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  1. Way to go Aussies

    It was nice seeing another leader telling it like it is. North Korea is the problem here, not the US and it’s allies. https://apple.news/AGhJPCQbLS8Gi0DtyDyf_ew
  2. The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Controversy

    That’s a bunch of bs. 1) We use ELD’s for our time clocks even though we have meetings to attend, trucks to wash and even days working in the shop. So that argument is bunk. 2)why would the fmcsa not allow you to put a new ELD in a new truck? 3) the last paragraph says the fmcsa sees no adverse affect on safety while granting these exemptions. So why are the rest of us unsafe if we don’t comply? just shows you that if your pockets are deep enough to keep well paid lobbyists on your side you can get special treatment.
  3. That's the terrible thing about today's "journalists" Grayhair, they don't report the news. Instead they make flashy click bait headlines to get clicks and ratings. Very interesting.
  4. Not saying NK is something to scoff at but they produce absolutely nothing. No gas, metal, food electricity. Break up their supply deliveries and they would not last long . Just my opinion. For some really interesting short documentaries about NK go to YouTube and look up Vice North Korea. A bunch of very interesting short documentaries on the subject.
  5. NFL What a disgrace !

    What does this have to do with the topic at hand? That's right I forgot when liberals don't have an intelligent argument they go right to pot stirring and name calling.
  6. NFL What a disgrace !

    It’s about whining the loudest gets you full media attention on 24hr news channels which dribbles into the snowflakes empty heads and they just repeat whatever is on the news condemning everyone which leaves them feeling like they accomplished something.
  7. Napier Deltic

    In the cut away pic above the number 19 there is a bunch of square openings. Are they part of the cylinder? If so does that mean it’s a 2 stroke?
  8. We've been dealing with North Korea since th Korean War ended trying to be diplomatic. It hasn't worked in 60 years, we just supposed to sit on our hands or draw the line in the sand but never back it up? If trump could shut up with the petty bs that the media just gobbles up and let his policies speak for themselves we'd all be in a better spot. As for telling that fat little turd in North Korea after he threatens to nuke a US territory while continuing launching missiles over and around our allies that we will not stand for this and will kick his a$$. Amen brother, look what happened when Obama (this isn't a left or right thing, it's just what happened) "drew the line in the sand" and did nothing. The terrorists got brave, called his bluff and went on gassing people and doing whatever they wanted boldly and unafraid of the paper tiger. Back to the original thread.
  9. We don't either, raise chickens and have laying hens. My wife and I usually put 2 elk and 2 deer in the freezer every year and every other year or so we buy a pig from the neighbor who raises pigs without growth hormones.
  10. This is certainly a concern but just like everything else organic the question must be asked, are you ready for food prices to skyrocket and 1/3-1/2 the world populations starve? We have made many strides in growing food more efficiently and larger yields than ever. Cut out herbicides, antibiotics, inoculants, fertilizer etc and suddenly we grow far less food slower than ever which would skyrocket prices and starve out a big portion of the world population.
  11. long awaited work shop finally started

    Yeah buddy! Looks good. Get her buttoned up before the snow flies.
  12. long awaited work shop finally started

    Just click the choose files link and then photos bob. As you pick out pictures they get loaded onto your reply. Then press the plus sign in/on the picture and it will put the picture with your text above them. Clear as mud? 😁
  13. '54 Plymouth Bit more than a buff out

    I guess I missed out, must’ve missed the memo 😁
  14. I am aware that people do conversions but I still think it’s odd that it isn’t a factory option. There’s an outfit in Bozeman that does the conversions but I heard it’ll set you back $30k which seems ridiculously high. Can’t be any worse than any of the Durango’s, explorers, expeditions, Yukon’s, suburbans, escapes etc etc.