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  1. Truck Shop

    Bought two today

    Yes that Corn Queen is a V-8 model. Truck Shop
  2. Truck Shop

    Bought two today

    You guy's are probably going to shoot me but there won't be any Mack running gear left in that B75 when I'm done. I bought a set of Eaton 404 3:70 ration rear drives with Freightliner {Air Liner} air ride suspension. Plus I have a RTOO12515 spd and a BCIV 676 CPL 400 which I will use BCIII after cooler and stat housing and make a full flow cooling engine out of. I'm shooting for a 260 wheel base. What I'm doing is building a truck some what like I drew ten years ago or so. Truck Shop
  3. Truck Shop

    440 chrysler

    Ah Ha! Laughing gas. How many shots of NOX had that engine been exposed to before it went poof? Probably several. 😉 Truck Shop
  4. Truck Shop

    440 chrysler

    The B/RB blocks and cranks were pretty good but it is a engine that needs a set of Eagle Rods if your going to run one a little hard. At least a set of ARP rod bolts then have the housing bores checked on the rods. Truck Shop
  5. Truck Shop

    440 chrysler

    The motor gods got tired of being in the dark inside that engine and just wanted a window to peek out of. Truck Shop
  6. Truck Shop

    Bought two today

    A couple of pics a friend on another forum who lived close by took of the adventure. Truck Shop
  7. Truck Shop

    1931 Internatinal B2

    And I will raise you 50, here's one that was setting with that Mack I bought. 1931. Truck Shop
  8. Truck Shop

    Bought two today

    And Steve the guy who owns those KW's and that Freightliner looks just like this guy Albert, hair and all. Steves nick name is {pie are square} Just like the Beverly Hillbillies he always reply's. Corn bread are square pie are round. Truck Shop
  9. Truck Shop

    Bought two today

    Steve also owns this old girl.
  10. Truck Shop

    Bought two today

    Every one wants that 56 KW, his dad bought it new.
  11. Truck Shop

    Selling products that don't exist.

    Yes it is
  12. Truck Shop

    Bought two today

    Towed it home today plus found another B75 on my way back home. I will have to check that one out.--------- Parked it among other old critters Truck Shop
  13. Truck Shop

    Selling products that don't exist.

    It's a Pro Winch and that square aluminum cylinder is a air clutch for free spooling. IIRC that Gearmatic is owned by PacCar so is Braden. When it's 10* below zero a free spool winch is a must. Truck Shop
  14. Truck Shop

    Selling products that don't exist.

    Got my winch, a different brand 45,000 lb, mounts built an painted plus installed-Pro Winch. Truck Shop
  15. Truck Shop

    1952 GMC 900

    He's not ready to sell that Jimmy but if he does he said he would let me know.

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