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  1. I know from the previous owner that it was a tractor that he made into a dumptruck but I'm not sure if it was a tandem
  2. Hello again guys it's been a while since I've been here. First off happy new year to you all. And secondly me and my father bought another U-model today. Its not original but it's all there. She's had the cosmetics done it's a 1967 with a 675 maxidyne. I have a question about the transmission though I drove it home it was only about 5 miles down the highway. It's a twin stick with 5 gears on one and reverse and 2 ranges on the other. It's a maxitorque x107. I just put it in what I believed to be hi and drove it like a 5speed could anyone go a little in depth and what's the best way to shift it? We've only had the truck a few hours so I'm not well versed on it yet. Thanks,Eric
  3. It's just around as a spare for now, last I knew they were looking to sell it to a department that would use it. I don't know about a private sale though
  4. They sell them at the mack dealership near me. My cousin has them on his pickup
  5. makes me kind of mad when I see that truck now that I know that
  6. Oh I didn't know that I just remember seeing it at a show years ago in its original condition
  7. if I had to guess he probably had that done at a sign shop in vinyl. He built that r-model pickup custom. It used to be a white pumper from Bolton ma. Fire dept.
  8. My u-model hops like a bastard at 40mph unless its pulling a load. They all do it
  9. yea on Saturday morning when worcester went to 3 alarms auburn got called in with the scope
  10. Sorry bout the sideways pic
  11. it's been refurbed before, the truck used to be all red they repainted it to match the new pumpers like this
  12. I think Charlton fixed the yellow one and their running it again
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