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  1. Getting ready to put new rubber on the front of my B 61. Has 10R22 with rims with locking rings . I have 6 good 24.5 tubeless rims about 8.25 " wide . All I can find are 11R24.5 tires which should be good on the front. The rears are 10 22 bias ply with 1 3/4 " between the two . I think the 11R24.5 are going to be too close . What are my options ? Are wider spacers available ?
  2. eddeere


    I have seen the foam used does a great job .
  3. eddeere

    Alsa easy chrome

    I used the liquid chrome kit from Eastwood . Worked ok but did not seem to have the gloss as this shows. Like J Hancock said get some and let us know .
  4. Welcome from one veteran to an other . We like pictures .
  5. eddeere


    Great looking building . Did you insulate if so what did you use ? Thinking about building something similar .
  6. Never had mine apart . Maybe some pictures would help . With the vast amount of knowledge here someone should be of help .
  7. eddeere

    Pictures of the Week

    Great pictures . What is model of the green Mack and the deal of the two air intakes of the Mack at Ambridge Pa ?
  8. Going from memory, which is not great any more there should be a square shaft that attaches to the handle slides in from the out side . Two screws that hold the plate and handle on . The handle has to be down in the open position to get to one of the screws . This is if every thing is still in place inside the door .
  9. eddeere

    Kenworth Klean up.

    Really cleaned up nice . Great work .
  10. eddeere

    Core support

    Thanks . All it takes is time and money .
  11. eddeere

    Core support

    Thanks everyone . I used some stainless shims 1/4" Pried the core support up and slid them in .Still can not figure why the support would not go down level . Looks ok now .
  12. Your body guy does good work .
  13. One step forward two back . Got the fenders mounted without a scratch . Put the new bumper on noticed the right fender was 1/2 "lower than left. Closer examination the core support was about 3/16 lower where the new rubber bushings were installed . Do not know what to do, shim the bushings ? Would like to pull the core support but do not know how to support the fenders when I do .
  14. eddeere

    Painted the fenders

    Thanks for all the tips . Think I will put the inner and outer head light panel on first . Took the tires off for more room .
  15. Had the fenders and head light panels ready to paint the first of June but had my knee replaced the the fifth of June . Standing for a length of time was a problem . Finished them last week . Any tips on installation ? What is best , put the headlight panels on first or install panel and fender as a unit ?

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