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  1. Craigslist Scan:

    i only check craigslist to Wyoming, West Coast is in my territory. Truck Shop
  2. B77 -CL

    Well that's all the more reason it should stay on the west coast, besides most of the old macks are hoarded on the east coast. You have to leave a few out west so we don't have the expense going to the east coast to see them. Truck Shop
  3. B77 -CL

    Me also Truck Shop
  4. Best Spaghetti Western Theme.

    Conducted by the one and only Ennio Morricone
  5. B77 -CL

    Thanks for correcting me, I edited the post. Truck Shop
  6. B77 -CL

    Actually I could own it and use my wheel lift to go it. But I don't know what I could do with it along with all the other stuff I find. My body is running out of fuel. Truck Shop
  7. B77 -CL

    Little on the high side but it looks complete. Truck Shop
  8. almost over

    I had one of these with 2sp kick back in the mid 60's it was a tough bicycle. Then twenty four motorcycles through my life, several junkers and several nice ones. A pic of one fast and one fairly fast 05 barge I owned. Had three wings truthfully the 95 1500 I had was the best one. Truck Shop
  9. Wheel lift toter

    Glad hands are there so I have trailer brakes if moving a tractor and trailer together. Female socket for tow lights. And yes Zacklift makes a fifthwheel attachment for moving trailers.
  10. Wheel lift toter

    I told him to focus on my good side and it didn't seem to help much! Truck Shop
  11. Wheel lift toter

    Installed, but haven't hooked up hydraulics yet. Waiting on winch to arrive and will do all the hydraulics at once. Damn that's a ugly looking mechanic standing next to the rig! Truck Shop
  12. Wheel lift toter

    Together and painted hopefully we will get them bolted on tomorrow. And I ordered the winch. Nice paint booth too. Truck Shop
  13. I showed this video to a friend that is a retired engineer and he estimated 35 to 40 mph on the train. The stopping distance at that speed on hard braking and depending weight of train would be over a third of a mile to a half mile. Just his opinion. Dumb Shit truck driver not reading signs and knowing his rig/ That's my opinion. Truck Shop
  14. Autocar the first commercial truck in the U.S?

    AU-7064-T is one model of short hood. Truck Snop
  15. Autocar the first commercial truck in the U.S?

    I'm with you on those A Cars. The B series 73, 75 and Lt's are first place with me followed by 50's and early 60's A Cars like the DC102"s. Then the 523 KW's then 351 Pete's. Truck Shop