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  1. We just had a whole new system put in, but we are in georgia. All the hvac guys I talked to before the install said down to 30 degrees electric was good, but below that go with the duel fuel like eddeere. Where the lp/natural gas kicks in to help. We had 2 units installed 1.5 ton for upstairs and 4 ton for downstairs, both 14 seer units. The units and all new duct work came to $11,500.
  2. You guys are the best! They are both mechanical engines, guess I should have added that earlier.
  3. BMT to the rescue, I need the mack part numbers for pln injectors. One truck is a 94 with a 300, the other truck is a 94 with a 350. I dont want to take the old injectors out until I have the new ones ready to go in. Thank you all in advance.
  4. 4.42 rears and a 8ll will top out at about 77-78mph at 2000-2100 rpm. That's with 11r24.5 rubber.
  5. The brake shoes are wore out and over-camming?
  6. After linking that I realized it was done on an ai engine, not an ac engine. Not sure what you can do to an ac.
  7. If possible, keep the studs soaked in penetrating fluid for a couple days before you try to remove the manifold.
  8. The injectors, manifold, turbo. Can all be done in one day. If you have all of them available and on site. I would reset the valves while you are at it, and the valve cover is already off.
  9. Do you need a pto and a pump? Or just the pump? I would check out the chelsea/parker website, give them the numbers and tooth count of the tranny and they can get what you need.
  10. My guess would still be an intake/boost leak. I believe you should be making high 20 to mid 30 pounds of boost.
  11. Probably an axle. Probably one of the long side axles. We have had them brake clean and make no sound after the initial snap, and we have had them brake ruff and grind. Get a 5-6ft piece of threaded rod or a stick and tape some good magnets to the end, a cow magnet works really good. And put it down the axle tube into the housing and clean out all the metal pieces you can before putting the new axle back in.
  12. I have an 07 ai motor that's a 370. In the 5 years I've owned it, aside from it feeling like a turd power wise, but mack tech has a great post on here that can sort that out for you. My only problems have been a blown intake gasket and the cheap plastic coolant over flow tank cracked. In my view my truck has been very reliable, but we change oil at 8-10k miles maximum, with 2 gallons of Lucas oil in every oil change. And grease the whole truck every week. Some trucks are just crap from the factory, but most of the time "reliability" is based solely on how well you are willing to maintain and take care of the truck.
  13. We did this swap with our 94 300. We put in a fuller 9L, with the original 5.73 gears it would top out at 62mph at 2100rpm. We ran it that way for a few years, but we run tandem dumps and max gross in georgia is 64k, so we eventually put 4.64 rears in it. Turned the pump up a little and she runs like a 350. You need new tranny mounts, and driveshaft.
  14. Is the fan out of balance? I had one of my blades get broke out at the tip and it would shake /vibrate the truck.
  15. Its definitely worth doing. Also, if it doesn't have a boost gauge and pyro, put them on it. Even if you dont do any upgrades, the kits are cheap enough and easy enough to install. I bought both of the from summit.
  16. Any updates? Did you go thru with it big red?
  17. Maybe I'm wrong, but listen to fjh!! Is it more believable that you ruined your engine in a few seconds, or that you sucked up trash and plugged 2 eups, and in the process loosened an intake pressure hose.
  18. We have had an eecm take a crap on us out of the blue on 1 of our cat motors. The truck was running great, shut it off on a job site and it would not start. Spent 2 days trying everything under the sun to no avail. Finally got an eecm out of a wrecked truck and it fired right up.
  19. I'm sure some people won't like my response, but get it running with starting fluid for 10-20 seconds and it should pull the fuel up. I've had to do it with my ami 370 after filter change. I did everything you've done and still had to spray it. Just be careful with the starting fluid, giving it just enough to run.
  20. Pressure check the intake. My guess would be an intake leak or turbo vanes stuck if it's a vgt turbo, but we have all gray motors no mp.
  21. I won't say that 1 is better than the other, but the glaring difference is the space in the cab. Unless they changed something, the last dm I was in, was an 80 something model.
  22. Pressure check your intake for leaks, and put a boost gauge on it. A boost gauge is fairly inexpensive and easy enough to install, and will help you diagnose issues.
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