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    Tarrawingee, Victoria, Australia
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    Old Trucks and Tractors. Working Dog Trials.

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    1964 Massey Ferguson 35 Tractor, 3 cyl Perkins.1969 C1600 International Body Truck, 281 petrol.
  1. International C1600
  2. Name: International C1600 (1969) Date Added: 02 January 2016 - 05:09 AM Owner: myflint69 Short Description: 17 foot tray body, G-Well bag loader attachment. View Vehicle
  3. Name: Mack R600 Flintstone. Date Added: Owner: myflint69 myflint69
  4. Name: Mack R600 (1969) Date Added: 02 October 2009 - 09:08 PM Owner: myflint69 Short Description: 1969,Mack R600 Prime mover, chassis number R685RS7818 View Vehicle
  5. Hi mate, thanx for adding me as a friend, you got a truck? or just like working on them, i checked out ur garage but it was empty, lol. My old banger needs some work, rust etc, but it not too bad. cheers, Pete.

  6. Thanx Grant, I am putting a 6spd back in my flintstone, as i want it to be back to original, when i work out how to re-size some pics i will put em in the garage section. Cheers, Peter.
  7. Hi, i recently sold my B-61RS51547 to the guy who bought it new, he's 80 years old and loves it!! My job over here i drive a bulk cement powder tanker, its a 19 metre b-double( two tankers ) and pull them with a Kenworth T401, C12 Cat, an thanks for the wellcome. Peter.
  8. hi and thanx for the welcome, i cant keep away from the site, there's so much on here to check out. Peter.
  9. Hi, a professional truck driver from oz, who owns a R600 Mack as a hobby, but drives a Kenworth at work, i spose i got the best of both breeds, lol
  10. Welcome to the forums myflint69 :)

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