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  1. I’ve decided to go a different direction on my drivetrain and would like to see this stuff go to someone that could use it. Great running engine, was told when I bought the truck engine has 30,000 miles on a rebuild but I have no documentation so I can’t confirm. Engine is sitting in a modified 1952 Mack LH frame with a Mack duplex twin stick transmission and a brownie box. Everything is still in a rolling chassis and can be loaded on a trailer. Located in the Boise Idaho area. I have a video of the engine running and take more pictures if you’re interested. $3500 OBO for everything.
  2. Looks like it is a LHSW, Can you tell me what’s unique about the “H” models in the L series? I’ve read “The L-Series trucks usually had a sleeping compartment with a low roof. Basically, these trucks were delivered to the West Coast, where the quality of roads was awful, and the terrain was full of steep climbs and descents. Such trucks had a cabin trim made of aluminum sheet to reduce the total weight. The LF and LH models were light variants in the range” on TrucksPlanet.com. Other than that I’m struggling to find much.
  3. j hancock, I don’t have any paper work yet with VIN numbers so to be honest I don’t really know what I bought. According to the seller it has a Mack duplex and a Brownie behind a freshly rebuilt Cummins 220, he said it is a 1952 Mack LH but I’m having a hard time finding much info on them so I can’t confirm these are original. I’m spending way too much time on this web site (BMT) trying to learn as much as I can before I start asking questions. I appreciate the warm welcome. J Mack
  4. I bought it out of state and I’m having it delivered in two days, I’ll take a few photos when it gets here. This is all I have from the sale ad for now.
  5. I’ve been on the hunt for a restorable Mack EEU, EFU, EGU, cab over for a few years when a deal popped up on one of my searches for a 1952 LH, three stick trans and a 220 Cummins that I had to have. I’ll be asking plenty of questions trying to get this old Mack back on the road and appreciate having you guys as a resource.
  6. I’m interested in giving one a good home and a chance to get on the road again, just about done with my latest project and looking to start another. I’m new to your forum and not sure how to send you a private message with my contact info so if you want to message me I’ll get you my E-mail and you can give me the details. Thanks, Jim
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