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  1. HeavyGunner

    Memorial Day

    Thanks to all of our vets.
  2. HeavyGunner

    Mack R series

    If you're handy you could always turn a twin screw tractor into a single screw if you cannot find a suitable truck.
  3. HeavyGunner

    Selling products that don't exist.

    That really is sad that they're run like that now. I was really surprised to hear truckshop's experience with warn. Petersens 4WOR magazine just did an in depth article about warn at the plant in Oregon. I was floored that they still make and carry parts for their old winches and they rebuilt a 8274 (pretty sure that was the model) in the article. I was thinking hey they might be worth the price if they are as well built and can be rebuilt as the article showed.
  4. HeavyGunner

    Selling products that don't exist.

    That really sucks. I always thought Warn was a top notch company. They should’ve been up front with you. What’s the 30,000lb winch going on?
  5. HeavyGunner

    Good Guy with a Gun

    I had a preacher tell me recently how citizens shouldnt be allowed to own guns because it makes it easy to murder people. I said that’s funny do yo remember the crusades? Was it religions fault or the persons fault? I also told him as soon as he was willing to give up freedom of speech and freedom of religion I’d give up my guns. I’m sure you can put the ending of the story together yourselves.
  6. HeavyGunner

    Good Guy with a Gun

  7. HeavyGunner

    Good Grief! BSA! WTH is going on?!

    I’ll just stick to my World War II era scouts handbook. Sounds like it likely hasn’t had any improvements over the year.
  8. HeavyGunner

    Fairly large load

    We’re the ibeams used to help spread the weight over that bridge so it didn’t collapse
  9. HeavyGunner

    Fairly large load

    There’s a new outfit near me that builds mega loads just south of the Canadian border and then hauls them up to the tar sands. They got stuck on a steep grade one time and ran out of traction and power. They called in a semi tow truck and had it attached to the push truck. Theres still groves in the asphalt where the lead tri drive truck dug down into it because it lost traction.
  10. HeavyGunner

    Always trust your GPS even if your eyes don't

    I still have an encyclopedia set in my den. I know it’s out dated but it’s still useful information and I enjoy holding a book.
  11. HeavyGunner

    Always trust your GPS even if your eyes don't

    My dad always gets irritated at how dependent people are on electronics. Especially clerks at stores who can’t count. He always jokes that when the grid goes down he’s going to be a very wealthy man because he will be one of the few smart enough to know how to count change.
  12. HeavyGunner

    1972 Chevrolet C-10

    Definitely one of if not my favorite pickup body styles. I like the 68 or 69 gmc grill and headlights better though.
  13. HeavyGunner

    Always trust your GPS even if your eyes don't

    Just keep slapping automatics in trucks so you can throw a minivan driving soccer dad right into a class 8 and it feels the same. Give him a gps to go with it and he's a certifiable OTR trucker, a seasoned hand if you will.
  14. HeavyGunner

    Good Guy with a Gun

    A bunch of gun companies moved to Montana after Colorado pissed them off. Way cheaper taxes and business is welcome in Montana. High praise to these companies that are standing up to this bs the democrats are pulling.
  15. HeavyGunner

    Bus/truck accident in NJ.

    Oh so they are taking the swift approach to driver recruitment then eh?

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