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  1. Probably had the trailer lifted too high and the king pin skipped right over the fifth wheel plate.
  2. If it’s on your titan could it be the traction control applying brakes to one side trying to gain traction? My 2014 Coronado does that if the antispin (traction control) isnt turned off.
  3. Mopar has come a long ways in the 2-3 decades. They went from tinny bodies that fell apart, power windows that often times didn’t work to get multiple JD Power and Associates truck of the year awards.
  4. Why not? All the other two of the big three have high horsepower options throughout their line up why can’t mopar? Mopar was the first into the 1/2 ton and small suv diesel out of the big 3, they have a few different 4 and 6 cylinder options as well as a few v8 options. Sounds like business as usual in the car world to me.
  5. Looks like someone used the search function came up with this thread and added their question to it.
  6. Good for you Paul. The right car will come along. Don’t be a gullible fool like me and get burnt because you can’t even fathom someone being dishonest to your face. Keep us posted.
  7. You realize this is a 5 year old thread I hope.
  8. That’s a good one Alex. Did you find that picture on Akward Family Photos? If not you must look it up. Tons of photos people submit like the one above usually accompanied by a family friendly caption.
  9. Not mine. https://greatfalls.craigslist.org/hvo/d/fort-benton-classic-gmc-astro-cabover/7073471722.html
  10. All the newer trucks used in the oil fields here have discs. Seem to work fine. Some (myself included) were nervous about them freezing in the winter since there is no place to hit them to break them loose without damaging the disc and using heat is not an option on Hazmat trucks and trailers. That being said never had a disc break freeze up. The worst thing about them that I’ve seen is the 1) the calipers can hang up and drag brakes, it’s fairly common 2) at the end of the day when you shut your truck down and press the brake pedal hard to listen for service side leaks the discs set up faster than drums so if you have drums on a trailer they will be fine but disc auto adjust much faster.
  11. https://apple.news/A9pVmpI00QZuIso-SOEzxuQ
  12. Hopefully these are more reliable than the overpriced cars from Italy.
  13. I wish the US would quit letting anyone from China come to the US until we get things figured out. Scary enough that military, ambassadors and such are being brought to the US from China and being quarantined.
  14. So why would you need 30 or so excavators digging one giant hole for a field hospital which could easily be set up on any level terrain? It doesn’t make sense and I have a feeling we aren’t getting the full story. China has shown over the years greed trumps all and for them to shut down so many major cities shows me that they are frightened of something more than your average bug. On top of that I still can’t fathom why we are letting anyone travel from China to here right now helping to spread this crap faster than it already is.
  15. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/02/03/world/asia/coronavirus-wuhan-hospital.amp.html
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