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  1. Oh the joys of throwing iron. I throw lots of chains at my job. Starts with mud in the fall, then snow and ice and drifts through the winter and ends with either greasy gumbo the top few inches to deep sloppy mud through spring. Summers are nice though.
  2. I wonder if it had a leaf spring pack in front and behind each axle? If not you would think it callus to haul near as much with only one spring pack instead of two. I wonder if it’s an old military trailer by the looks of those D rings in the back?
  3. You might be in to something. Looks like the tractor trailer is in a parking lot or a pull off not on a road where you’d expect high speeds.
  4. Sounds like the same problem NAPA had with their electrical parts about 8 years ago. I know more than business owner who quit buying from them because their electrical stuff was absolute junk. I quit buying from them for that reason as well. I put 6 Napa Gold lifetime warranty starters in one pickup in 7 months. One of them wouldn’t even work right out of the box when it was installed. Napa store told me they were not going to honor the lifetime warranty any longer. I made some calls and they changed their minds on not honoring the warranty. Did I mention during all of this they blamed the pickup? I took it to a mechanic and spent $200 for him tell me nothing is wrong with the pickup. Never been back to NAPA after that fiasco.
  5. Montana is way more laid back about it. People are pulling lots of different trailers behind semis with no cdl licensed as rv’s.
  6. Where or who would service this truck? Does it use thing like bearings and suck that regular vehicles use or is everything proprietary to Tesla?
  7. So license it as an rv. If your trailer doesn’t have living quarters in it put a cot in there and I’d think you’d be covered.
  8. That is a neat truck, I’d like to take it for a spin.
  9. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll get through this hard time. It’s no fun when the rain storm settles in your world but on the bright side this will make you really appreciate when things are going well. Hope things get better soon, merry Christmas.
  10. That was a really cool build video KS. The size of that boom and counterweight is amazing. Any idea what any of the parts weigh?
  11. Are you sure 3.50’s wouldn’t be way too tall for a small diesel with a 2 speed trans? I am not a mechanic but that sounds like a real big jump t me. I’m curious what you find out. Keep us posted on your progress. Very cool bus.
  12. Looks really sharp. So is my understanding correct that this will be a limited edition truck available to the public?
  13. That’s the same error I get 95% of the time I try I upload a pic.
  14. That is a beaut for sure, thanks for sharing.
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