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  1. I’ll have to look to be sure but I seem to remember not finding numbers stamped in my B75 frame either....I think.
  2. It’s foreigners birthday?!
  3. The pendulum is starting to swing toward common sense which is making the ultra left implode. Thesilly things they started like crucifying people for buzzwords no matter the context, calling anyone you disagree with racist, homophobes, cold and uncaring, rich etc. now they are getting the same treatment and are falling apart and the masses are starting to see the ridiculousness of extremism. People are starting to see the extreme left who have spoken against this country while holding office for what they are. Dividers and antagonists who will say anything to plant hate and disdain for anybody who has a thought that differs from their own. No one is buying this impeachment bs that the dems have wasted 4 years of taxpayer money on. Trump will win again. MAGA!
  4. Look at all that ballast in the bed!
  5. China single handedly shut down CFAC (Columbia Fall Aluminum Plant) by giving their own aluminum smelters free electricity so they could under bid everyone else. I don’t understand who could be against our president trying to level the playing field with other countries when they do things like this. That last line isn’t a right or left argument just a simple right or wrong in my viewpoint. Why should we subsidize everyone else’s well being while ignoring our own?
  6. That is awesome. Would be fun to put that wrecker back in service.
  7. Like Brocky said awesome history lesson Vlad, I get a better understanding of things when I hear first hand accounts like yours. Keep the stories and pics coming. I really enjoy reading about your country.
  8. Wow that picture of the b’s lined up is very cool.
  9. Congrats on the new truck Vlad. Beautiful countryside too by the way
  10. That wrecker is sweet.
  11. American made? Looks like a cab and driver or at least driver seat on the right hand side. Who knows? Cool pic at any rate
  12. The barrel is rifled so it’s no different than shooting 357 mag birdshot shells. The rifled barrel is what differentiates it according to the ATF.
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