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  1. Good to hear from you Mike. I'm sure things seem tough right now but hopefully everything will smooth out for you. We'll keep you on our thoughts and prayers.
  2. Remember her husbands meeting week before the investigation on the plane? Remember the leaked documents or maybe hacked documents that proved that the head of the DOJ wrote Hillary an email telling her what was going to happen so she could tidy up? Obummer and others in that administration gave a lot of help to her.
  3. Green under the hood, I'm pretty sure that'd be FWD's wet dream. 🤣
  4. I know where that truck is. As far as I've seen it's just used to dolly trailers around the yard. Go a little farther north on I15 and there are a bunch of big 80 series trucks still in use parked on west side of freeway.
  5. Very clean, not mine https://greatfalls.craigslist.org/hvo/6104163579.html
  6. Forward Volvo the link in an email 😁
  7. And you get free mulch after it's all said and done.
  8. Hopefully you get many happy trouble free miles out of it.
  9. Nice looking truck. Specs?
  10. Cdl holders have to be micro managed in everything we do at home or at work and the eld makes it harder to make a living. If I get any kind of a citation or warning in my own personal vehicle I get points against me according to company policy. Drivers are told how much we have to sleep and last year we were told when that had to happen (remember the 34 hr reset where you couldn't start between 1am and 5am) but that did get abolished this year. Now we get no privacy (cameras) and ELDs that hook to your trucks ecm and we are micro managed whether it be not putting our seat belt back on after opening a gate and pulling the truck trough and getting back out to close it, or how it sends out emails to all the bosses if you speed more than 1mph for more than 60sec. It hits drivers in the pockets hard when we think we can get a load and be done by our 14th hour but if it's going to be close 15 min or so we have to pass up the load and go home short 3-4 hours. The company doesn't get it product hauled and the drivers don't get their 40 hours a week all because a flipping computer that will email all of gods creation if you are 1 second over 14 hours. ELD are not going to make things safer, you're going to start seeing more accidents in my opinion due to people being in a bit more of a hurry due to the worry of being tattled on and wanting to get their 40 in.
  11. So your original post telling another member that their truck was subsidized to run on the highway WAS a load of BS.
  12. Yep and he pays many taxes to have the privelge of running that CL down the highway.
  13. Don't forget aim high in steering. What a putz. Everyone makes a mistake but that is far beyond a mistake.
  14. Your fanning the clutch to make it over a hill?! I'm guessing since you're new to Diesel engines you're new to trucking. If not you should know better than to fan th clutch. Sounds like you need to take it to a competent Diesel tech and get it looked at.
  15. We had snow last week. Then some nice days and it's pouring rain right now. Like the saying goes if you don't like the weather wait five minutes.