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  1. Typical out of touch liberal. It's ok for them to incite violence and destruction to get their way yet they are always the first to cry foul. Notice how much they're whining and literally throwing adult tantrums because they lost the election? Remember obummer not prosecuting the head of the IRS for targeting conservative groups? Or Hillary and obummer flat out lying about a terrorist attack and letting four Americans die right before an election to make sure they could win it? The left has done lots of heinous things to stay elected in my short lifetime and these are the people she admires.
  2. The sneak on the vc leader was one of he best parts. I saw an interview with Carlos and he said it took 3 days to sneak into position. He said he didn't move until the breeze blew so the grass was moving all around him concealing his moves. He also said he crawled on his side to leave less of a "path" behind him. He also stated that he didn't think he'd live through that mission. He figured once he took out the leader he'd be killed but by some stroke of luck the guards thought the shot came From behind them so they shot up a hillside while he made a stealthy, hasty exit.
  3. That's for sure. The only way we could beat china is quit exporting soy beans to them and starve them out.
  4. I've always had a problem with any type of news medium pulling that "sources say" nonsense. Either name them or its BS and don't spew it on the " news".
  5. You being able to run your mouth like the deranged out of touch cuckoo that you are. Grow some balls and go to one of those countries and run your mouth about the government and see how that turns out for you. It's sickening how you have no appreciation for our vets except for the rare times they support a poorly thought out argument by you.
  6. Carlos was a bad ass. Read his book White Feather more than once. Now I preface this next sentence with I highly respect anyone in the armed forces and this is not to take anything away from Chris Kyle. To me there is is no comparison between the two. Yes Kyle has more kills than hathcock, but hathcock did it by himself behind enemy lines with far less advanced gear. Many parts of his book give me the chills just thinking about the balls, bravery and composure it took to hunt down an enemy on their turf with so much cover for them to hide in. I'd be scared to death every step of the way if it we me trudging forward in unknown country looking for snipers, troops, booby traps and whatever else you might find there. Again thank you Paul and all our vets for what you do. On a side note Ed Kuegler has a very good biography about going through one of the earliest sniper training classes I'd guess you'd call it in Vietnam when they were first floating the idea about bringing snipers back for the first time since WWII.
  7. Anything that doesn't support your argument is "bogus" according to you. That's one of the many reasons why I have no respect for you.
  8. You're right David, and even with all of our flaws we're still the best place to be. I don't see possibly billions immigrate to any other country like here (talking about the entirety of our country's history).
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/harrisburg100.blog/2017/06/13/antifa-to-burn-flag-and-desecrate-graves-in-gettysburg/amp/ as usual you open your yap and defend any leftist group like a robot even before you take the 10 seconds it took me to google the story.
  10. Was that an early version of a heavy hauler to pull mega loads?
  11. The opposite side of that coin is we got cameras about six months ago. We have had zero accidents, now the 9 years I've been here as still have had zero. Nobody in our group (about 20 drivers at our terminal) has been caught on a phone or without seat belts so why invade our privacy? If I was an O/O camera wouldn't bug me at all because I know the footage would not go anywhere. At our safety meetings the show recorded incidents (our fault or not)to the whole company. I for one think that's BS. I didn't sign up to be humiliated in front of my coworkers like others have. Car pulls out in front of you, you brake hard, camera goes back 8 seconds and continues recording for 4 seconds. So if you were picking your nose, singing to the radio 8 seconds prior to the recorded event, surprise you're picking your nose, singing etc in front of your coworkers.
  12. Very cool read Paul. I have some family in Spruceville Ontario. Some of them came across the border and settled in the glendive Sidney area then moved west.
  13. None at all. Our politics seem so backwards no matter who is in office. If they paid politicians the median wage in America I think we'd actually get someone who cares versus someone who wants a cush career.
  14. Yep my company had a different elog system when I started here which was out dated much like ups system sounds like and we jumped to the latest and supposedly greatest elog so we could be in compliance. Again ups could do this rather than complain about how they will lose money. Welcome to the modern day of trucking ups.