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  1. I could use everything but the fenders..
  2. I am looking for nice cab and fender sheet metal panels. NOS or nice parts that may have been saved over the years. Early fenders-any condition considered h63 nose panels/grill-any condition considered Everything else- NOS or very nice I have a feeling that I am going to end up an H-series collector and haven’t even bought my first one yet. So, Post whole trucks and cabs too. ha! Thanks
  3. That said.. His H63 might not be the one for me. So, I am still looking. I am headed out to California this week. I’ll be dreaming of a rust free H63 as I cross through the desert this Christmas.
  4. So, I drove up to Superdogs place and wow!! Tons of cool trucks! Thanks for letting me look around.
  5. Superdog.. 165 Mack Trucks!??! Wow!! Give me a call.
  6. Thank Paul.. I sent you an email last night. I didn't know if you had started on the red and white one. I may need the h67 for parts. A lot of these are pretty worked old trucks.
  7. I'll message for more info.
  8. Any condition considered junk cabs to full restorations. Please help me find my first MACK.. Feel free to call or text me at: 480-334-8251
  9. I'd be interested in buying your project if you'd consider selling it. I am only a couple hours away from you. I'd trade 32-34 ford pickup project too. Call me 480-334-8251
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