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  1. Re groove tires?

    The outfit I work for runs recaps on drivers and trailers almost exclusively. The only time we got virgin tires is either on a new truck, steer axle tires or when we’ve had too many carcasses rejected and need more. We have excellent luck with them, we use the BDY heavy lug recap for our drivers and seem to get decent life out of them for what we do with them.
  2. My E9 collection

    Nice pack of dogs you have there.
  3. a new project of mine. shop related vidio

    How about a video update on the draguar? Nice job and like it was said earlier just have fun or else it isn’t worth it.
  4. how often to grease

    Grease is cheap compared to replacing prematurely worn parts. Best investment in my opinion is lots of grease and religiously change your oil. I’ve got a family member who I was visiting with the other day and he has over 24000 hours on one of his machines engines and it’s never been overhauled, doesn’t burn oil and the machine is used everyday and his piece of advice was oil changes every 200 hours religiously.
  5. Englishtown Truck Racing

    But then again there are probably 70-80 percent fewer truck makers than back in the old days. All that is left is kw, Pete, freightshaker, WS, Mack and Volvo.
  6. New American Rape Culture

    I feel dumb having to preface this but I will anyways. I in no way shape or form condone sexual misconduct but this has turned into such a ridiculous sideshow that real crimes against victims is sort of waning because of the bandwagon mentality. Saying politely at work that someone is looking sharp is a far cry from someone cornering someone at work and commenting on their boobs butt etc. Albeit a gamble asking someone at work on a date isn’t sexual harassment. How many couples have met through work? How many times have we all heard an elderly wife on the news speak fondly of how persistent ole Wilbur was and then the rest is history? No one should be harassed at work but there also needs to be some common sense before crying sexual harassment too. I’ve never been so glad to be married. Could you imagine being in your twenties and trying to navigate through this mine field?
  7. Sad story but good to see the courts use common sense in their judgment. As always I enjoy the KS news feed on bmt.
  8. Pictures of the Week

    How else do you get guys to volunteer to work on the weekends? 😁
  9. Pictures of the Week

    Like that 3rd sign from the right.
  10. Wiring

    maybe this will help
  11. D-8 with handle bars

    Reminds me of a Wheel Horse except the obvious it has tracks. Very cool machine. Out of curiosity what are they asking for it?
  12. Thanksgiving

    Happy turkey day guys, I got the flu the day I packed into elk camp (supposed to be there 8 days) where I was going to spend thanksgiving with my wife. Instead she gets to put up with a grumpy truck driver trying to get over th flu and keep from getting pneumonia. Oh well the best plans....
  13. Young US Marine denied hotel room!!! FURIOUS!!!

    What a crock of shit. As long as someone has a credit card down and he's 18 I don't see the problem but I'm sure the dorks behind the desk couldn't think in their feet and find a way to help. Next stay for me will be best western, they just bought out and rebuilt a bunch of hotels and built new ones here in eastern mt. Have a happy and safe turkey day Randy.
  14. Evel Knievel F Model

    George Foreman, John Elway, Dan Marino, Randy Couture all at the top of their game and none came off arrogant to me or are surrounded by stories of them being jerks. Just saying you don't have to be a dick to be the best. Evel certainly accomplished more than anyone else on a triumph but that didnt make him nice. He was a rough ole bugger from a tough mining town.
  15. Kinda sounds like the cheap labor we get from south of the border.