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  1. There are major threads on this link of Hayes and Pacific log trucks plus tons of info from the men who did it in British Columbia. https://www.heavyequipmentforums.com/forums/forestry-equipment.91/
  2. The one with the load of logs is a Hayes so is the truck trailer.
  3. It's always been pretty common to see that attire for people who work in the woods out here. Everyone has pants with guy wires and bachelor buttons and the cuffs cut short on the legs. Don't want to get caught up in brush and have to be ready to move at a seconds notice.----Ain't that right HeavyGunner. A Hickory shirt is a must. Plus in 1958 there was old growth timber, that old B-logger probably saw a bunch of 6 to 8 log loads back then even with the extra wide bunks. Big Trees.
  4. This one here has a 1160 cat and 5X4.
  5. Just do a little something each day, and before you know it you will be looking for another one to go to town on.
  6. Or get a 1966 with a 1964 Truck Trailer Sleeper, my old rig.
  7. Well before we go any further you need to nail down what exact engine you have. Because starting in 94 the L10 became the M11 Celect tier 2 engine, the L10 was mechanical. There should be a data plate on the left front of engine telling you what it is.
  8. An L9000-1994 with a big cam-It should be a N14 or L10. What color is the engine? Black or tan.
  9. Or go back in time with the narrow hood and produce some like the one I drew and this one that I photoed.
  10. Good for you Hurst for staying with it, that's one more saved. Fine work!
  11. The fender extensions that fit between fender and cab to fender filler panels. All metal is 14 gauge, I hand cut and rolled the extensions over a 1/4 drum. Shouldn't be too long before I'm done with these.
  12. I always though the 700's looked like one of these except mack got the grille upside down.
  13. Body and paint guy finally finished the fenders, will spend next week building the fender extensions. Made a center hood support, made completely of stainless with stainless rivets and hinge, with a expansion joint at the radiator mount.
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