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  1. Great pics guys. Owls are definitely my favorite birds. I've never seen barn owls here though I won't swear to it that we don't have them. I've been trying for quite some time to get a good pic of the burrowing owls we have here. They have what looks like a permanent scowl or glare on there face all time which certainly would put some humor into the pic. You know the story, whenever one is close and the light is right I don't have my camera.
  2. i came across this craigslist ad this morning and had to read it twice to make sure I was really reading what I thought I had. https://greatfalls.craigslist.org/hvo/6019455306.html
  3. Weren't able to get up around babb, st Mary's or much of the stuff north of cutbank for quite some time. As fast as a road would get punched out the wind would pick up and fill it right back in.
  4. Why does the blue and white truck say big red on the side?
  5. That's awesome. My Lincoln only has a 4 banger gas job in it. Very nice restoration job.
  6. She's the first one to call someone on here names yet when I give her a hard time about her line "you guys don't get it I retired at 55 and do whatever I want" she plays the typical liberal victim card. "You attacked a member". Attacking you teamstergrrrl would be calling you names like you do to others on here on a regular basis. I don't like you but I still don't resort to name calling like you do. But I'm sure like every other conversation you'll either be right (because you've never been wrong yet) or play another victim card or call someone a name again.
  7. You just keep sitting there in La la land milking your fellow teamsters for your early retirement and medical bennies you made on their backs.
  8. How about putting the news up about everyone who lost insurance under our current healthcare system? Or how about how premiums have doubled or tripled and are supposed to go up 110% in AZ this year? Like rowdy said the old plans (high deductible low cost) great because anyone can save seven to ten grand for their deductible. Pay it just like a monthly premium and guesswhat?! If you don't use that money sitting in your account it's still yours, you don't lose it if you don't use it like the plans are...but I forgot, like the guy who framed Obama care put it the American people are to stupid to realize this is a tax.
  9. Would make a bitchin motor home.
  10. I think she was either airing or drying it out.
  11. No. From what I've seen the government is the absolute best at wasting money and far overpaying for things. I used to sell the bureau of reclamation chemicals for containing noxious weeds until one year they went with a big box store brand company and I can tell you with certainty they paid far more because guys at the BOR told me what they paid and when I chuckled and thought I had this sale in the bag because I could beat that price bad they told me they were being told from the top where to buy things no matter the price. So I think the government is piss poor at negotiating since it's our money they're spending and there are no consequences to for being bone heads.
  12. So why would mack not capitalize on an engine that makes more horsepower then claim less? Doesn't make sense to me. Where do you come up with idea that Mack has always sand bagged its hp ratings? Is it based in actual fact or just "it feels like it pulled better"?
  13. Yes. They're putting autos so you can throw a newbie with little to no experience behind the wheel of a truck. I understand wholly all of you who learned how to drive and are now enjoying your autos in stop and go delivery and vocational work. But as far as I'm concerned you can have be auto I'll keep the stick, I'm far more comfortable with it.
  14. Wow that's a cute little bugger
  15. This year was willys/jeeps 75th anniversary and jp magazine did a really cool 7 part history of jeeps. After WWII the first CJ's (civilian jeeps) went for for sale and were mostly marketed as farm equipment and other vocational equipment. You could get them with a drawbar, pto and many implements to run off of the pto. There were trenching attachments, big pto driven onboard welders, seed cleaners and many more uses and attachments. It's pretty interesting to google it and see all of the old brochures for implements for the willys.