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  1. Great show a little damp . Fairborn OH
  2. Would like to see pictures when you get these on the truck. Looking good so far .
  3. eddeere

    New to site.

    Welcome .
  4. I went to the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles Registration office in Preble county OH and got historical plates for $46.45 in 2014 for my B 61. The are good until 6/30/2050 . I doubt that I will be good for that long .
  5. eddeere

    Lexington Kentucky maths show

    I plan to be there Friday and Saturday . Only a couple of hours drive for me . Was planing on Driving the B model but it will not be ready by then .
  6. eddeere

    Busy weekend

    Great pictures and great country . I have a son who lives in Belgrade and says he will never live in Ohio again .
  7. eddeere

    1944 Sterling HCS297H

    Thanks that is what I thought but have never seen one in real life.
  8. eddeere

    1944 Sterling HCS297H

    What is the thing attached to the bolt on the spring pack that appears to rub on the chain ?
  9. Mike you are right as I see it. I had the right door hung and adjusted then the left was was hung with the top hinge bolted to the door. Instead of removing the door I just took the lower hinge out cut the strap or arm and welded it. For me this was faster than welding, drilling, and taping new holes.
  10. I got everything from Watts . The roll up channel that the glass mounts in was different from the original and had to be modified . My driver door hinges were poor also . Rebuilding them looked to be a big job . There was a post on them sometime ago but you would have to have to more machinist tools and skills than I have . I found a set at Macungie . They were new but tan in color and the seller did not know what they fit . They went in the door pillar ok but the bottom hinge holes for the door were off . I cut the strap in half turned it over welded it and everything fit. I used Ditzler MAE 45735 LT GREEN MET paint . Best of luck with your doors
  11. eddeere

    Pictures of the Week

    Enjoyed the pictures .
  12. No my B 61 is a regular cab .
  13. eddeere

    This one got me a "Talking To":

    Did the same thing with my grand daughter and grand son 11 and 9 years old on a long gravel driveway and hay field . Both had a great time . Made them try to back up with the mirrors .
  14. eddeere

    Generator to alternator

    Just a question . On my truck when I pull the heater knob out the fan starts at a high speed . The farther out I pull the knob the slower the fan gets. Not that it makes a difference . Would switching the wires change this .
  15. eddeere


    Happy B. day .

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