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  1. https://upauto.com/1932-ford/
  2. https://upauto.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/unitedpacific_Bronco_ACBR01_Catalog.pdf
  3. The hood is four pieces-two pieces riveted to make one side with one hinge down the middle. It will have some weight to it but it will weigh less than having three hinges one in the middle and one on each side. With anything like this hitting a happy medium gets tough-and sometimes leads to over thinking a problem. Because of the length at 71" and to control flex and warpage there are 5 bows underneath on each side. Those have to be there to keep hood panels straight. Louvers are 2 3/4" wide one row each side 33" long. Labor intensive it is.
  4. When it's painted and installed I will post photos. Glad it's coming to an end.
  5. Finally working the hood halves for the top, the two bottom panels are cut and now at a shop getting louvers pressed. Used the original front and rear hood bows and hand forming the three center ones for each side. The two pieces for each side will have 29-3/16 huck rivets running the length holding the panels together.
  6. Not mine. https://salem.craigslist.org/hvo/d/salem-1958-mack-water-truck/7192643928.html
  7. Walla Walla, paint is getting tired and interior needs some work but not bad condition, 220 and 10sp. With the possibility of it being for sale.
  8. I think I still have the lower section and manual box from my B75 if any one is interested or could possibly use it. Free.
  9. Scatter shield or horse blanket keeps your feet from looking like the guy who drove the Swamp Rat.
  10. Makes me glad I work and live in the middle of wheat fields. About the only noise I hear is the screech of a red tail hawk. The less people in general is better.
  11. The biggest problem with most frame extensions is the material used. Many jobs are done with only cold roll about 62,000 lb tensile strength. Standard rails from factory are 80,000 lb tensile strength and can go as high as 120,000 lb. Plus many liners or inside frame rails that are installed are nothing more than cold roll formed. I've done major frame jobs through the years and never had any problems, knock on wood.
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