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  1. HeavyGunner

    Mack B-81SX Brute

    That’s a beautiful beast.
  2. HeavyGunner

    Pictures of the Week

    Nice pics, even cooler that your better half is scouting truck shows for you.
  3. HeavyGunner

    General Motors News

  4. HeavyGunner

    Putin, the Internet and Vlad

    You must have that wrong Paul. China is the most progressive, caring, clean country and we all should do anything we can to support them 😝
  5. The clicking sound leads me to lean towards a relay. Try swapping a couple of them and see if that fixes the problem. If it does replace the bad relay.
  6. HeavyGunner

    Peterbilt Model 567 Walk-Around

    I’m guessing since you’re getting a second one you are liking the truck?
  7. HeavyGunner

    Peterbilt Model 567 Walk-Around

    The company I work for is switching over to the 567 Pete with 550 isx and 18 speeds this year. They’re fed up with Freightliner, and really fed up with Detroit’s and 10 speeds so they finally decided to quit buying trucks just because they are the least expensive up front.
  8. HeavyGunner

    Spotted on Craigslist

    Probably could justify paying that much for a non emissions truck when compared at the repair costs and down time.
  9. HeavyGunner


    I think the ladder is an option. The D10t (brand new) I saw this summer did not have one of those bulky ladders hanging off of the side.
  10. HeavyGunner


    I was watching a D10t this summer on that highway project near me push scrapers. Didn’t even labor it to do so, made the new 6 they had there look weak.
  11. HeavyGunner

    The Best of AOC for now

    She's a bone head socialist. Did anyone hear her say the we should provide financial stability for those who are UNWILLING TO WORK?! Has good intentions? Give me a break. Anytime someone wants to take another's money because it's "unfair" they have more you need to be worried.
  12. HeavyGunner

    Dodge Market News

    Anything over 26000gvw needs a cdl to be legal in Montana unless you're a farmer.
  13. HeavyGunner

    Beautiful Catastrophe IV

    Whoops! I hate it when the trailer quits following me.
  14. HeavyGunner

    Engine oil wt

    We run synthetic, it’s either 05-40w or 0-40w my memory isn’t working. Trucks start a helluva lot easier in subzero temps with that light oil. Run synthetic in all of the gear boxes as well.

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