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  1. It was warm upper 90's but not bad. Came back to Ohio 80's high humidity unbearable. I think it was global warming now climate change. What happened to the ice age predicted in the 1970's ? I can not keep it strait either.
  2. Thanks for the pictures. Liked the spotty dogs
  3. Good point.
  4. Near Truth or Consequences and Silver City NM.
  5. Just north of Socorro near Lemitar. You see it along south bound I 25.
  6. Some trucks, copper mine, and a sign.
  7. Some stuff I saw this week. No girls in cars, just can not find them like Other Dog does . He must be a chick magnet. I think the orange dump is a Marmon.
  8. Welcome
  9. I came back to U.S.A. thru Oakland in 1972. Was not a good welcome home experience. There was a chain link fence keeping us apart but they still spit at us.
  10. Need the spacer that goes between the cab and air horn on a B model. Ed 513 889 7777 or edstoffregen @hotmail.com.
  11. What Watts sold me were Grote . Watts product code # 130 $ 35.00 ea. Similar to the original but longer.
  12. Good to have you back. Things seem to be going your way. Sorry you have to sell some of your stuff, but I am sure they will be going to a good home.
  13. Great looking tractor. I restored a Super M for the original owner a few years ago. It was a family tractor and stayed in the family after the owner passed.
  14. Looks handy. Nice work.