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  1. I haven’t tried keeping the axle down and seeing if the pressure drops still, But yes, keeping it in the up position, come back out 2 hours later the axle is down and there is less 70-60 psi on the gauge. So there’s a big enough leak that when the pressure gets too low the axles just going to drop. I guess I’ll have to check the bags/ hoses out next
  2. I need to find a new way to attach photos to the posts, since I’m out of room and I’m not really sure how to delete pictures and whatnot. I guess I gotta get out there and check some of the likes under the bed and see what’s leaking and go from there
  3. Didn’t see any, I’ll have to get some wood under there and do some looking around
  4. Not sure, very well could be. I just was cautious looking around with the bed up. I’ll get something to prop it and then check the tanks. Chances are they probably have pinholes rotted in them!
  5. So those 2 tanks would be working along with one of the other systems, correct? I’m trying my best to understand how it all works. I do have some more pictures but it seems like I exceeded the data limit so not sure how I can upload them.
  6. What can I do to make sure the bed doesn’t come crashing down? I’m sorta afraid to be crawling around under it with it up. Is there a safe procedure or anything I’d you want to leave it up and look at the frame etc?
  7. I’m not sure why I can only upload 1 or 2 pictures at a time. But here’s a photo of under the frame. I appreciate all the help guys, I’m trying to track this down on my own but if I can’t I’ll end up having to find a shop to bring it to.
  8. So think I found the dryer, it’s the big blue thing?
  9. I completely understand, without being here is difficult and I am trying my best to understand, but I also don’t know very much myself so it is difficult.
  10. There is no air in the system so the axkes dropped, or they are overstretched? I’m not sure what that would look like? whays the ride back quick release? And what does the solenoid look like
  11. I just snapped a few pics, not sure if they help, but if you need any specific pics let me know and I’ll see what I can do.
  12. Isn’t that the valve that I just replaced? Not on the tank though. I’m going to assume the way it is setup is the way the body manufacture set it up, not sure why you’d go messing with what’s on what system?
  13. If green is primary then there is a major leak going on. I figured the red would be primary, reason being after 2-3 hours of sitting the red Harley moved while the green dropped down to almost below 60 or so. ( when you flip the switch for the lift axle green needle dropps, and when in the up position as the air drops to 60 the axle will drop down) I am assuming the lift axle was put on when the body was put on. I’ll have to look for the solenoid, I’m guessing it’s under the bed
  14. I’m going to find a shop and have them change them. I was thinking of just having them replace the rubber diaphragm, but it may make more sense to just replace the whole cans for the peace of mind. I have a feeling that could be part of the air leak I’ve got going on
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