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  1. You cant completely wear out a rd mack anyway so i would just fix as needed
  2. 1000 bucks i think. Its been awhile. Ill get the part number when im back at shop
  3. Sorry i just saw this. I just called antrim diesel and they sent me a holset turbo made for the e6350. If you have a bosch p pump you gotta slide the fuel plate forward to gove it more fuel. Im my case i ground it so it would go farther. It runs strong. I pull 96000 pound loads daily and as long as you keep the boost up the egts never go over 900 deg.
  4. I tried that. One one they were a little loose. But tightening made no difference on the leak
  5. Leaking out of the gaskets in between trans sections
  6. Holset hx50 from antrim. Mine makes 40 lbs boost with a ground fuel plate. It will run with 3406 cats
  7. They must be one tough transmission i have 2 12 speeds in RDs and all i hear is gears grinding from the idiots driving them. However i never gring a gear when i drive them. I also have a 12 speed in my superliner. The only complaint i have is all 3 of them leak oil. One leaks a gallon per week and the others are not far behind
  8. Im guessing alot more than i have on that head. The other 2 heads are fine
  9. Yes thats what i was thinking but the paint is not discolored.
  10. Put a manifold pressure gauge on it and report back. That being said macks drive different then any other truck. Anyone who usually drives cat or cummins and then jumps in a mack will say the mack has no power. They weren't built for racing but go run your cat with a mack and look in your mirror the mack will still be there
  11. I took the whole jake housing off. Started it up and barely any oil comes out the jake oil feed hole on top of rocker box
  12. No but you can pull the solenoid out on the jake and start it. Barely any oil comes out. Hardly enough for the rockers
  13. What oring are you speaking of
  14. Imo if you really dont need cruise take that half electronic pump off and put a full mechanical pump on it. I knew a guy who had a superliner with a e7454 he converted to mechanical. It had a 18 speed mack and that truck would run with 500 hp big block cats like nothing. And im some situations it would walk away from the big cats.
  15. Update. 95 percent sure i got it fixed. Found 2 wires going to the vecu that has bare spots . Looked like they were rubbing on the box bolted to kick panel. Fixed wires. Taped everything up and drove it across a rough field and it never cut out. Thanks for all the ideas and help.
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