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  1. Welcome . Pictures would be good .
  2. What a truck it is. Wonder of the 85 built how many are left ?
  3. Missed the show this year. Enjoyed the photos . Thanks
  4. Sorry for your loss. I still miss all of the dogs I have had. They all had a good life with me.
  5. eddeere

    B61T 36347

    After about 3 plus years pulled the truck out of the shop for some insurance pictures . Truck was built March 1961 third of an order of twenty four for Genesee Valley Transportation Inc. Buffalo, NY. Painted to U.S. Post Office Specifications . Used by Genesee Valley Trans to haul mail. I could have finished the truck about a year sooner if I did not spend some much time looking for the last tool I was using .
  6. Sharp truck .I had a similar truck GMC 5000 dump . 351 gas 5 speed + 2 speed rear. Great truck but used a lot of gas .
  7. Sharp truck . Is that ash logs you are hauling ?
  8. Pictures are good . Watts has the 18 speed quad plate .
  9. Buy it . If you do not you may regret later .
  10. As someone who has restored tractors for over 40 years I would leave the Allis the way it is .Some shows have areas for tractors that are originals . That Allis is a good clean looking tractor .
  11. Great pictures . That is a real truck .
  12. I did not know Dave McDonald passed . He and Nancy lived just a few miles from me . I met them at York or Macungie a few years ago while admiring the B model dump got to talking and found they lived close by . The B model dump is about a perfect restoration . As fuzzy buzzard mentioned you could not build this truck for the asking price .
  13. Good show .Had about 80 trucks
  14. Great pictures was the first picture A U model . Anyone heard from the young man with the U model ? I think his name was Vinny .
  15. I only found two . One in the north Carolina completely restored dual tandem one tandem was belt drive . I wanted something I could restore myself . Superdog has one I thought was priced right but needed more work than I wanted to do . I do no know if the frame on a H 67 is the same but there seem to be more of these . A guy called me and had a H 67 for sale sent a picture . Picture was poor but the truck looked ruff I thought . He was to send more pictures when the snow melted . He is in MN. maybe the snow has not melted yet . You might call him Allen 608 214 9332 . Good luck .
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