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  1. I see adds for radiator cores from companies like Detroit Radiator and others for less than $500.00 I would check around. Was the used radiator ever recored ?
  2. I think it has smaller rubber on it than what we usually see on the B-80 Series. This looks like 20" or 22" not the usual 24" tube type.
  3. The reason Hillary has not ben charged yet same as her husband. They are covered in Teflon. When someone gets close, they disappear for some odd reason.
  4. Hello Jerry I am going in for back surgery first week of June. I hope to be at Macungie. Just playing around with the KW.
  5. Glenn I e-mailed Aaron. Thanks.
  6. Best part of him ran down his Father's leg.
  7. This one topic alone about Venezuela made me use up all my likes for the day. TeamsterGrrrl you are 0 for 25. for the day. Time to regroup.
  8. I see some Studebaker in the small top photo.
  9. There will never be another.
  10. Does anyone have a complete Jake Brake for a Cummins 220. I think Model 20 is the number i need.I also would like a Jake Model 25 B for a Small Cam Cummins. Of course reasonable. Thanks.
  11. My Dad hauled Ramblers from Kenosha,Wisconsin in the late 1950's and 1960's.He had 5 trucks leased to Arco Auto Carriers Chicago,Illinois.2 of the trucks were Studebakers with I think 4-53 power. Quite a job before I-80 was built across Penna. on Route 6.
  12. Paul I like all of them but the B-61 Integral Sleeper looks great. Sanders,spokes and looks like spread axle.Great classic colors.That was trucking in high cotton. Nice job.
  13. I was leased to Washington California Express in the 1980's owned by the late George Appel from Dallas,Penna. One of his original trucks he ran to the coast was a W-71 Mack. He kept a picture of it on his deask and would ask drivers if they knew what it was. I happily acknowledged I knew what it was. Good guy to work for bring in clean delivery receipts and he paid you on the spot.Calex from Hunlock Creek,Penna. was the same. This is when Calex had only 5 or 6 trucks of his own. Now he has hundreds.Times change.
  14. I think with the one piece windshield in 1955 was called first edition.
  15. Good news. Try to keep a positive additude.