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  1. GOOG


    Thanks for all your input.
  2. Does switching to synthetic gear lube make a noticeable difference in the shifting of a transmission? I don't like the way my Mack 18 speed shifts and have heard switching to synthetic will help.
  3. GOOG

    CL with 600 Cummins

  4. GOOG

    400 power upgrade

    1993. They had several level injectors to choose from. I picked something from the middle. I was concerned with passing a smoke test.
  5. GOOG

    400 power upgrade

    About three years ago I put injectors and a bigger turbo on my E7 400. I'm not sure how that relates to your setup. It made my truck much better. I had it on a dyno at the local Cat dealer and it showed I was making about 510 at the flywheel. The important thing is it felt like that when you leaned on that fuel pedal. Hope this is helpful.
  6. Are you referring the electric/mechanical throttle? I have a 1993 Superliner that has electric throttle.
  7. If parts were not so scarce, I'd have that E9 in a heartbeat! I passed on a very nice CL700 last year. It was everything I wanted (heavy spec) with a fresh E9 V8. I know a couple guys with them, and they scared me away.
  8. I am half thinking of converting my Superliner from an E6-400 to an N14-500 Cummins. Anyone here have an idea how difficult and expensive to make such a switch? Would Mack even have this stuff anymore? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. GOOG

    Missed magnum

    Don't take it too badly. I agonized over a really nice E9 last fall. I reluctantly passed the truck up. Parts for that engine are very tough to find. You might be better off without it. - Tom
  10. GOOG


    Thanks for all the input. I'm going to build a drip type super charged version of a few I saw on youtube. If done right they are very clean burning and quite reliable. I don't see me leaving it unattended for long, but we'll see how it goes. I have a friend who knows a good bit about burning waste oil. We are going to pre heat the oil and use a blower of some type (possibly a bilge blower) to kick it up a notch. I just put a bunch of wood in the shop today and hope to be converted by the time it's gone. As far as the waste oil furnaces sold today. They are in the $10K neighborhood, and they are a big headache to keep running. I know two contractor friends that have late model furnaces and they are not impressed. They told me when the fuel price was up a few years ago it made more sense, but not now. I can build what I have in mind pretty cheap, and if it all goes bad, go right back to burning wood. - Tom
  11. I have a very large shop built wood stove that I'm thinking of converting to waste oil. I have seen a few youtube videos on the subject, but really know nothing about them. From what I've seen, it looks great! I have plenty of waste oil to burn. The shop I'm heating is only 30'x40' with a 12' ceiling height. It is well insulated. So, I am wondering if anyone here has any experience with them that they'd like to pass on. Thanks for your help. -Tom
  12. I checked all the obvious places in my area. I took 41 Chevy's advice, and put an ad elsewhere on this site looking for a used hood. Thanks.
  13. GOOG

    R Model Hood

    I need either an entire hood for a 1997 RD 688S. Or the right side (just over the tire). I'd prefer a whole hood. Thanks. - Tom
  14. That's what I was hoping for. If I could purchase the section, I would be styling. Where can I get one?

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