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  1. 1985 Mack COE

    That's what I asked the experts. Am I remembering wrong when I for thinking I've heard of a 10-71dd? I probably am wrong but for some reason I thought I'd heard of one of those.
  2. 2018 Ford F-150 News

    I'd agree with you if it were in the 70's and 80's about not wanting an automatic in a work truck. They just weren't quite as reliable as a manual. But now days I don't care if it's a manual or auto ad long as the price is right. I've got a 1996 f350 with 190k on it with an auto that I work the piss out of. It still runs and drives fine, I believe I have certainly got my money out of it.
  3. 1985 Mack COE

    Not mine, says it has a 10 cylinder diesel so I suspect that would mean it's a DD? https://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/d/1985-mack-cash-only/6267462857.html
  4. 1986 Mack COE

    Not mine. https://missoula.craigslist.org/cto/d/1986-mack/6264690135.html
  5. Charlottesville

    Well it's sad to see that one person on here who has (even in this thread, I.e. "Neo nazi old truckers on here") continually race baited every conversation on here (here meaning other threads) and you're going to continue pretending it didn't/doesn't happen. No one else on hear calls others bigots, old drunks, bible clinging clinkers, racists or denounces our military, so I feel ok where I stand in this conversation so if you want to continue to stand by and protect someone on bmt who acts like that that's your choice my friend.
  6. Charlottesville

    Nope just repeating what you stated. Other than you everyone else on here is able to get along, bmt is full of wonderful people from all backgrounds. A person with any self awareness could stop and go hmmm maybe I'm the problem here. Obviously you don't have the gumption to take your butt chewing your get in public for denouncing vets, and calling everyone a bigot. It doesn't take much of a person to hide behind a keyboard and call names. I've seen many other bmt members show pictures of themselves, even with others they might disagree with politically. You know why? They didn't cower behind their keyboards saying things to each other that they wouldn't in person. Sorry Outbehind who barn, I'll try to quit feeding the troll who always tries to bait people into her silly vortex.
  7. Charlottesville

    Careful you be called a bigot among other names by you know who.
  8. Charlottesville

    You're such a hypocrite. If you believe so strongly that past sins of others is what you condemn people with currently aren't you stereotyping? Your against that right? We already know from other posts that your not 100% American Indian so if you believe so strongly in condemning all immigrants because of the past shouldn't you lead by example and leave the country? As usual you are so far out la la land no one takes you seriously and by your post earlier in this thread where you said you wouldn't inroduce your self to other bmt members in person at events tells me that you say things to people that you wouldn't say to someone in person which is called keyboard muscles or a troll. Why don't you do something productive besides simply spouting off hateful, crappy things while hiding behind a keyboard?
  9. E9 missing on #8

    Did you check compression in that cylinder? I'm far from a mechanic so take that into consideration but if you have fuel and air the last thing that is missing is ignition (compression).
  10. 68 u or dm mixer

    Probably a tall deck 427 so I wouldn't think it would bring much.
  11. Like Button?

    Same here. Still weird blank spots where it appears writing or an icon should be in some places, still no like button and I get the same Joe blow reacted message with nothing on the post.
  12. Charlottesville

    It's exactly what my first post on this thread was about. It's ok for the the left to use any kind of violence, hate speech and many other things they preach against if someone else's view doesn't align with their own. I've had many conversations with others on here and sometimes we agree and sometimes we don't but I don't threaten people or go to blatant name calling like one person on here does. Conversation is good even if you don't agree with someone but flexing "keyboard muscles" is simply laughable and uncalled for.
  13. Charlottesville

    Since there still isn't a button "like"
  14. Charlottesville

    That's what my above post was about. This spinning crap. Right now that's what the majority of the leftist media is doing. The sad thing is they're doing it for biased, political reasons rather than unbiasedly reporting the news.
  15. Charlottesville

    Yep and a Bernie supporter just shot up the republicans at softball practice if you want to dummy it down like that. So all Hillary/Bernie supporters are cold blooded killers then right?