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    I like trucks old and new, the bigger the better. I have grown up aroung trucks, mostly mack trucks. So they have become the favorite. Anything old that most people look at and thing junk, that I can see potentail in and then bring back to life. I work on mack trucks for a living.

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  1. What size fuel tank and what do you want for it? Any pictures?
  2. Old Blue

    mack cab

    How much, what's the rain gutter look like? I'm very interested
  3. looking for a steel bumper with grill guard for a 71 R600
  4. Old Blue

    24 inch rubber

    did you sell these tires?
  5. Old Blue

    237 Engine parts

    Are these part still available? I just bought a 71 R model with a 237 and its got a bad piston.
  6. Have a 1958 B-81 that I'm wanting to update to 12 volts instead of the 24volt system. Deleted the series parallel switch and updated to starter to a MT39. Now I would like to get rig of the generator and instal a alternator. Looking to change it to a negative ground instead of a positive ground. So any suggestions on what alternator to use would be a lot of help. Thanks
  7. Old Blue

    B-81 starter update

    Had time today to install the new starter. After many years of sitting she runs again. I had already gone threw the injection pump so that's seems to be good but it looks like one or two injectors may be bad.
  8. Old Blue

    Mack and Volvo to immediately drop the 16L !

    In 2016 we bought our first Titan and absolutely love it. Had plans to buy another one and then we got the news early January. Trust me I understand that Volvo is in control but I have never been so disappointed in Mack. We are also looking to buy a light weight stone truck. We wanted to buy a CHU with an MP7 8LL trans and around 188" wheelbase. First off we were told we couldn't get the MP7 in the CHU, only in the CXU or Granite. Ok then we will go with the MP8 I forgot what the hp number was but they said the Eaton Fuller 8LL couldn't hold the horsepower. What ever happened to Mack trucks building the truck their costumes want. Volvo is destroying the Mack name and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is really upset by this.
  9. Old Blue

    B-81 starter update

    Thanks for the information. It's greatly appreciated, I've never done this before and every bit of advice helps.
  10. Old Blue

    B-81 starter update

    Anyone have a part # for a series parallel/magnetic switch combination, and where I could get one.
  11. I have a B-81 and I'm looking to get rid of the 6 volt battery's and update the stater to a Delco Remy 39mt 12volt. This is a first for me so any advice or tips would be awesome.
  12. I have a B-81 and I'm looking to get rid of the 6 volt battery's and update the stater to a Delco Remy 39mt 12volt. This is a first for me so any advice or tips would be awesome.
  13. One of my favorite paint jobs! Gotta love America!!
  14. Love M series trucks

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