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  1. Going slow Thanks for asking. Hers a couple of pictures
  2. I Have the H67 cab off the frame on blocks.

    -Both fenders with headlight bezels, are rough but all there.

    -Doors are off cab in o.k. shape.

    -I have a complete chassis,673 non turbo and drive train from a '54 H63 also.The diff is froze up.

    I will send more pictures if your interested.

    Paul Cabibbo

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    2. Joe Ditchkus

      Joe Ditchkus

      Paul where is Pou,NY ? I am from Northeastern,Penna. Lake Ariel.

    3. PaulH63


      Poughkeepsie NY I will send more pictures.You are about 2 hours from me some of my stuff is upstate near ONEONTA NY.

    4. Joe Ditchkus

      Joe Ditchkus

      Thanks Paul



  3. I am restoring an H63 and also have an H67 I would be willing to part with what I don't need.
  4. Nice H.If you have a serial number write to Mack Museum the will send you a build sheet and any other information they have in there archives. If need parts feel free to contact me.Ive got an H63 I'm restoring and H67. I'm willing to part with what I don't need.
  5. Thanks  but would like to find a complete truck . What is difference in the frames between the H 67 and H 63 . Are there any books available on the H series . 

    1. PaulH63


      H67 and H63 frames I have are virtually the same. Mack Museum has a lot of information available

  6. I have H63 chassis,engine.and drive train and H67 Cab. If your interested.
  7. H67st I would like to hear if you find a solution. Im in the same situation with my '54 H63. I was going to try an fab them out of some hard rubber stock. Something off the shelf would be nice. PaulH63
  8. H63 Slow Progress5924e49369f72_H63Mack043.thumb.JPG.fa63bf251a8f87aa0890ce488b00e0be.JPG5924e4a36a42d_H63Mack044.thumb.JPG.56048737f46a01c4bb519871f0fd32b2.JPGIMG_0299.JPG.ee3160176221ebfda1c047fcc243faec.JPG

    1. h67st


      Man, that looks fun! Glad to see someone saving another H...they are classic Macks.

    2. PaulH63




  9. Very nice H63 and67 Just started restoring my 1954 H63 Some as my GrandfathersIMG_0782.thumb.JPG.34c8b8a0d258b7e95cedaPicture1.thumb.png.62bb15533fb8a114bd8ab

    1. 1961H67


      That is Great that was your Grandfathers , it looks in better shape than our H67 , A friend had pulled a lowboy with it for years than parked it in the woods for almost 10 years , I'll try to post some pics when we got it from him , Thanks for the pic , Dean

    2. PaulH63


      Thanks I my be contacting you for advice. Im going to need all the help I can get. Thanks


    3. PaulH63


      Red and White H63 is mine found it in upstate NY. The black and white picture is my Grandfathers long gone.

  10. My 1954 H63 Mack and my grandfathers brand new H63 in 1954
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