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  1. eddeere

    Pictures of the Week

    Enjoyed the pictures .
  2. Great idea but most of the democrats would not go along with this .
  3. eddeere

    heavy lifting

    What are they building ?
  4. eddeere

    what a difference a day makes

    Enjoyed the video . Thanks for taking the time to film it .
  5. eddeere

    what a difference a day makes

    Great looking paint job . I have not used Imron in years . I thought it was easier to spray than acrylic or single stage . Went on like the old straight enamel . I do not think any thing holds up better than Imron . From some of the old Dupon literature I have seen pictures of fire trucks that have been to close to the fire and the plastic melted in the turn signals but the Imron paint was sill good . I think cost was the main reason I stopped using it.
  6. eddeere

    Some Texas & New Mexico pictures

    There is couple of them around there . Wanted to stop but never see to have time . Going out this spring and plan to stop .
  7. Just got back to Ohio in time to miss the snow. Grain elevator and cotton bales in Texas . Rest NM.
  8. eddeere


    An Autocar working in New Mexico Jan . 2019
  9. eddeere

    Run away shipping charges

    I ordered a Thermodyne emblem from Watts . The shipping was $20.00 maybe the insurance added to this . In the end it did not make any difference I dropped it and it broke in half.
  10. eddeere

    NOS door installation

    My doors fit almost perfect until I put the foam door seals in . The right side is ok but the left is hard to close . The white and brown B 61 at the Lexington KY show with the factory sleeper did not have the foam seals . I asked the owner about them . He said the doors fit perfect without them so he left then out . I do not think he drove the truck much .
  11. eddeere

    Pictures of the Week

    Enjoyed the pictures . I agree I do not think the coils meet the required standards for hauling coils . Maybe they are light weight.
  12. eddeere


    J Handcock I have 3 1/2 " spacers now . Where did you get the spacers an clamps ?
  13. eddeere


    Hobrert now you have me more confused . I can not find 10R24.5 tires My old 10R22 are about 10" at the bulge and about 8.25" tread . The 22" is the 24.5 tubeless. I think 11R 24.5 are going to touch on the rears.

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