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  1. I have a 1979 Autocar in Smithville,Tennessee I need hauled to Lake Ariel,Pa near Scranton,Pa. it runs good can drive on trailer it is long wheelbase about 275". Weight approximately 22,000 pounds.Call 570 954 3319 leave message.
  2. Pretty sure the air cleaner is stock. My friend just bought a 8V-71 powered R-700 with that air cleaner and was told it was stock for the R-700 with 8V-71's.
  3. Are you sure it was not a long nose 9500 ? 114" BBC.I have James wagner's Book GMC Trucks. Nothing mentioned about a long nose 8500.A picture would be great. thanks.
  4. .ICC regulations set standard for sleepers to be mininum of 24" wide way back when.Ebay listing of this truck was removed. I wish I got to see it. Doug Fetterly from upstate New york has a nice H-Model non sleeper heavy spec single axle.
  5. Maybe its my old eyes but I cannot see a sun visor.
  6. I Have the H67 cab off the frame on blocks.

    -Both fenders with headlight bezels, are rough but all there.

    -Doors are off cab in o.k. shape.

    -I have a complete chassis,673 non turbo and drive train from a '54 H63 also.The diff is froze up.

    I will send more pictures if your interested.

    Paul Cabibbo

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    2. Joe Ditchkus

      Joe Ditchkus

      Paul where is Pou,NY ? I am from Northeastern,Penna. Lake Ariel.

    3. PaulH63


      Poughkeepsie NY I will send more pictures.You are about 2 hours from me some of my stuff is upstate near ONEONTA NY.

    4. Joe Ditchkus

      Joe Ditchkus

      Thanks Paul



  7. Tin on your H-67 looks pretty good. Are you selling fenders and other parts off of it ?
  8. What are the specs on this truck ? I would think for $140,000.00 it is not heavy spec for tri-axle dump with 46,000 rears 20,000 lb front axle and most likely no lift axle.Most dump tri-axle trucks I see at 2018 prices are at least $170,000.00 + FET. These are 46 rears 20 fronts steerable 18-20,000 lb lift axle double frame,Detroit engine 13 liter or larger,Mack 405-505 HP or Cummins500 Hp.
  9. Billy T the restaurant is still open at the truck stop. I do not know if still run by the same people. i have not been there in awhile.
  10. davehummell are you from Scranton,Pa area ? I live in lake Ariel,Pa (Mount Cobb).
  11. I have a 1970 KW 924 with Page+Page Suspension that looks like Mack Camelback it had Rockwell SRDD 44,000 drop in rears. I never saw many of this type suspension in Pa.
  12. Jim I do not think the 409 Chevy was produced in 1959. I would think 348. Double hump heads on both.
  13. Jim I do not remember for sure which engine. sorry.
  14. The Blue Huskie picturesd is owned by some friends of mine Joe and Tom Marushin from Hazleton,Penna. area. They have a few other Brockways also not selling them though.
  15. I have Hendrickson Haul Max on my 2005 western Star tri-axle dump 46,000lb 4.56 ratio rears.I bought truck new and it has close to 400,000 miles on itmostly hauling asphalt. I like it. Very little repairs I replaced 2 rubber blocks on one side that is it. It is stable when dumping and not an awful ride. sorry for late reply.
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