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  1. Truck Shop

    1960 B75 Rebuild

    And frame assembled. Truck Shop
  2. Truck Shop


    New England Motor Freight is going out of business, is that true? Truck Shop
  3. Truck Shop

    1960 B75 Rebuild

    Rails are drilled and painted and got a few parts installed, should have the crossmembers and suspension mounts installed this week. 280 wheel base on thirty foot rails. Truck Shop
  4. That Pete has a Iron lung on it.
  5. Truck Shop

    Old Graders and Tractors

    Vladislav- it does say Buda Lanova on the rating tag at the back middle of the block you can just make out the small brass tag. I was told this one is a 1952 one of the last Buda's before Allis Chalmers bought them out in 1953. Truck Shop
  6. Truck Shop

    Old Graders and Tractors

    And a kill or maim you garden thrasher. Truck Shop
  7. These pieces of iron were hanging out with the AC's Truck Shop
  8. Truck Shop

    A KW, Pete and Federal

    Your right, and this Pete was wrecked and repaired with some hood parts from a Fageol. Truck Shop
  9. Truck Shop

    A Couple of Macks

    Forgot the important photo
  10. Truck Shop

    A Couple of Macks

    Allen Chase the man who owns these has a personal museum in Union, Ore. He has three restored AC's plus a ton of other great rigs. Yes these are future projects. Truck Shop
  11. Truck Shop

    A KW, Pete and Federal

    A first year 1939 Pete and a extremely rare bird a 1944 KW built during the war in Yakima, Wa. KW's built during WWII are very rare, the Seattle factory was used by Boeing to build air craft so the truck factory was moved to Yakima. Very limited production during the war years, this is the only war bird I have ever seen. The federal is a X13 model.
  12. Two AC's I got photos of today. Truck Shop
  13. Truck Shop

    RDF International

    Found this 1959 RDF 405 today, still has the 220 but with a 10 spd. Hood and cab are pretty good shape but has the typical 405 fender rash. Plus two green ones to go with it. Truck Shop
  14. Truck Shop

    What the heck is this beast?

    This thread for some reason reminds me of this rig http://theoldmotor.com/?p=144448

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