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  1. I'm still around. Been busy. They have cracked down on taking pictures in the plant.
  2. Not a Ram... Not a Ford... Not a Chevy... Jack by Mack
  3. The last LEU rolled off the assembly line on 11/20 going to Waste Management.
  4. I'm still around the factory. I'm being careful what I post online. I'd like to keep my job a while longer.
  5. See link on Mack Truck web site. http://www.macktrucks.com/default.aspx?pageid=10951
  6. I promised a few pictures of Logtruckman's next new truck. It was built the beginning of the year on a day I was not around but I got a few pictures before it went on line and after. NIce looking truck. Cab out of paint. MP10 engine groom complete. Share some pictures of the truck at work.
  7. The module mounts with 4 screws to a bracket on the right side behind the radio rear of the HVAC duct. Connect to the power window and lock overlay to the three connectors for keyless entry. You may have to dig around for the break out.
  8. Chestermere Fire Co, Calgary Alberta Canada
  9. A portion of Plant 4 is now http://www.lehighvalleygrandprix.com/ They have old pictures of the plant hung up. 5C is now http://merchantssquaremall.com/
  10. The Bulldog is a functional component of the truck. Mack is the only brand with a manufacturers logo on UPS trucks. This order also has the Mack natural gas emblem on the door.
  11. Check out Mack Trucks on PBS Raw to Ready airing Oct 30th. Check your listing. The link below can help you find it. http://www.pbs.org/program/raw-ready/
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