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  1. They both should be well worth that just for parts. I hate to see any Superliners go that route, but how many Michigan specials does the world need?
  2. Tube type all around, not many options available for steer tires. Its sad but the truck is too heavy to put it to work, and likely too slow to drive to shows. 58 rears make it a dinosaur. If they're 4.64's you'd be lucky to squeeze 65 out of it with the 2 stick 6. Now an air shift t2060 is a different story, need 5.73's to slow them down.
  3. I didn't hear about that at all. Did they have a lot of equipment? The 2 trucks I mentioned are the only ones I saw down this way.
  4. Gerhart's in Lititz has a couple rare ones. Depends if you want a generic freight hauler or something a bit more special.
  5. Not according to any posts I've seen on here. Somebody talked about there being 1 electronic CL E9 at Allentown or Macungie, but don't know if its true.
  6. Old Dorr Oil unit, don't know if he's still in business but they had a gorgeous Superliner and nice B-model. Looks like maybe Jim Emery selling it. He's had some interesting pieces but pricey.
  7. Nice thing about CAT parts is they're outsourcing production all over the world. 6 months ago I got an acert exhaust manifold made in Mexico, last month the same parts made in China. You never have to go too far to find disposable parts. I just hope they keep manufacturing injector harnesses in Mexico, its nice to put a new one in every oil change. Only bad thing I see with the E9 is I can't afford to buy them all.
  8. It looks pretty nice but its obviously by no means near original. Probably saying it has 83k on engine rebuild. Hub pilot wheels retrofit, Vmack cruise switches in dash, newer gauges. Probably had a 12 speed, deep reduction switch in dash. Door panels are newer clip on type that have been screwed on. The inside of the roof vent is painted the exterior color. The shiny paint in the pictures could be hiding a lot. I'm not at all impressed by the half ass 5th wheel angles installed. Who cares that its an old worn out 70 ton head?
  9. Rears like you have pictured are the same as 80's school bus lights
  10. They certainly don't give much for a description, but it appears to be Neway under it.
  11. The Superliner was used as a racetrack pack truck. I looked at it a couple weeks ago to see if upholstery at all intact. I've known about the truck for years but didn't realize what was under the hood til now. Cab and hood are totally destroyed. Owner says it runs good but has no more use for it but scrap. I need to meet up with him again and see if I can make a deal. I have another E9 project but probably won't need too many parts from this one. Its a 1982 Em9-400, 392hp.
  12. I might come up with a whole truck for parts if I'm lucky. If you can wait and don't come up with anything right away I'm trying to save it from scrap.
  13. Combs Customs I believe is the manufacturer of them.
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