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    Owner/ semi retired owner of American steelsmiths, LLC Custom fabricating. as of now I spend my time doing one custom build truck per year-or two, fishing.

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  1. I did all the political postings I could showing the truth about what was really going on on facebook. Got thrown in facebook jail many times...The whole country lost due to this last coup. The left doesn't care about facts, only deal in rhetoric that fits their agenda. This site was my place to get answers about something I could actually do something about...getting tidbits of info about building a Mack. please don't screw this site up with opinions on the political mess this country is going through
  2. That would be way above what I'd be expecting but I wouldn't turn it down!
  3. Most everything I build is very easy to work on...I get that from everyone that has bought my projects. For me its about creating something unique. The build, the creativity keeps me excited about getting up every day
  4. The first photo was before I had it loaded and shipped up to my area. The others are after paint and getting ready to be assembled. I get that there are people that will hate this and think that I bastardized a B model. But I have met a number of guys that bought Mack B models because they looked awesome but then found its a big piece of equipment taking up space for the little bit they actually drive it. Lets be honest with the non power steering, twin sticks and spartan nature of these old trucks you won't be using it as a daily driver or to run to the grocery store. This is a tru
  5. Scratching my head for a while on the vent window latches. Both of mine had broken off. Bought a vent window from an awesome Mack owner with a good handle and post but still needed the passenger side. Bought two handles from Watts for $85 but they don't come with the clip and post they mount on. Now I found a source for locking vent window handles with the post that are a direct fit! The old handle in the one in front/middle
  6. Just came back from paint. lite green with black fenders. 10' pick up bed mounted on an 88 GMC C 3500 chassis, early 1970's 454 with a nice power cam, Turbo 400 trans, 373:1 rear gears, will have LED gauges plus mechanical gauges, heat/air conditioning, heated bench seat, air horns, air bags in rear. Will be a nice daily driver
  7. Thats is an amazing truck but some how its almost lost that old truck look looking more like a newer truck
  8. The front fenders and light panels where they bolt together had to be all rebuilt, now that was a time consuming pain in the butt not mention the previous owner welded the two together to keep them from separating
  9. 1962 B 61, mounted on a 1988 GMC C 3500 extended cab frame, 1970's 454 with a Th400 trans, 373 rear gears, Cab going to paint this week, light green with satin black fenders, new 30% green tint windows and new seals, will have LED gauges, plus mechanical gauges, ( To back up the LED) new green with green and black hounds tooth cloth seat with heat, Black carpet, Electic windshield wipers. heat/ Air Conditioning, air compressor for horns and air bags. back up camera, Bed is 10' long, 6'1" wide, 1/8 steel construction, 1-5/16" white oak bed with stainless skid strips. Exhaust w
  10. 1962 B 61 mounted on a 1988 GMC C 3500, disassembled for paint as of right now, 1972 454, Turbo 400 trans, 373 rear gears,power steering/brakes, air conditioning /heat, Heated Bench seat is green with green and black hounds tooth cloth middle, black carpeting, Green LED gauges, and mechanical gauges for temp,oil and alternater (just because I don't trust electrical sending unit gauges), air horns, rear air bags, back up camera, 10'x 6'1" custom bed. 1.25" white oak bed with stainless skid strips, new glass and seals. new rubber and brakes all around. This truck is being built as a
  11. Looking for a 1962 B model door window and possibly both vent windows with frame and latches in place. Thanks Dave 920-713-0738
  12. Looking for a B model door window, and possibly both vent windows with frame work/latches. Dave 920-713-0738
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