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  1. Thank you so much. I gave them a call on the off chance they would still be willing to make one and they had one in stock ready to ship!!
  2. Still trying to track down some parts, I need to find a Headliner Kit for the L cab. I called Watt’s to see if they could get something and they suggested to ask here. If anyone knows of someone making them I would appreciate a link or phone number.
  3. Thank you Joe, without the internet and folks like you willing to help guys like me projects like this one wouldn’t be possible.
  4. Thanks guys, I’m getting tools as I need to work on the trucks. Had to buy jacks, jack stands, impact guns and sockets just to remove the wheels & tires that weren’t in the budget. Luckily I have an awesome wife that sees these daily deliveries of tools and parts for this project and so far so good. I’m a one man show working on this in my spare time and I way underestimated the weight of some of these parts like the rear end, as much as I wanted to keep the Cummins 220 not sure how I would have mocked that up in a new frame without an A frame crane of some sort. I’m sure lots of new tools and equipment will find its way to my shop before it’s all said and done, still on my bucket list to restore an old Mack EEU so I don’t mind gearing up on this truck to be more prepared if I find the right EEU.
  5. Kenworth suspension is complete now I need to get back to the Mack cab rebuilding everything. The goal for this project is to get the Mack back on the road and get an education on Mack trucks so I don’t repeat my mistakes when I buy the next one.
  6. Mack truck was dissembled and all the parts that are going to be reused put up on the shelf. Drove the Kenworth back to Idaho and spent some time measuring everything to confirm it would work. Then got to work shortening the frame and converting it to air suspension
  7. I’ve been fascinated with Mack Trucks since I was a little kid but never felt the need to own one until recently, we have an off road car that we haul around on a car trailer but limit our trips to local events that don’t require overnight camping. My wife and I have been wanting to do more out of state events and I starting looking at car haulers with living quarters and came up with the idea of building a Mack camper hauler. I spent about a year chasing a few different Mack models when the LHSW popped up on one of my searches, at first glance it appeared to check most of my boxes, vintage Mack, currently running and mostly complete. I was told that the truck was mechanically sound, ran & drove great and with just some maintenance items could be made usable or our intended purpose. I don’t believe the seller intentionally misled me but unfortunately I didn’t have the knowledge to ask all the questions that needed to be asked and when I received the truck it was painfully obvious this truck was modified several times with a cutting torch and stick welder, the suspension & frame was dangerous at best and needed a complete redo to feel comfortable driving it more than just a few miles around the block. The Cummins 743 engine ran fantastic and the transmissions shifted great so I set out to find a donor frame and suspension with the hope of keeping the old Mack all Mack, locating something on the west coast that was going to be dimensionally correct was turning into a deal killer if I wanted to keep it all Mack parts. I admittedly know nothing about semi-trucks nor am I setup to work on them so I was struggling to come up with options to save this old truck within my skill set and budget, after asking around to a few of the truckers I know the idea of finding a class B donor truck and updating the Mack body to a modern running gear was the new plan. I found a 1995 Kenworth T-300 with a new 8.3 Cummins engine for sale in CA that looked like it would work dimensionally so after buying that truck I’m back to trying to get the old Mack back on the road. Mack when I had it shipped from Oregon to Idaho.
  8. I would like the two non locking handles. Let me know how much and how to pay you.
  9. I've been working on the new frame and suspension and don’t have many pictures of the old Mack just yet, the previous owners had modified everything over several years to suit their needs and unfortunately some of that work was heavy handed gas axe type work that will prevent me from doing a restoration like I had originally planned. I don’t want to scrap or partout the truck so the new plan is to make a nice little driver/ toy hauler that I can haul one of my buggies around and have a box that gives us a place to get out of the weather. I’m in the process of cutting the hacked up firewall and floor out and gathering the material to replace them now, I’ll try to start taking a few pictures along the way and post them up here. Thanks for all the help.
  10. Thank you guys, I'm going to need about one of everything when I start putting this cab back together so I'll bookmark those sites now. Sounds like @fifth wheel has what I need for these front windows. Nothing photo worthy yet as I'm still taking everything apart labeling and putting it up on shelves.
  11. I’m working on my 1952 Mack LH cab and would like to find some new windshield rubber, these have an aluminum frame. Does anybody make replacement rubber for these? Thank you.
  12. Weather is starting to turn and the wife is reminding me she would like this out of her yard. Any interest?
  13. I’ve decided to go a different direction on my drivetrain and would like to see this stuff go to someone that could use it. Great running engine, was told when I bought the truck engine has 30,000 miles on a rebuild but I have no documentation so I can’t confirm. Engine is sitting in a modified 1952 Mack LH frame with a Mack duplex twin stick transmission and a brownie box. Everything is still in a rolling chassis and can be loaded on a trailer. Located in the Boise Idaho area. I have a video of the engine running and take more pictures if you’re interested. $3500 OBO for everything.
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