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  1. And these new “better” trucks are supposed to save the planet because they run clean. I’d love to see an honest total pollution comparison. Meaning the amount creating the truck, running the truck and fixing the truck. I’d be willing to bet the older truck wipes the floor with the new trucks when compared like that since the new trucks and parts are disposable. Run then 5 or so years (until the warranty runs out) then they’re garbage. Hard to compare to a truck that runs virtually trouble free for 40 plus years.
  2. Can’t keep running with a warranty. The warranty only helps the sting of parts and labor but does nothing for downtime.
  3. It’s like sitting on a sunny beach without the bugs or seagulls annoying you. You could almost say it’s paradise 😁
  4. I agree with everything you said. The trouble is getting the Democrats to vote for programs to help people get off of assistance because then their voters base goes away once they are self sufficient and can have thoughts on their own when not sitting around with their hands out they likely won’t vote for someone who they only voted for before because of the promise of more handouts.
  5. This is another good watch if you have the time. Bret goes over the coronavirus with facts and science no party line bs.
  6. https://apple.news/AdjvtWitBR4mAvFoExVE8nQ no outrage, no riots, no looting no one cares because she’s white.
  7. Those loads look to be real top heavy David. Just out of curiousness do you guys decide hey we’re only running 45mph on straight stretches and 15mph on anything more then a gentle curve or just go at it by what the drivers see and feel is safe? Always interested in seeing what you guys haul.
  8. https://apple.news/AbwjoonaLTuySSN4fvBlKSA Again where is the public outcry? This is a horrible story but since it seems to be some sort of gang shooting in south Chicago and assumed black on black homocide BLM, Antifa and all the other protesters don’t care. Btw over 100 yes 💯 murders occurred in Chicago over Father’s Day weekend but don’t let that fun fact derail the protests. That would make them hypocrites. All lives matter.
  9. So how do the law makers and more importantly officers know when a criminal takes their taser from them that they are not going to only tase them but possibly beat, stab or shoot them once incapacitated? This upside down world is something else.
  10. The blackout theme is great. So much easier for me to look at. Thanks.
  11. Cool truck. I’m sure you’ll find all the help you need in here. Please post pics of your progress we love to watch a good build.
  12. No but there is an option drop down menu next to her name so maybe you could temporarily unblock or take a peek so to speak. Only time I see her crap is when someone quotes her it shows it.
  13. When the world is overloaded with bs sometimes you gotta separate the wheat from the chaff.
  14. It’s been great since I blocked her. No more ding bat rhetoric. No more listening to her white man hating, anything but a vw gti or jd lawn tractor hating ways. If she really wanted to be part of a discussion I’d be up for a different opinion but she isn’t and that makes me uninterested. I truly enjoy visiting with bmt members on here about anything from rebuilding a starter to who makes the best corn flakes. Why let a couple bad apples ruin that for me?
  15. Just wait for it. You’ll get a nasty pm from him I’m sure. I did when I called him out on calling cops pigs. So I blocked him. On another note Colin has a fantastic down to earth point of view and this is well worth the listen if you have time.
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