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  1. eddeere

    Elephant Butte NM

    The lake is lower than normal for this time of year. They irrigate about 160,000 acres from it . The snow melt and water up north fill it.
  2. Does the " not for hire " mean anything ?
  3. eddeere

    Elephant Butte NM

    Thanks for the info on the tower . It had me confused . Nothing new for me .
  4. eddeere

    Elephant Butte NM

    I do not know the story on the tower , but it has been that way for some time . If that was my tractor I would move it before the tower got it .
  5. eddeere

    Elephant Butte NM

    Pictures of the low water level in the lake at Elephant Butte and a leaning water tower in Texas .
  6. I have used one for years on tractors, trucks, land mowers , and anything , that has a 12 volt battery . I just switch them to something else when they show a full charge .
  7. You are correct the silicone would be a problem showing up as fish eyes on a repaint. I have never used the water sealer but have known some that have used it but have not repainted . A good wax and grease remover may help if done correctly .
  8. I would leave like it is. You can always repaint it but never get it back to original. There are a number of ways to save the original patina . Eastwood sells a patina preserver some use the thick Thompson water sealer .
  9. eddeere

    WWII Hobart Weld Mobile

    That thing is really neat . Why do the front tires stick so far out past the fenders . Wrong rims ? Hope you get it needs a good home .
  10. eddeere

    Pictures of the Week

    Great pictures . Saw one of my favorites the yellow B model Mack .
  11. eddeere

    Finally back on the Road!! Before/After Pics.

    Sharp looking truck .
  12. eddeere

    Dog had a tough day

    Good looking dog. One of my favorites German Sheppard .
  13. Great pictures. I liked that black B model dump .
  14. Epoxy primer is the way to go . Sometimes difficult to scuff up . I sometimes follow the next day with a coat of urethane primer it is easier to sand or scuff . It looks as you are off to a good start.

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