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  1. stutz 712


    Looking for hub piloted hubs for mh613 steering 724 840 9135
  2. I have heavy hub pilots off an mr. They may be the same. 724. 840 9135
  3. I have one of those marine engines. The company that built these is in Daytona Florida but I can't think of the name. The guy I bought it from said it was 950 hp originally with two turbos but took one turbo off and derated pump to 750 hp. The reason they could crank the power was because of the unlimited cool water as the last post stated
  4. Looking for MH driver side exhaust stack bracket. 724 840 9135
  5. Looking for driver side windshield for a cruiseliner. Any ideas?
  6. Who did you get the core from and are you running a viscous fan drive? What is ELC coolant?
  7. Does any one have any thoughts on cooling a 750 hp E9 in a superliner? I have seen some for sale that have electric fan set ups and wondering how well that works and who builds them? Any other solutions?
  8. I have a couple heavy front axles that came from under MR model mack Hub piloted asking 750.00 724 840 9135
  9. 724 840 9135 Send me your number and I'll text you a picture of tag. Scott
  10. I have a crank in a 2002 E7 e tech I'd sale the whole engine for 750.00 724 840. 9135
  11. 2 sets of Mack cutoffs. Lots of frame. Hub piloted 4:64 ratio. One camelback. One Hendrickson. 2000.00 each. 3 heavy front axles. Hub piloted. 1000.00each. Mack E7 300 e tech parts engines. Good blocks cranks and heads. 750.00 per engine 724 840 9135
  12. I guess this is the place to post directly. Fairly new to this site. I would appreciate the contact on the LTL hoods. Also I'm a v8 fan and have several plus parts. Scott 724 840 9135

  13. Definently interested. I would appreciate the contact. Scott. 724 840 9135
  14. Looking for LTL hood and side panels
  15. Check with Greg in port royal pa. Scraping Mack fire trucks. 7172755921
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