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  1. Welcome.A lot of good information and help here when needed.
  2. I got two from Kevin All a few years ago. Do not remember what I paid and seems like at the time he had more.
  3. After reading all of this I am still trying to figure how a trailer would work behind the triaxles with the fifth wheels. This F model had a fifth wheel, a pusher axle, and the long frame from the factory.
  4. Thanks Vladislav your thinking is the same as mine. There is a vent on top of the pump in the cavity between the bearings. I took this out and will add grease in here. I doubt if I will ever get 50K miles on the truck. Just in case I ordered seals from PAI. Hope I never have to rebuild the pump but just in case. The service manual has good instructions on a pump rebuild.
  5. Thanks for the help. Never thought to check the pulley. Did and it is tight. Reading the manual some early pumps had grease cups. These were to be replaced with plugs and never use grease fittings as the pressure would blow out the seals. If I can find a grease cup will try to keep the pump greased this way. For a hobby truck this may work for a while until the fan and pulley become loose. Just have to keep everything out of the radiator.
  6. I got the B 61 out yesterday and drove it around to warm things up. Went to check the oil and noticed a large lump of grease on a line below the water pump. It looks if it came from the water pump but can not figure out where or why. The service manual reads to fill the cavity between the bearings 1/3 full of lithium base grease do not over fill. It looks like there is also a vent on this area. Any suggestions or does anyone know where rebuilt pumps are available ?
  7. Enjoyed the video. Looks like you are having fun stay with it as all it takes is time and money.
  8. The prep is important no mater what product you use. The cleaning and etch products can be purchased wit most products.
  9. i have used Eastwoods rust converter #51676 ZP and was not impressed with it. Their rust encapsulator platinum may be better and is UV resistant. I wonder about the aluminum pigment in it.This may be just for the UV. Some use POR-15. I understand it now comes in colors and may be UV resistant now. My first choice would be the POR -15.since you are going to paint over it.
  10. I guess I am spoiled the mill I worked for would buy us a pair of steel toe boots every year any brand you wanted. A couple of years ago bought a pair of Georgia boots from a farm supply store ok but not like the Red Wings I had. Bought a new pair of Red Wings about a year ago $292.00 with tax. Made in the USA with imported materials Worth every penny to me.
  11. Thanks all. I restored that tractor about 1978. Got all the parts from the local J.D. dealer including a set of .045 over all fuel pistons. Not bad for 42 year old tractor. Starts with the first pull on the flywheel most of the time. Should mention that the last picture is the Weaver Auto Ambulance.
  12. I try not to do much tire work. Most of my tire work is on tractor and backhoe rears. Easier for me if still mounted on tractor.
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