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  1. Do you have a gauge for boost? What are you reading on those long pulls when pyro goes up? My boost snaps up to 35 PSI and stays there. Rochester's turbo is $2,200. Well worth it. Have you smoke tested the truck since the new injectors?
  2. When you guys are referring to stage 2 or 3, whos injectors are you using? Did you put bigger turbo on with injectors? I've done two Mack E7 400's with Rochester parts. Both made a tremendous difference. My pyrometer never gets high. My first one was 2.5 injectors. The second one, which I still own, is a stage 3. It passed a smoke test with no problem.
  3. I paid $2,200 for the turbo. I don't know if that's cheap or not. It works great with the added amount of fuel they're injectors flow. I did the second installation three months ago.
  4. I've done two E7 400's. Both ran great!! One was 2.5 other was 3.5.
  5. Got a Bristol Donald look to it. Very cool.
  6. Call Rochester Diesel. I've put his stage 2.5 and stage 3.5 on my trucks. Definite usable increase in power. He'll send you a new turbo and necessary rubber fittings to make it fit, and honed out injectors. He'll want you injectors for cores. Both trucks I did were E7-400 Macks. Both drove GREAT afterward!! Ask for Brad 507.288.8038
  7. Transmission has been sold. Thanks.
  8. It is mine. I think it was sold today.
  9. https://jerseyshore.craigslist.org/search/sss?query=Mack 18 speed&sort=rel
  10. I've done it before on R-Models. If there are Mack parts available, I would use them. Anybody know if they are available?
  11. We have a one CL tractor and one CH tractor. They both have standard Mack twin exhaust. I saw a CL that has the stacks behind the cab. I have been thinking of moving my exhaust behind the cab, but I was going to fabricate everything from scratch. So my question is, did Mack offer a choice? I don't know if the CL I saw was home made or an option from the factory. Does anyone here have that style exhaust?
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