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  1. Dodge Market News

    Teamsrrrrgirrl read this? Is this another Beck or Hoffa style of union leadership for union brothers and sisters? Suppose "union style" justice will take care of this within house. Some things are constant, good democrats.
  2. Batteries

    My truck started doing the same thing yesterday. The guy who works on truck came out and gave me a pull to start it. Thought that was pretty good service. Most would say get a $500 tow to the shop. Started up this morning, no problem. Tried to leave it run all day but idiot driver shut it off to fuel and wouldn't start. Friend at truck stop said he would give me a pull, got back in truck and started right up. What is the difference between welding cables and battery cables? Had a guy tell me welding cables have many fine wires and battery cables have heavier guage wires in them. He claimed the welder cables fail sooner when used on trucks or equipment.
  3. Swap Meet KD517s

    Picked up two KD517 and a DU RAY. The more shiny one is from my A-40. Lense is amber and has 1960 on bottom rim and no other marking. Has "stepped" sides. Has KD517, PAT and 12461 enbossed on top of housing. There was a rubber gasket the light sits into on the truck, extremely brittle. Cloth wrapped wire. 1. Paid $35 for black one. The amber glass lense says KD517 on top and has 1960 on the bottom. Also have "SEMA APPROVED" on both lense and housing, Has cloth covered wire and "stepped" sides. Housing has K-D517, APPROVED SEMA, and A??D124618. embossed into it. 2. Paid $10 for silver one. Red plastic lens has LS334 on it. Housing has KD517 and SAE P embossed into it. Looks like ss steel but not shiny. Non "stepped" sides. Plastic coated wire. 3. DU RAY was also $10. Just a nice looking red glass lensed light. Plastic coated wire. When comparing the DU RAY to KDs I noticed a couple quality things. All had cork gaskets under lenses. KD had ss screws and DU RAY had steel. The KDs had brass where screws entered bases, DU RAY were just plain steel bases. Fun afternoon at swap meet was finished off with a Walleye fish feed with friends--GOOD DAY! Thanks, Keith
  4. Batteries

    Had a similar problem with my truck this winter. Batteries were less that a year old but the truck is ten years old. Cables, connectors and everything looked good. Cleaned grounding points and replaced a ground cable end. Nothing helped. Finally found out that the voltage was dropping through the cables while starting. Cut the cables open and many of the wires inside were broken or melted open, many looked like they just rotted off. Wires are about the size of hair. Replaced battery cables, problem solved.
  5. Ford Market News

    Had a delivery at the local Ford dealership. I was expecting balloons, blimps, brats and beer. Nothing... They didn't know anything about it! One would think Ford would pull out all the stops and celebrate. I stopped at local brew/pub and had a beer on the way home.
  6. Any time your town gets a strip mall and a golf course-you are late for the door.
  7. BTTF

    Didn't look at this site all weekend, didn't realize there had been any replies earlier, sorry about that. Had a great time. Event never seems to disapoint. I don't have a car, am just a wanna be. But have some junk, parts and ideas. Jay and Tim Meyer shared a booth. They were very busy all the time. Took a picture but am unable to get it to load. Tim was showing his new Ford Cleveland blocks. Formerly known as the Buttermore block, Tim now calls it the Track Boss and it is very impressive! Jay was showing a bunch of FE part that he produces. Truly works of art. I didn't know what was possible with the FE. Didn't take Jay very long to educate me. Had a 390 in a pickup one time, served me well.
  8. The Trump Administration

    I don't trust PBS any more then the rest of the rating seekers-the truth is not their main function. The agenda shines through as they follow the herd. About the only time they are worth watching is when they another of their excessive funding drives, other wise is just more attempts to channel discussions to bolster their opinion. They pick what the want to cover, they go to the people who will tell them what they want to hear, they ignore the news that really NEEDS to be covered.... I don't know of a consistently reputable news source. Even Fox news is slipping as the offspring continue to liberalize and bastardize a one time better source. I would suggest you don't hang your hat on musings of PBS. I do agree with your "gut feeling" and PBS news, the end product of your gut and their news coverage is similar. As far as Teammmstergirl goes.. I don't think she needs your help to defend herself, she has proven herself more then capable. We have some history on credible sources. There is nothing wrong with a little friendly bantering among us poster. "Attack" is a little over the top--lighten up. Thanks, Keith
  9. The Trump Administration

    This must be one of teammmstergirl's crediable sources. When listening to PBS one must remember they are a welfare, tax payer supported branch of the progressive democrat party and they know who butters their bread. A little payback is always in their offerings.
  10. The Battle of Gettysburg 2017

    There is no "respected media" anymore.
  11. BTTF

    Heading to St. Paul for the weekend. Minnesota Street Rod Association is having their annual Back To The Fifties weekend at the state fair grounds! 10,000+ pre-1964 street rods, customs, classics and even a few rat rods. What's not to like? Great Fun. See Ya, Keith
  12. Last Legs for Long-Haul Trucking?

    I think they put those 60+ year olds in the rooms so the kids can be exposed to some inteligence and life experiences.
  13. I'm surprised...

    So what does your college level stats course tell you Obozocare has done for the average working taxpayer. My stats tells me that when healthcare went from $6,000 to $14,000 a year means I get to keep working til 70. What does those college level stats tell you about who prospered from Obozo's national debt doubling stimulus package. My stats tell me my grand kids and their grand kids get to pay it back. How far do you want to keep going with this....
  14. Last Legs for Long-Haul Trucking?

    Glad you know what Bernie is talking about. Bernie doesn't know what Bernie is talking about. Going to be fun to watch what he does with his money now that he is a member of the millionaires club.
  15. I'm surprised...

    Pretty hard to have a discussion with progressives. People who make their decisions with feelings and emotion don't function too well when confronted with wisdom and experience.