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  1. Have no Detroit parts but easily found a booster for my 47 EE maybe 5 years ago online.  GM used that same part into the 70's.

  2. Finally got my EG finished. I've been using it as a daily driver for couple weeks now. It'll run 55 no problem, 60 if I'm feeling brave. The hydrovac is allowing brake fluid from the master cylinder to be drawn into the engine. Master goes dry after couple hundred miles. So the hydrovac needs a rebuild. Not many sources for this anymore. Has anybody had this done recently? About all I can find on line is Ed Strain/ White Post restorations. I called and they claim they can rebuild it, but, I wanted to check with you guys first. It's a Bendix tandem piston, 9.5 diameter. Part # 374300
  3. 6v71

    Work boots

    I've had two pair of Wesco boots and two pair of White"s boots over the years. I think they are the best boots you can buy. Both pairs of Wescos have been sent back and rebuilt twice. Wesco seems to be getting a bit uppity and their prices are getting out of hand. First pair I bought in 96 cost me 280. That same boot today would be over 500. Chippewa makes a good solid, made in USA logger for around $300.
  4. Very nice. I like your fabrication skills. Looking forward to seeing it run. It'll be interesting to see how it performs.
  5. I got a set from Neil Kauppila. Thanks everybody.
  6. Haven't called John. Didn't think he was still in the business. Was right by his place on Thanksgiving.
  7. Having a hard time trying to find door weatherstrip for a EG cab. Original style is rubber U shaped and held in place by a metal retainer running around cab door opening. Has anybody here found some type of replacement that will work or have any ideas? Thanks
  8. Hardly obsolete. As an locomotive mechanic, I work on them every day. EMD645 is the best engine GM ever produced. The two stroke Detroit is still used widely in locomotive, marine, stationary power plant and off road construction. Detroit powered Mack seems like the best of both worlds to me.
  9. Seems it would be easier to make the holes slightly oversize, then turn some new pins to fit.
  10. If only it had a 12V71 in place of the boring 3408.
  11. Sweet. Looks like it has top loaded rears in the video. Is that possible?
  12. I think they used to deliver heating oil to our house in the late 70's. I'll ask my folks.
  13. Ha! I remember that company. I grew up in Hanover PA.
  14. Super cool. Wonder if the rest of the driveline was updated to handle the additional torque.
  15. Can't imagine why anybody would have a problem with this executive order. It's only a temporary ban imposed on 7 countries who seethe hatred for the United States. Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Libya and Yemen. Look at the names on that list. Any events come to mind? Those countries have committed numerous acts of terrorism toward our country and it's citizens over the decades. There's plenty of countries that enjoy un-restricted travel to and from the US. Those being countries whose citizens don't have a tendency to blow up our ships and drag our dead soldiers through the str
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