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  1. If it was in Iowa for a while there's a good chance that Mike Harbison might know something about it, he's on here, he's a helluva nice guy and knows his Mack trucks like the back of his hand. When he sees this he will chime in.
  2. Don't know if this is the right place for this or not. Does anyone have a Econodyne or Maxidyne emblem they would sell. Thanks
  3. I was thinking maybe look at the timing on the injection pump tag I think a 285-300 is 22 degrees, 237 I was thinking it was 16 degrees. Someone on here might be able to tell you.
  4. Thanks for advice, can you use new lifters with an old cam if the cam is good. Another question what RPM is overspeeding, I have seen engines 2300 to 2400. Just wandering what is a safe maximum RPM.
  5. I hope your around a long time too, I read your post regularly and your full of knowledge on Mack Trucks is priceless. I always look forward reading what's up with the Mack engines. Don't really care about any other brand. Stay safe. Ron
  6. Thanks guys, I'm checking on the price difference between Mack parts and PAI. I will probably go with PAI. I still have to pull the pan to see if it's standard. I'm going to look the cam over real good even though I didn't have any metal in it. I gonna hate it when the old Mack mechanic's and Mack parts guys are gone. I'm almost 65 years old so I guess I won't have to worry about that. Just have a couple of old trucks to take to truck shows.Thanks again.
  7. I finally got the heads off, #1 cylinder dropped a valve. Front head is junk, aluminum pieces are in the other cylinders so sounds like time for an inframe major, anyone have any suggestions on where to get a pair of remanufactured heads and overhaul kits for an 88 e6 4 valve. Thanks everyone for the help trying to figure out what was wrong with it.
  8. That's alright, I will check the pump drive too never thought about that. The pump has one of those bolts that the head is plugged, I might loosen one of the injector lines to see if fuel comes out. I will probably set the valve's first and check the push rods. Thanks for the information. Your alot of help, I appreciate that.
  9. No metal in oil pan, stuck a magnet in there still nothing. I will adjust the valve's an check push rods,
  10. Just got the truck, don't know how long it's been sitting. Don't know anything about repairs. I might see about valve lash, it seems a couple of valves are more loose than some of the others. I have overhauled 2 valves engines but don't know much about the 4 valve. I have a Mack e6 4 valve overhaul manual, I think I will try that first. The guy just said it had a tick in the top end. Thanks Guys I will let you know what I find out.
  11. 88 R model with a 4 valve, it turns over like it doesn't have much compression. It only has around 300,000 miles question is would the injector pump or injectors make it sound like low compression. I took the puff limiter off and the rod moves easily doesn't feel like the rack is stuck. No metal in the pan from rings or cam. Anyone have any ideas about what to check next. Won't run on starting fluid either.
  12. you would have to change the left cowl for the 79, hood won't line up.
  13. Thanks fjh, you guys have a lot of knowledge. I think I will change lines, I all ready have a rebuilt Abac pump or I would have the Robert Bosch pump rebuilt. Thanks again
  14. I'm hoping I don't have to bend the lines to hook up, if I do I will probably use the injector lines for a Ambac pump. is the Ambac pump better than the Robert Bosch, the Amac pump looks like it's a better built pump and a little heavier. Thanks for your help guys
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