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  1. I was at Lampson Crane last year taking pics of this crane and other odds and ends. That's me standing next to the tracks. Each concrete counter weight was stamped 71,000 lbs. It will lift 3,000 tons it's 400 ft high and weighs 7 million pounds. Truck Shop
  2. Great, thanks for letting me know I always worry about packages being lost or damaged. Truck Shop
  3. No pictures, that always makes me wonder If it's for real or foolery.
  4. Are saying it is a Mack or it's a nice picture? The reason I want to know if it is a Mack in this pic, it's in a logging museum and the curator wants to know what year it is and the make. Thanks for the replies. Truck Shop
  5. Is this Mack an Ab model and if it is what year -1925 maybe? Truck Shop
  6. Again I appreciate your input but I live in Walla Walla, Wa. about the only close truck show is in Brooks, Or. Plus when you do those types of things most shows require a vendors license or business license. Plus some shows charge a fair amount for a booth. So by the time you include the gas, food and motel you might brake even. The ones who make money at truck shows are the food vendors. Truck Shop
  7. Too funny -I just emptied it and your on the list Truck Shop
  8. And here is the 49 LTL-I rescanned it hopefully it turned out better. Truck Shop
  9. Well folks, I had a website in 05-08 called Big Trucks In Ink. I took out 1/4 page ads in the ATHS Wheels of Time and advertised in other places also. Even had tee shirts screened. I sold about fifteen prints for $10 bucks each and the shirts were twenty dollars sold three of those. Had I lots of e-mails inquiring and I don't know how many said they cost too much, I had security banners placed across the pics on my website to keep people from stealing my work. And some even contacted me admitting they tried to copy it. Thank you folks for the concern but It's mine to give away. And there's only one real Truck Shop who does freehand pen & inks like that and I'm happy to share my work with folks like you who care. Truck Shop
  10. Here is a Model A I did in 1988, it was about 17 hours IIRC. Truck Shop
  11. Sometimes only fifteen hours and some can run twenty plus hours. This steamer was twenty five hours. Well it wont let me load more than 14.65 so I guess I won't show it. Truck Shop
  12. Thank you all. I have drawn motorcycles, hot rods, steam locomotives just about anything that has wheels. But I have always liked putting a semi to ink the best. When I was a kid in the early 60's I would watch trucks all the time, started drawing trucks about 1961 I was five years old then and I never stopped til 3 years ago when I had back surgery. My whole body kind of went numb from nerve damage. But I'm getting better slowly and will start back with some art work here shortly. Here are some more oldies. I have a LTL I have to rescan it's blurred real bad. Thanks again Folks. If anyone wants some free prints PM me an address and I will send you some. Truck Shop
  13. I don't remember if I posted any of my art work, If I have just delete the post. Truck Shop
  14. FOR SALE

    ATHS forums discussion on the V-12 GMC, topic 92709. Truck Shop
  15. FOR SALE

    GMC did produce a few with factory 12v-71's. I saw a day cab with one in the late 70's. This CM 90 Chev sold for $5,800 a month ago. Truck Shop