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  1. eddeere

    Should not be a quiet passing

    Something like this should should be on the news instead of all the worthless crap that is shown now.
  2. eddeere

    Where are the Pictures of the week?

    I always looked forward to his pictures . Hope he comes back .
  3. eddeere


    Do not know anything about this engine but look for marks on the harmonic balancer . Some older tractor engines had a window on the bell housing with marks on the flywheel . Hook up a timing light and see what shows up .
  4. eddeere

    1963 B61

    I agree just paint the black areas . You can always paint the cab later . But once you do it is gone forever.
  5. eddeere


    For anyone interested I talked with Mike a couple weeks ago . He seems to being doing well . Hope to catch up with him at the show at Mt. Pleasant, IA. labor day weekend.
  6. If you can get this truck to a good paint supplier they can computer match the paint .
  7. eddeere

    Mack H series

    Just noticed your reply thanks. Found a H 67 single axle near me have not talked price yet .
  8. eddeere

    Lexington Kentucky maths show

    Just got back from the show . Great show well organized . Took a few pictures but my camera broke after the pictures of the Studebakers with the Detroits . Did get a picture of a B 61 with a factory sleeper. Finally caught up with and met Larry Freightrain .
  9. Great show a little damp . Fairborn OH
  10. Would like to see pictures when you get these on the truck. Looking good so far .
  11. eddeere

    New to site.

    Welcome .
  12. I went to the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles Registration office in Preble county OH and got historical plates for $46.45 in 2014 for my B 61. The are good until 6/30/2050 . I doubt that I will be good for that long .
  13. eddeere

    Lexington Kentucky maths show

    I plan to be there Friday and Saturday . Only a couple of hours drive for me . Was planing on Driving the B model but it will not be ready by then .
  14. eddeere

    Busy weekend

    Great pictures and great country . I have a son who lives in Belgrade and says he will never live in Ohio again .
  15. eddeere

    1944 Sterling HCS297H

    Thanks that is what I thought but have never seen one in real life.

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