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  1. A few years ago I looked at an early one and it seemed to be like the same as the B models.
  2. I got mine from Rhode Island Wiring Service Inc. The quality was excellent but not cheap. Had some questions and they were very helpful.
  3. Solid looking cab. Having it on casters makes it easy to work on and paint.
  4. Long time Mack lover

  5. Hacked?

    Good question what are Golden Goose Shoes and what do they have to do with this site ?
  6. B61 Cab

    Yes it is. If we are talking about the panel just above the frame just make a series of bends until you get the radius you need Bend two pieces then weld together . This is only for the straight section above the frame not cab the corners.
  7. B61 Cab

    Is your lower panel rusted out ? If this is all you need cut your old one out and a good sheet metal shop can make one . If you have a 36" or larger brake you can make your own.
  8. Seats

    I used some stainless steel backing wire off a paper machine former . The holes were about 3/16 inch. I think Woblin Goblin used 1/4 inch hardware cloth. Did not seem to affect the air flow.
  9. Looking for a cat part

    Maybe a long shot but just sold a J.D. 1953 G to Jermie Steepe who works for Cleveland Brothers in PA. Great guy may be able to help you. jsteepe@clevelandbrothers.com or jsteepe1978@hotmail.com. Just mention Ed from OH. Knox equipment in Indianapolis IN also parts out construction equipment. Have never dealt with them.
  10. Pictures of the Week

    Enjoyed the pictures . Neat old barn wish someone would save it before it is to late.
  11. I had the seats recovered on my B model. Got them installed today . Went with grey and black instead of the original color . Used Wolblin Goblin's tip on covering the holes on the underside with screen to keep the mice out.
  12. Fenders Dipped

    They can not do aluminum . There is hold harmless agreement on their invoice sheet that they are not responsible for any damage to aluminum. Like Valadislav said you can do this yourself. I have done it in on a small scale in a plastic bucket with a battery charger, 12 volt battery, and vanish toilet bowl cleaner. My results are not as good as they do .
  13. Fenders Dipped

    Dipped in a strong caustic similar to a paint stripper . Removes all the paint, grease, tar and whatever. Pressure washed then placed in strong electrolite solution. Neg. D.C. voltage is attached to the item and pos. to an anode in a large tank. He tells me as long as voltage is on the steel the only thing that is removed is the rust. $250.00 for both fenders and inner fenders . When I picked up the fenders they were removing the body of a 1964 chev . and a smaller car. They do mostly industrial items. Outside there was a lot of industrial items , a 1950 Lincoln ,and a small kids tricycle waiting to be done .
  14. B 61 Fenders

    Right & left fenders. Right has small dent on top almost rust free. Left has major damage on front but no serious rust other than on damaged area Delivery to Macungie , PA or Lexington , KY possible. $150 for pair. Inner fenders included.
  15. HELP

    I think all of this was done to confuse collectors 50 years later. Thanks to Larry I will not have to use duct tape to keep mine closed now.