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  1. Saw an Autocar yesterday. Do not know the model or year. Used in a gravel operation in a river. The owner is is the process of replacing the power divider. Told me 80,000 lb. rears had to seal the fuel tanks to keep the water out loosened the fan belt to keep from splashing the water all over the engine. The driver had to wear rubber boots do to water in the cab.
  2. Enjoyed the pictures. Wonder what the lift was for ?
  3. eddeere

    F 797 ST

    Allison auto HT750 DRD Eaton 44DTC front rear Eaton 44RTC rear. Hendrickson RT440 54" Bogie axle spacing.Electric over air shift unit for two speed tandem axle 5.29/ 7.21 Ratio. 182 " WB with 267" platform with pintle hook. Garrison power steering.Temp gauges for rear axles and trans. Engine ENT(B)866.145,000# CGVR . yet somewhere in the specs it is stated the rears were not rated for this much. 14/80x 20 18 ply front and 11x 20 16 ply rear.Has switch in the cab for a Hendrickson fifth wheel which is missing and pages of other items which I am not sure about . With the long platform and fifth wheel over the tandems not sure how the trailer would work. The two speed axle concerns me what if one shifts and one does not.
  4. eddeere

    F 797 ST

    Received information from the Mack Museum today Almost 80 pages of build sheets. Sold to ATAC, Warren, Michigan Government Sales ordered 4/19/77 . The sheets show the S/N of 1426 thru 1429 four must have been built at the same time period. A number of time stamps on the sheets show dates of 6/21/77 thru 11/23/77. Painted Gray Gloss #16187 Fed. Std. #595. Upon completion of chassis shipped to Tuff-Kote, Maxatawny , PA.for rustproofing then to Phoenix Manufacturing for installation of local options including a pusher axle whatever that is all about. 18,000# front and two speed 44,000# rears. There is a lot of information here that I have yet to decipher. The Museum really included a lot of information which I am well pleased with.
  5. I have been trying to get information on my 1977 F 797 since July. I did receive information on a 1971 F 795. Somehow the S/N numbers got screwed up. The latest attempts to contact them were not acknowledged. In the past I get an email thanking me for my interest in Mack trucks upon requests. I understand they are moving and a non-profit organization staffed by volunteers. Just wondering what their status is. .
  6. I contacted the Mack Museum to get information on my 1977 F model it has hydraulic tilt. They sent me information and a Operation Manual on a 1971 F model it had tilting instructions showing lifting the cab by hand . The change must have been between then unless hydraulic lift was an option.
  7. According to the information I received from the Mack Museum Mack #647 is the no. for the B model engine and trans. Nason DS138 is a close match. Looks Robin egg blue to me.
  8. Show was 20-21 Sept. at Howard Trucking Fairborne OH.
  9. Really liked the Autocar . Thanks for sharing .
  10. Correct it was a smaller place when I was there in 2013 . Now it is a boom town with rent and house prices almost triple . A lot of people moving in from Texas and California I hear .
  11. Went to visit my son who lives there .Tried to enter captions. Even with H67 and Other dogs help still had trouble . Will list captions in order of photos. Blue Bird bus motor home, airplane on a pickup, GMC at work, old dumps, diner advertisement, plastic strips to check if wheels are frozen, reclaimed lumber& log cabins for sale,Volvo loaded with beets I think, wind turbine, and dump with trailer in mountains .
  12. Nothing like a dog for company . I like German Shepards or dogs about that size.
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