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  1. HeavyGunner

    Titans in Canada

    And yet we hear on this website every week how there is no market for a good looking, well spec’d conventional with big bore power. We’re told we need those ugly, stubby cab overs from Europe. 🤮
  2. HeavyGunner

    1946 Woodie

    Not mine but I wish it was. https://kalispell.craigslist.org/cto/d/1946-ford-woodie/6724963242.html
  3. HeavyGunner

    Bad DEF fluid, What the?!

    The same way you get a dry van wedged under an overpass on a bike path 😄
  4. Halloween themed paint job too. In all seriousness I do like that color scheme.
  5. HeavyGunner

    Bad DEF fluid, What the?!

    Our shop has a spectrometer thingy that you can inspect the purity of def. I get a similar code on my truck fairly often and usually after having the code cleared it stays away for 3-6 months before coming back for no apparent reason. 2014 Coronado DD15 282000 miles 8889hrs forgot to add that I’ve tested the def quality multiple times when this happens and it never has been bad.
  6. HeavyGunner

    Some Truth or Consequences NM pictures

    Nice pics. The flat bed in the last pic should cover his rear tires before the back of the cab gets a bunch of rock dents.
  7. HeavyGunner

    Mack brand launches new heavy tractor

    I don't get it. They cut the Titan which was a good looking desirable truck that was priced out of the market. They cut the mp 10 but now make an entire new ugly truck available with the mp 10. Makes no sense to me. Should've just worked in properly pricing the Titan.
  8. HeavyGunner

    Help in the apple orchard.

    I heard there are flyers covering winfall looking for volunteers to pick th apples.
  9. HeavyGunner

    Here's something you don't see everyday.

    Climbing through a rodent sized hole to get in the sleeper looks lovely. If it’s listed in Dallas why does it say Bozeman Montana I wonder?
  10. HeavyGunner

    Presidential Alerts

    They do but the democrats have taken it to a whole another level. You can look at any news without seeing complete and utter click bait headlines everyday since trump got in.
  11. HeavyGunner

    Presidential Alerts

    The democrats will politicize anything even if it’s good. I hope all of the swing states see through their bs.
  12. HeavyGunner

    M1000 tank transporter

    What are you planning on hauling with that or is it just going to be for show?
  13. HeavyGunner

    Well, It Looked Like a Road

    Must’ve been really scooting along to wedge that bad under a bridge. It still amazes me how dumb people are. I understand we all make mistakes but I can’t tell you how many times of stopped got out and looked to see if I can fit under or make it around something rather than just push the pedal to the floor and pray for the best.
  14. HeavyGunner

    B Mid-Liner

    I really like that maroon. From afar looks like a well done conversion.
  15. HeavyGunner

    Help in the apple orchard.

    Thank you Vlad I just wanted to know generally what they were hollering about and you covered that. Wow brace guy that would willingly face a ticked off grizzly with a knife. Notice how it popped the suv tire by biting it?

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