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  1. HeavyGunner

    1989 Mack RB

    Is that an air vent of sorts in the drivers side headlight bucket or is it just missing a piece?
  2. HeavyGunner

    2019 Ford F-250 Hybrid

    I always heard you should always buy a vehicle that was made on a Wednesday. Supposedly Monday’s people aren’t on their A game and by Friday they are both tired and don’t give a crap because it’s the weekend. Not sure if there’s any actual proof of this but it seems plausible.
  3. HeavyGunner

    Alsa easy chrome

    Cool thanks for the info Paul. That’s the way I’m going to go.
  4. HeavyGunner

    Alsa easy chrome

    If I welded it should I grind back some of the chrome when cleaning it up to weld or just weld over the chrome?
  5. HeavyGunner

    Alsa easy chrome

    That's one of the videos I watched. I'm guessing there is no way to get around actually rechroming something other than actually rechroming it. That willys wagon has a really cool chrome 3 piece rear bumper that has willys stamped in it but it's broken. I can weld it but it would look bad missing the patina chrome on it.
  6. HeavyGunner

    Willys update

    It was the guys grandpas car. Not for sale but he had a boat load of cool stuff. Had an actual 60's Cadillac sheriffs car, dual stacked headlights, black and white with a gold badge on each door. He had a 68 gmc blazer I would've loved to take home as well. He had a really straight Plymouth fury 2 door.
  7. HeavyGunner

    Willys update

    I’d like to get my hands on the crew cab fc to add to the collection. The wagon I just picked up has been pretty well cannibalized so I’m thinking of tossing either my 350 or 6.0 liter in it and make it a daily driver that can cruise comfortably down the highway. Who knows for sure. I have 2 or 3 f heads in storage that i could throw in there as well. Time will tell.
  8. HeavyGunner

    Alsa easy chrome

    I’m hesitant to spend $200 on 4 ounces until I hear either in person or see lots of positive reviews. I see some videos on YouTube that says although it’s decent it doesn’t level out and shine nearly as well with a paint brush as the advertisement shows. But I’ll admit it is hard sometimes to wade through bs reviews, good and bad on the internet.
  9. HeavyGunner

    Willys update

    So the sickness begins...
  10. Anyone tried this? If so did it work as well as the video shows? Is there anything else that is similar that works like this stuff is supposed to? Thanks
  11. So what everyone has been preaching on here about wanting a better quality truck styled how we want would sell. I thought I read in one of the threads on here awhile back that other places in the world are behind us as far as emissions go. I thought that was the reason they can still get C15’s and we can’t when I asked why we couldn’t buy them here still.
  12. I’m with you. Put some gears so you can make shorter rpm splits and keep the engine in the sweet spot. Nothing more frustrating than driving an underpowered dog that can’t get out of its own way. Not only does it make for a long day but it makes a much more dangerous day for the driver who’s truck can’t even do the speed limit and or drops 10-20mph at the sight of any rolling hill because every impatient yahoo has to pass you no matter if its safe or not.
  13. HeavyGunner

    Remembering Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941

    That’s very admirable Paul. If only there were more like you.
  14. HeavyGunner

    Remembering Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941

    I try to always pay extra attention when my 90 year old grandpa talks about his experiences in the war. He signed up in 1943 at 15 years old and served until 1954. Made the Olympic shooting team in 1952 and always tells me about seeing the world during the war. He also has quite a few pictures of him and his platoon while they were abroad. God bless ‘em all.

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