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  1. B 61 Fenders

    Right & left fenders. Right has small dent on top almost rust free. Left has major damage on front but no serious rust other than on damaged area Delivery to Macungie , PA or Lexington , KY possible. $150 for pair. Inner fenders included.
  2. HELP

    I think all of this was done to confuse collectors 50 years later. Thanks to Larry I will not have to use duct tape to keep mine closed now.
  3. HELP

    Thanks. I will try that .
  4. HELP

    Some pictures . I took the door out when I painted the interior but not the hinges . They seem to have one rivet and one possibly one screw on the bottom holding them.
  5. I had my B model fenders stripped and derusted . Well satisfied with the results.
  6. Triplex Quandry!

    Sorry I cant help with your problem. That is one neat truck. What is dustlesss blasting and what are your tires.
  7. Urinals in the garage?

    I do and also have an apartment ref. for sudsy beverages. I live out in a rural area and can go outside if I want. All of this keeps her happy. They remodeled a locker room at work and gave me everything I needed. Not fancy but clean.
  8. Wiring

    I think you covered everything. Heater motor, fuel gauge, & amp meter . Most starters will turn the correct direction neg. or pos . ground. Just re polarize your generator.
  9. Thanks . The Mack Model B photo archives has a picture of a END 672 engine with the two posts like mine. My engine had rubber heater hoses hanging all over. Just want to clean things up some. Thought about using these as some type of support. When I go to a show get to see a lot of trucks but never the engines.
  10. Can anyone tell me what these were used for . Some type of support for heater hoses ? If so what the complete setup looked like . Thanks.
  11. 1960 B61

    One sharp original looking truck . Looks to be a good unit to haul J.D. equipment to shows.
  12. Pictures of the Week

    Enjoyed the pictures . Worth waiting for.
  13. Finally Got A Magnum Superdog

    I have seen pictures of firetrucks that have been to close to the fire and the plastic on the lens have melted yet the Imron paint was still good.
  14. Finally Got A Magnum Superdog

    I used a lot of Imron on J.D. tractors . Great paint easy to work with flowed out like alkyd enamel . Have a 38 G painted 25 years ago looks like it was painted last week. I think some of the new large trucks still use it. My DuPont supplier still carries it but afraid to ask about price.