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  1. Great find. I missed a C 609 New Mexico truck, 711 engine, dual tandem, major dent on left fender, and almost no rust at an auction about a year ago. Went for $400.00. Still mad at my self.
  2. I try to apply Nason 421-17 2K Urethane primer within the 72 hr. window of the epoxy then sand after dry . To me the epoxy is harder to sand. Depending what you are going to paint it depends. On body work 2-4 coats of Urethane over epoxy allow to dry good follow with a guide coat then block sand with 320 or 400 grit. On castings, frames,and other parts sand the epoxy then a second coat of epoxy should work although I have never done this . If you use the epoxy as a second coat be sure to not to paint it too soon but stay within the window. For final coats I used Dupont Centari for years with great results seems things were simpler then. The tend now seems to be Base coat / clear coat or 2K urethane . Easy rider did a great job on his truck using Imron. As far as holding up Imron seems to be the best. Most new trucks were done with Imron and maybe still are. I have not used Imron for about 25 years it was easy to use went on like alkyd enamel but expensive.
  3. In 2012 I bought a OTC 2 1/2 ton floor jack. The first use was to support the rear half of a back hoe with the hoe removed. It would not keep the unit up. Most of the weight was on the rear tires so it would roll to split the tractor. Since I only had the jack for five days they got me a new one. The new one lasted about a year and the same thing. I used it last week to support the right side of a F 100 core support to replace a bushing it would not keep the support up over a few hours to install the bushing. I have never lifted over 1500 lbs with this jack. Looking back I should got a cheap Harbor Freight one for half the price. Hobert62 I would use the Pittsburgh Automotive jack but just be careful.
  4. I have been planning on going for over a year and was going to bring my B 61. Made motel reservations about eight months ago. It is about a five hour drive for me.
  5. Neat truck. I would keep it just the way it is. You might want to invest in a wiring harness.
  6. I installed a new wiring harness in My B 61. The voltage meter was on all the time. I changed it to the key switch. Later I installed a master disconnect switch.
  7. I agree with james j nieween. Let us know how things turn out . I just got a notice from the Ohio Dept.of public safety Bureau of Motor Vehicles that I need a U.S. Passport, or a Passport card, or a Certified Birth Certificate to renew my CDL .
  8. The truck looks a lot like an F model Were the Cruse Liners and F models both made in 1977. Sharp looking truck.
  9. Looks like a keeper. Was this the one hauled from Seattle ? Tell us more.
  10. I am with Maddog on the covers on the door hinges. Have read that they were stopped in the late 50's or 60's Maybe it was an on and off thing. Now it is listed as a 1960. Would think you would know the year when listing it. My books show 113 B 77 s made. Did all have with the Cummings Iron Lung engine ? Seems that this engine with the Roots blower would be before the turbo charged engines. I am sure someone here knows.the when the engine was produced. Wish the truck was closer. Would go $5,500 with the original engine
  11. I know the feeling. In my 40's & 50's I was never going to get old. Now getting up off my creeper sometimes is a struggle. If I drop something I think do I really need to pick it up.
  12. eddeere

    Bored also

    Like Rob I got somewhat bored. With the F model in New Mexico I thought I needed a project here in Ohio to keep me busy. This 1977 F 100 has set in the barn for years. This was her " Favorite Truck ". She had payed someone to restore it but he had serious health issues.so the truck was partly stripped and set this way for years. Not getting anyone in their right mind to take on this project I stepped up to the plate.
  13. A while back probably about 2015 sometime I was looking at a magazine which had a picture of a W 71 dual tandem light blue in color setting in a field. I think it was out west maybe Utah. The only reason I remember this is at the time I never knew what a W 71 was. So that is one more that survived.
  14. Might be a long shot but Restoration Specialties have a lot of unusual things there.
  15. I really like the Lang Company W 71. Wish I had one. I looked for a H 63 over a year but never found what I wanted. Finally bought an F model. Is there KW or Pete that looks similar to the W 71 ?
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