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  1. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Mack-B-Model-/222065792199?nav=SEARCH
  2. Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Thanks for sharing. Couldn't make it this year. Glad to be able to see the pics at least.
  4. Hahaha, works been crazy ever since. Haven't had time to stop and smell the coffee buddy. You'll find out soon enough. All I can say is, Get that U model done quick! because there may come a day very shortly when you wont have time to play as much either
  5. Thats funny,earlier in the week I was in Scranton PA and caught this sunrise...
  6. Hey thanks Y'all I appreciate that! Haven't been online much lately, works been crazy. But I had some cake and drank some beers after putting in another day with my trusty old Granite and had a darn good day with lots of well wishing from all my friends. Hows everybody doin? Vinny you get that U model done Yet?!
  7. I halfway expected a note on my seat or something from you Vinny. "Umodelnut was here! Where were you!?" Lol We must have been right next to eachother and didnt realize it. Now that I see the labeled BMT photo, I know I caught a glimpse of Leslie and Mike parking Mikes trucks but other than that I didn't meet anybody face to face. I was planning on making the BMT photo but when it came time I was hung up with some friends. Sorry buddy...next year!
  8. I missed the BMT photo op, but there's always next year. The show was great. Many thanks to all those who work so hard to make sure it happens every year. I was there all day Friday and Saturday and for the first time I had my own rig in the show....Thanks to all of you who encouraged me to spit shine my old truck and come out to play...Heres a picture of my B67 on the field.
  9. Well heres a link to the item in question. It aint cheap! However I think its spectacular that Watts is trying to make this stuff available to us. Making one out of three is just fine and dandy if ya can find em, afford em, and actually have usable parts left on em. Everything I come across is just as rusted and busted as mine if not worse. As time passes im sure its going to become more difficult to find the originals in good shape....its nice to know you might have a fallback plan here... http://www.bigmacktrucks.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_34&products_id=389
  10. Good afternoon gentlemen! Has anybody here purchased the replacement shutter set that Watts offers in the B model store? And If so what is your impressions of it. Is it a direct match or does it have any obvious differences from the original. Im fairly certain my shutters recoil actuating springs are rusted and seized in the open position and furthermore the middle slat is broken from its arm, so it just swivels any which way in the frame. And the actuating arm has been disconnected by somebody years ago which leads me to believe its not been functioning for a while. Considering replacement if
  11. Well how about that some "good ol fasioned suthern hospitalitay"
  12. This is a pretty darn cool thread. I think I'll throw down an artsy drawing from when I was 11 years old in the 6th grade...The SUPERDOG of my young dreams....I remember the hot ticket at the time was "gel pens". The scanned photo doesn't do it justice but I used a silver gel pen on this for the "chrome" pieces and a gold gel pen for the "goldleaf". In person it looks pretty darn cool because the silver and gold gel pens actually had a metallic look to them...so the chrome actually looks shiny in person along with the gold separating the colored pencil "paint" on the truck.
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