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  1. I contacted the Mack Museum to get information on my 1977 F model it has hydraulic tilt. They sent me information and a Operation Manual on a 1971 F model it had tilting instructions showing lifting the cab by hand . The change must have been between then unless hydraulic lift was an option.
  2. According to the information I received from the Mack Museum Mack #647 is the no. for the B model engine and trans. Nason DS138 is a close match. Looks Robin egg blue to me.
  3. Show was 20-21 Sept. at Howard Trucking Fairborne OH.
  4. Really liked the Autocar . Thanks for sharing .
  5. Correct it was a smaller place when I was there in 2013 . Now it is a boom town with rent and house prices almost triple . A lot of people moving in from Texas and California I hear .
  6. Went to visit my son who lives there .Tried to enter captions. Even with H67 and Other dogs help still had trouble . Will list captions in order of photos. Blue Bird bus motor home, airplane on a pickup, GMC at work, old dumps, diner advertisement, plastic strips to check if wheels are frozen, reclaimed lumber& log cabins for sale,Volvo loaded with beets I think, wind turbine, and dump with trailer in mountains .
  7. Nothing like a dog for company . I like German Shepards or dogs about that size.
  8. Great pictures. Like HarryS said "next best thing to to being there". Have a question. The on the picture of the F model the cap on the air cleaner pipe is offset towards the cab . I wondered why the offset on these. I thought may be for clearance when raising the cab. This picture kills that theory. I have not been able to raise the cab on my F model so still wondering. Anyone have any insight on this.
  9. Someone here was having one done by D&D Automobilia and was going to report back with the results . I never read any more about it .
  10. I went thru there as a short cut from I 40 To I 25 South . A rail town that has dried up .
  11. My pictures do not turn out as good as other dogs . Still do not know how to put captions under them. Would like to attend the other dog school of photography but can not afford the tuition. Maybe a student loan.
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