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  1. H67

    Even if it went for the asking price it was cheap enough if it ran good.I just do not need another one.
  2. H67

    I wonder who bought the U-Boat ? It looked OK. He e-Mailed me and said thanks for buying it. I did not buy it or even make an offer. Must have been a mistake on who he sent the winning E-Mail to.
  3. 1962 B-42

    Your B-42 with 8.15 and if quadbox is a serious if not sure winner in slow truck race.
  4. 1962 B-42

    Looks like nice clean tin. Double frame looks good no spreading.
  5. H67

    This H-Model has been for sale for several years. In pictures the tin looks OK. Lets see if it sells this time.
  6. Terry yes it was but I was broke after totaling my truck and trailer in Montana. I was happy to work a decent job. Truck ran good but not for running the coast 237,5 speed tag axle 24" sleeper I could not fit in only for log book I slept across seat out and back. Scale man in Montana Crow Reservation Scale pulled me around back one Sunday evening. I asked him whats wrong. he said nothing he just wanted to see what man would drive that across country.I do not remember truck ever having a breakdown under load.
  7. I forgot to say not being arrogant But i never saw rust so bad in roof and i am from the rust belt of the US.
  8. Sounds like driving across I-80 in Wyoming. I used to stick my hand out the window to see if I was moving. I ran a R-685 Mack 237 5 speed twice a month from Hazleton,Penna. to Seattle,Washington loaded to 73,000 lbs both ways.Great truck got me out of the hole after I totaled my other truck,this was early 1980's.
  9. Drop Deck to Fl

    I just saw this thread and maybe late replying .Just a thought. There is the Truck Auction in Weare,New Hampshire on 19 August 2017. If You did not leave yet and can wait until then most likely you could get a truck or 2 part way down.
  10. 66 A Car --CL

    Looks good but always on the wrong coast.
  11. CAT on it's back

    R-190 IH could have a 406,450 or 501 IH Red Diamond Engine.
  12. This B-Model looks like a friend of mine truck who passed away several years ago Bobby F.If is his old truck sleeper was added. Bobby was from Hazleton,Pa. area and loved his macks. I hauled coal with Bobby years ago. Nice photoes thanks.
  13. I see adds for radiator cores from companies like Detroit Radiator and others for less than $500.00 I would check around. Was the used radiator ever recored ?
  14. I think it has smaller rubber on it than what we usually see on the B-80 Series. This looks like 20" or 22" not the usual 24" tube type.