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  1. Anything specific that I should do to the truck? It’s going to sit until springtime. Im assuming I’ll want something to keep rodents out. And start it every so often, when it gets cold I’ll have to put an additive in the tanks as it’s summer fuel in them. edit* appears it’s possible I have a rodent in the truck, I set a trap and orderd some repellent pouches to put around the truck/ engine.
  2. Water is certainly getting in, we’ve had some really hard rains the past few days, you can see water spots on the cb, and all over the gauge cluster. I gotta call safelite and see what they are going to do, as I know it certainly wasn’t happening before the windshield was replaced. The good thing is at the end of all this I’ll sure I’m gonna know this truck inside and out!
  3. Doorseals could be a good possibility, water seems to pool up a little in the bottom of the seal when it rains. I’ll have to take a look and see, currently trying to decide what I’m going to do with the truck. It’s almost august and I haven’t been able to put it to work yet. At this point I think I’m just going to wait until next year and try again. Undecided at the moment.
  4. It doesn’t look like rain is getting in from up top, but it could be running down the seal and then they just happens to be the lowest point. I’ll have to keep al eye on it. I’ve dried out the cab and the trucks just been sitting, haven’t had a chance to investigate further. But good chance the water is causing the issues
  5. Yup, living in the north sucks, would like to relocate to the Carolinas but who knows if that’ll ever happen. I’ll have the check the roof vent, didn’t even know there was one. when they were replacing the glass they didn’t say anything. I know they took the wiper arm off, but not sure on the cowl. But wouldn’t hbe surprised if they didn’t say anything and just put the glass in. It certainly looks like the windshield is leaking in a few spots as I can see traces of water, so I’ll have to call them back out to see what they can do. Looks like there may be a small leak in the corner of the glass and it could be possibly dripping down along the cluster and onto the floor. Have to watch it when it rains again amd see where the water lands and try tracing it
  6. The condensation is on the inside of the gauges, tried whiping the gauges but it wouldn’t go away so it would appear to be the inside. I just had that side windshield replaced. But the headliner is dry. I don’t see the water coming in anywhere. Kinda hard to tell in the pics but looks like there is some wetness in the areas
  7. I just had the windshield replaced on that side, but the gauges were starting to fog up ever so slightly when it was super humid here the week before. Headliner is dry. So I am not sure where water could be getting in. I’ll have to check the grounds as well as the sunvisor bolts
  8. Yeah over the internet diagnostics is next to impossible, but I do appreciate any help you guys give. Starting to think maybe the circuit board could be the culprit.
  9. I don’t like the guessing, but it is an odd issue. So I just went out to the truck to try to mess with it and see if the lights will come on. Nothing, flight on the ign and batt feed switches on and off, and when I turn on my lights the gauge lights are working now. Not sure what the deal is with those switches. After doing that I noticed 2 things. My tach flickers a bit. And my volts flicker when I turn the headlights on. But Atleast it appears the lights are coming on? Also my gauges are all fogging up now, not sure what’s causing that lol. FullSizeRender.mov
  10. It sounded like a mechanical click, but the gauge lights and headlights and marker lights are all on the same switch so I’d think if it’s a relay none would he working
  11. I have not yet, I’m trying to avoid removing it but know that I have to if I want to figure out the issue.
  12. I checked the circuit breaker for the gauge lights and it had continuity. I tried a different circuit breaker, same result no gauge lights. Not sure if there’s a delay for the gauge lights by themselves. I may have to end up taking the cluster out and looking around.
  13. I do need all the help I can get, and I’m not afraid to admit that! I would rather look stupid asking questions then go and just pry stuff apart and damage things, because it sucks when you try to go fix one little thing and it ends up costing you a bunch of money to fix a bunch of other things that broke in the process. With that said, I’m not sure if the truck just decided that it wanted to cooperate or what, but I went to get it inspected and as the guys putting the sticker on the windshield I see that the dash lights are all working, hopefully they stay working. edit* I guess I jinxed myself, just went to check something in the truck and the gauge lights came on, then you could hear a click and they shut off and won’t come back on.
  14. Does anyone have instructions on how to remove the cluster to replace the bulbs? I can’t seem to figure it out, I took some screws out but it was the bezel that came off.
  15. Does the cluster come out easy to change the bulbs? I don’t want to just unscrew dash parts and pry possibly damage something.
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