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Community Answers

  1. Gotta love those shepherds. It’s been hot the last week or so and my mutts love the sprinkler and our pond. If the sprinkler isn’t on they dash over to the pond for a soak.
  2. Was over in your neck of the woods recently and I see there is a super liner dump truck parked next to some equipment at Stanton creek. I know I know I should’ve stopped for a pic.
  3. So does that 1350 pounds of dry agent make multiple batches or must one with the 300 gal of water?
  4. That sucker looks tough with the super singles all the way around
  5. Incredible David. You are a blessed man to have the opportunity to see all of that. Good work keep the pics coming.
  6. No I have never seen a L9000 logger in my neck of the woods. 98% KWs and Pete’s with the occasional international and very very rare (I’ve only seen one) Mack. See lots of L9000 tandem grain trucks and dump trucks but that’s about it.
  7. Yep emissions killed the modern diesel truck.
  8. Since you’re in the heavy haul business I assume the L9000 is heavy specd? I had never heard of a heavy specd L9000 so I was curious if they made one or you just made do with one. Thanks
  9. Don’t forget about the obligatory wallet chain in the super trucker starter kit. Oh and the 100 ounce mega tanker of Mountain Dew.
  10. Wow just looked up Iowa derecho to see what it was. Hope all is well with you mid westers and hope all the Mack’s were hid inside
  11. Glad you’re ok BMack, bummer about the accident but it always could’ve been worse.
  12. Look on YouTube and there are some videos of news stories where he shows the care running and drives it with only water coming out of the tail pipe. He even briefly explains how it works if memory serves me.
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