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  1. If I understand this when you apply the brakes the axle would lift once the pressure was removed from the air bags. It has air up and down upon looking at it. I am new to this. . Just trying to figure things out. Thanks.
  2. I bought a used pusher axle. In checking things out I noticed the quick release valve to the brake chambers had two small lines on some type of object on the intake side. Just wonder what the were for.
  3. I agree with 41 chevy . Stay away from Champion. I have put new Champion plugs in a few two cylinder tractors in rebuilt engines ran the tractor for an hour or so, Then a few months later the tractor would not start until the plugs were replaced.
  4. Prices on the tires were more than I wanted to pay. There were two Holland air slide fifth wheels. One went for $400 the second one brought $1800 which seemed high. I did get a 20K pusher axle for $375.
  5. Thanks David. I think I understand what you are saying. Years had a Ford dump with this set up on the rear. What would you want for the rims. I will see what happens at the auction tomorrow.
  6. Thanks for your help. From memory I did not see any cast wheel locators. To add to the problem the truck is New Mexico and I am in Ohio. The tires come up Saturday at an auction. All this is confusing to me as I am new to this. Will post a picture if it may help. David I think we can do some trading which could benefit us both. What is your location.
  7. Maybe this is a stupid or question with no answer with the limited information given. I have a chance to buy ten 11R 24.5 tires and rims on aluminum rims. the tires look good with plenty of tread. My F model needs rubber and has 11R x 20 tires pilot steel disc wheels. Would it be possible to get a 24.5 steel disc rim that fit my hubs. Thanks for any advise.
  8. Enjoyed the pictures. I would buy Hamms and Linenkruggle beer when fishing up in Wisconsin. Hamms is very popular there.
  9. I bought a sears or craftsman roll around toolbox at an auction a few months ago of course no keys for the locks. In the top box was a card that said if you send a dollar with the lock numbers they would send keys. I knew that since the boxes were old a dollar was not going to work. I called the company and talked with a woman who had been there 29 years. She said that the numbers were before her time but she would look in some old literature. She was able to get me a set at a reasonable price. Try that today with something from Lowes, Home Depot, or Harbor Freight.
  10. I still have mine setting on the work bench never installed. Just keep putting it off as getting these loose sometimes is a struggle for me.
  11. Welcome.A lot of good information and help here when needed.
  12. I got two from Kevin All a few years ago. Do not remember what I paid and seems like at the time he had more.
  13. After reading all of this I am still trying to figure how a trailer would work behind the triaxles with the fifth wheels. This F model had a fifth wheel, a pusher axle, and the long frame from the factory.
  14. Thanks Vladislav your thinking is the same as mine. There is a vent on top of the pump in the cavity between the bearings. I took this out and will add grease in here. I doubt if I will ever get 50K miles on the truck. Just in case I ordered seals from PAI. Hope I never have to rebuild the pump but just in case. The service manual has good instructions on a pump rebuild.
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