10. I had a front flotation blow out, and wipe out the R/F fender on my RD688S tri-axle dump truck. Has anyone ever repaired a hood after this type of thing? I don't have any of the pieces that came off of it. I am trying to avoid buying a new hood for $1,800.
  11. GMC General at abandoned house

    This truck is beautiful, but one thing is missing. It needs a set of full fenders. Polished stainless would be too much, but aluminum wouldn't be. Just sayin.
  12. The bumper on my CH-613 is a three piece plastic arrangement. I don't like it one bit. If I get a new one from Mack it would be polished stainless steel. They want $811 for it. If I go aftermarket, it's half that. Alex, I don't think your bumper will fit anything I have. Thanks.
  13. 1 CL, 2 RD, 1 CH. I have the original Mack bumper on my Superliner. It looks pretty good, but a new one would be better. I'm just hesitant to change it for one that I think will be much lesser quality. We just had a front tire blow out on a dump truck. So one bumper is twisted all up. The others are just dull.
  14. Where's a good place to buy aftermarket chrome bumpers.