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  1. Joe Ditchkus

    1959 Chevrolet Spartan 100 Tractor

    Jim I do not think the 409 Chevy was produced in 1959. I would think 348. Double hump heads on both.
  2. Joe Ditchkus

    1970 Brockway 361 Huskidrive

    Jim I do not remember for sure which engine. sorry.
  3. Joe Ditchkus

    1970 Brockway 361 Huskidrive

    The Blue Huskie picturesd is owned by some friends of mine Joe and Tom Marushin from Hazleton,Penna. area. They have a few other Brockways also not selling them though.
  4. Joe Ditchkus

    Haulmaxx suspension ?

    I have Hendrickson Haul Max on my 2005 western Star tri-axle dump 46,000lb 4.56 ratio rears.I bought truck new and it has close to 400,000 miles on itmostly hauling asphalt. I like it. Very little repairs I replaced 2 rubber blocks on one side that is it. It is stable when dumping and not an awful ride. sorry for late reply.
  5. Joe Ditchkus

    Happy Birthday Underdog

    Happy belated Birthday.
  6. My B-67 is the flat back cab. Same interior room as a B-61. Shifters in mine are placed right and are easy to shift.If it was a contour cab I would not fit in it.
  7. Mike Stormo always remember " Spoke Wheels Rule". Nice Nice B-57 same cab tin as a B-66 or 67. I have a B-67 they have small doghouse it is not in the way in my opinion.
  8. Joe Ditchkus

    Old International Bedbuggers

  9. Joe Ditchkus

    B77 -CL

    I agree with Rob about what it is worth maybe a little less..The ride home is a major expense from California to the East Coast.
  10. Joe Ditchkus

    Happy Birthday mowerman

    Happy Birthday Bob.
  11. Joe Ditchkus

    Happy Birthday 57 bcr!

    Happy Birthday Al. A bit late.
  12. Joe Ditchkus

    Odd ball International

    The IH 4090 was also called the "Turnpike Cruiser". Tackaberry from Canada brings a nicely restored one to Macungie at times.
  13. Joe Ditchkus

    Studebaker Diesel

    My Dad had 2 of these with 4-53 GM Diesels 5X2 trans new were under $5,000.00. He was leased to Arco Auto Carriers at the time late 50's up to about 1966. He had 5 trucks hauling out of Kenosha Wisconsin American Motors ramblers and Studebakers out of South Bend Indiana. No Interstate 80 back then took old route 6 across Penna. They could not pull the hat off your head those trucks.
  14. Joe Ditchkus

    1978 R model

    Odd power set up to me. 350 mack with a straight 5 speed.
  15. Joe Ditchkus


    My dad was on the second USS Lexington in WW2 he was wounded by a Kamikazi plane in Battle of Kwajlein atoll,Marshall islands.

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