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  1. yes it had to be THE netherlands. and for ROB i have the r600 emblem here. it`s here at my home stil standing for my tv whit al the e mack emblems i gona use on my trucks. will see if i can post a picture of it soon. Leon.
  2. i see you found my cruiseliner. hope you enjoyed it. it`s coming to my place soon. leon.
  3. hallo Paul.i`m looking for some parts to.maybe you can help me.
  4. long way to go before the cabmounts can go under it.
  5. does anybody know if this truck is stil for sale or does anybody know they guy who was selling it?(any contact information
  6. it was john`s truck.i bought it from him. and superdog , did you find a radiator for my h model?
  7. didn`t dig in that deep.just liked it and it looks solid so i bought it.
  8. it1s still in the usa.want to make it run to pul the trailer we bought to take some parts home.
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