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  1. Enjoyed reading the comments guys. Correct as the L model (CA-31) cab did become an option from 58-66. The B73/B75 came out in 55 with only the B cab at first. As the one gentlemen posted, it became known as the Studebaker cab. My dad sold his 1950 LJ in 1957. It order for a lighter GVWR, he purchased a B61 with 170 hp Mack motor. He immediately disliked the smaller cab and less power. He later that year saw a B73 L cab pass thru the Syracuse area from Florida and inquired about it at a local Mack Dealership who was unaware of the option and said it must be homemade. He checked with t
  2. Off 1948 LJ with 707 gas motor. Hood is very good shape. Top panels have no dents or dimples. Side panels were modified to accomodate later hinges but can be returned to original style push down handles. Call Andy 315-378-9078 Syracuse, NY area Hood $150
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