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  1. Oh and I never understood the bosch pumps running the throttle shaft through the pump with the return springs on the back side attached to a menagerie of extra levers and extensions.
  2. Ok, so I no longer have any remnants of any robert bosch pumps to even dismantle. I do however have a 1990 e6-350 ambac pump and I'm almost positive all the injector lines for it. Has anybody swapped pump types? Is the base timing the same? Are the injectors even the same? Maybe I should just bite the bullet and send this pump out but first I need to make sure the return fitting leak I'm fighting with isn't from the pump housing itself. Like I said the housing has an obvious helicoil in it which really bugs me. I never understood Mack jumping back and forth between ambac and robert bosch in from what I saw 1988-1990.
  3. Last picture is whatever used to be fuel that I got it running on. The worst rust of all is shown in the back of cab pic. Found an inspection receipt from 2005 in the truck and its less than 700 miles from the current mileage. All documents and tags I've found expired in '07
  4. 1989 rw613. e6-350 original not a maxidyne on the tag but maxidyne on the hood??? 13 speed roadranger rto14613 appearing to be original equip, shift pattern on the dash and mack part # on tranny tag. 4.42 mack rears on 38k taperleaf. Paint is poor, roof peeled, very minimal rust anywhere. Scavengers did get to it at some point: stolen volt water oil gauge cluster, top dash panel where ashtray located, passenger seat and heater cover. Will post some pics.
  5. Thanks for the info Vlad. I managed to get it loaded and back home. I've since spent a couple hours attempting to flush out the pump but haven't had any luck. It shows some throttle response yard driving with the brakes still heavily dragging. No load it continues to have a tendency to climb to 1800rpm and stay there. Fuel shutoff is still unresponsive. I've been fighting fuel leakage at the banjo fitting where the head return attaches. I can't figure out why its leaking exactly but there appears to be a helicoil in the pump where the banjo bolt threads in and judging by the paint on the pump it looks like it'd been overhauled shortly before being parked. I'm not sure how I'd feel about sending this pump out right now if a butcher has already been in it.
  6. No, its definitely inside the governor of the pump. I'm working the levers directly on the pump. As I said I've had the same basic problem with an ambac pump that sat after running biofuel. All I had to do with that was remove the governor cover and manually operate the plunger while flushing the fuel side out with brake cleaner. The Robert bosch is quite a bit different so I'm not sure if I can do the same as easily.
  7. Went down to the truck yesterday afternoon. Spent 2 hours on it before dark. Minus the time getting bothered by the locals. An elderly gentleman walking his dogs asked if it was going to run after sitting there forever. 2 minutes later a neighbor drove up barking "who said you could work on this truck here!" It only took a minute to tell him the name of the cider mill owner that I'd bought it from to calm him down. Not 2 minutes later the town supervisor even drove up asking what was going on. It was actually a good feeling to know that after working on a truck 5 minutes that many locals showed concern to making sure I wasn't stealing parts or the whole truck. They were glad to see it was leaving after being a community landmark for so long. Found the right fuel cap center vent had rotted away allowing moisture in the tank. Had to hammer the cap loose and whatever was inside that used to be fuel wasn't pretty. Half tank of... Something. Twisted and crushed crossover valve trying to shut it. Cut the crossover tube and drained it until something resembling fuel came out. Kinked that over to stop flow. Dropped in a pair of new batteries and cab relay powered up immediately. Checked air intake for debris and turbo for freeness. Popped off primary to see it was still full but certainly needed to be replaced. Tried to get greedy and leave the secondary alone but that bit me in the ass. Never understood the superliner secondary location. Put a pressure gauge on the oil line cut when the gauge panel was stolen. Cranked for 20 seconds with shutoff pulled to pump some oil. Starter cranks fast but sounds sickly. Got it to fire a little on ether before seeing the fuel running out of the rotten secondary. Broke the handle completely off my filter wrench, got drenched with fuel trying to break filter free from underneath with a screwdriver driven through. Ended up taking filter base completely off and spent 15 minutes chiseling the filter off on the ground. After reassembly it only took a couple more minutes to get it running, but found pump plunger hanging up. Had a gusher from the short return tube around front of pump. Cobbed up with vent tube from hydraulic tank. Running consistently with horrible governor response but only a minor misfire. 10 minutes running time I kinked off the cut heater control air line on the stolen heater box, built full air pressure. Oil psi 60-80. As the rpms climbed to 1800 and stayed I tried to work it back down until I found return line from head leaking. Fuel shutoff lever no longer responding. I removed supply line directly from injection pump to kill it. Aired flat left steer tire half way with gladhand hose. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to see if the clutch is stuck. This morning I'll head back down with the lowboy and hopefully I can keep it down near an idle to load it after I put new return line on it. So maybe I'll start a new post. I've had good luck with a stuck plunger on an ambac after using biofuel and sitting, It freed up well. How about this Robert Bosch? Will a sticky plunger keep the shutoff lever from operating? Once I get it home maybe I'll need some advice on freeing the plunger on a Robert Bosch.
  8. Went down to Jersey and took care of the humdrum payment and paperwork crap this afternoon so its a done deal. Got a photo circa 1996 back when she was pretty and the storage tanks were installed at the cider mill. Funny thing, 2 weeks ago when I drove past to see if this truck was still there on my way home from Gerhart's, the tanks had just been removed and were Tennessee bound. That was the first I ever found people around there to set this deal in motion.
  9. Sometimes its good to leave the GPS off and just learn your way around still. I missed my turn with the lowboy early in the summer of 2020 and had to find a place to turn around. Otherwise I never would've driven past this lonely dog that hasn't moved since at least 2012 based on Google maps. Last registered in '07 at a closed cider mill. Planning on heading to Jersey this weekend to get the paperwork.
  10. YESSS!!! I bought one at the Gerhart show several years ago for $5. Mine has a matching envelope with a hole in it for the logo to show through. Great little piece of history. No copyright, no publisher, no date, nothing.
  11. mackcl96 is the expert on these trucks Not sure how to tag him in this.
  12. There was a thread on here almost 10 years back about them. It was about that long ago that I found one wrecked that I was trying to buy parts off of it. Special hood badges and a dash nameplate and gold pinstripes along the body lines. That is all I see that distinguishes them from a "true" Elite CL. So many CL's were badged Elite on the grill and hood with only basic level 3 interior. I've only seen these as dump trucks with very limited powertrain options and the production number was only around 150 if I remember correctly. I don't think its junk yet by any means. The first owner I knew to have it replaced it with a new Pete, the latter I knew gave up on dump trucking and went back to a tractor for better rates. He is a true Peterbilt fag, but told me more than once that he was much more happy driving this old Mack than the brand new W900 largecar sleeper tractor he bought after it.
  13. No association, price dropped to $29000. I personally know the last 2 owners from NY and MA. Neither knew the relevance to the badge on the hood. It was a pretty clean and mechanically sound truck but my boss steered clear of it because of the frame spread 3 years ago. Current owner removed the gold pinstripes You don't see these very often https://nwct.craigslist.org/hvo/d/salisbury-mack-tri-axle/7174576725.html
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