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  1. I would like to know the best oil for a B 61 hobby truck with a TRQ 7210 trans. The book shows G O -A90 36 pints. The rear is a RAD 508 . Book shows G O -C90 31 pints. What are some recommendations. Thanks.
  2. I made that mistake . Had the steering box in place but not the sleeve on it. Had to unbolt the box to get it on. I agree with Freightrain you should be able to get it back in.
  3. My oldest tool that gets used every day...

    A Winchester my great grandfather's. Just thought it is neat.
  4. Looks great . Love the color.
  5. Expensive but worth it. Looking at the reflections of the lights and all in the blue the D.O.I. is great.
  6. Looks great . What are you using for paint ?
  7. Pedestal for B air horn

    Did not know what I got was a Grover. Need something to clear the cab light. Saw some Macks at Macungie that the horns were mounted on something that looked like a box. 2x4 and duct tape probably not a good idea.
  8. Pedestal for B air horn

    I bought a new horn from Watts it mounts different from the old one and will not clear the cab lights. Not sure what a grover is. Thanks. I have seen some B models that are mounted on something that looks like a box. Thought one of these might work.
  9. Pedestal for B air horn

    Need a pedestal to mount an air horn on the top of a B model cab Ed 513 889 7777
  10. Seems like a great but simple idea. It has farmer engineering all over it.
  11. Hello I'm new

    Welcome. I had a 31 Ford 2 door sedan with a small block chev. years ago. Neat little rod but tended to bump steer.
  12. I'm new here..hello to all!

    Welcome . Good looking outfit
  13. Attended the Greenville, IL show last week. Some pictures. 250 + Model G's , 1 Autocar, and a Fairbanks two cycle diesel engine
  14. More of New Mexico

    It was warm upper 90's but not bad. Came back to Ohio 80's high humidity unbearable. I think it was global warming now climate change. What happened to the ice age predicted in the 1970's ? I can not keep it strait either.
  15. Thanks for the pictures. Liked the spotty dogs