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  1. Good news. Try to keep a positive additude.
  2. How much for the Model 25. Is it complete ? Thanks.
  3. I have a KW 924 set back axle 112" BBC.
  4. Chevy MH 90 sold for $5805.00
  5. Looks like nice tin. About as nice original you will find. I would love to have it but too many already.
  6. Ranchhopper The CJ-3A looks like the one the VN's gave us Advisors to use. flat fender and 1 piece windshield. I do not remember the military designation for it.
  7. In Vietnam we had the M-151's built by Ford. They rode like a Cadillac compared to the Jeeps. There were not many Kaiser jeeps in Vietnam that I remember we had Willlys Jeep from early 1950's flat fender but one piece windshield. I was an advisor this is what the Vn's gave us our Weapons Carrier was a Toyota looked pretty close to the Dodge weapons Carriers.
  8. It seems like the CA cab to axle is too short. I always thought the mininum Ca should be 72" minimum for clearance with nose of trailer. Standard trailer pin setting was 36" for freight boxes and flats.
  9. If your truck runs well and you have insurance and tags I would go for it. Take some tools and filters if a diesel a jug of fuel to prime filters if needed.I found the hardest part of buying an old truck is arranging transport at a reasonable cost.
  10. Keep up the good news. I am a Cancer Survivor since 1988. had a total Laryngectomy after the 3rd operation I have been Cancer free since 1992. I was neither a smoker or much of a drinker but it was caused by Agent Orange in Vietnam. I feel along with treatment a positive attitude helps greatly. Best of luck to you.If possible keep working,I did and I think it helped me.
  11. F-Model is still avaible from what I have heard.
  12. I have a 1962 B-67 with the standard flat back cab that was an option on the spec sheet. My B-67 has a smaller steering wheel also maybe 20". It helps when you are 300 lbs.
  13. If you go to the Just Old Trucks site the moderator Eddy Lucast is a distributor for KBS products. They have the factory mix for Cummins Old Gold and other engine colors. He is good to deal with.
  14. Yes it has wedge brakes. I went to the Ebay pictures and there they were wedgies.They should have kept it in the garage a few more years. Maybe the wedges would turn into cam brakes. Wishful thinking.
  15. On Ebay, Global Truck Parts Archbald, PA has a brand new never used F-Model Mack Glider Kit powered by a 300 maxidyne,5 speed. It was at $10,000.00 reserve not met last I checked. Under commercial trucks.