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  1. There's a possibility-I say possibility that it will have a new home in New Hampshire in a few weeks. Nothing set in stone.
  2. I use to but I don't have the time anymore, I'm about to retire, I'm tired and just want to sit down. Maybe latter on down the road. But thanks for asking.
  3. Your right-but I never started this thinking there would be any profit, As far as my time well I guess I could have wasted it watching football. I did the work for the challenge only expecting to recover cost. If I put a price on it for my time it would be so high people would just laugh, If a person wants to sell something it has to be realistic or it will never sell.
  4. Thanks for asking-Yes go ahead and use it, at least it's getting used for something.
  5. Thank you folks, but it's not perfect it has some flaws. Because I have flaws and definitely not perfect.
  6. No I did not build it for anyone other than me. It's for sale because I need to move on in life, it was a challenge I took on myself and it's finished.
  7. https://kpr.craigslist.org/hvo/d/college-place-1960-b75-mack-show-truck/7380394303.html
  8. Using the company tow truck headed to Pasco Wa today for a truck show tomorrow and to my surprise I see blue light in the mirror. WSP-just wanted some photos of my Mack it turned out. Read where it says Shipping and Lading. WSP Ticket 06-18-21.pdf
  9. With the rear drop manifolds on 220's the standard rear structure/bell housing used was the one Matt73 has in his photo of his 220 above that's painted yellow. With rear drop manifolds Cummins used that bell to lower the starter on the right side. At least that's what I have always seen in a factory built truck with a 220.
  10. One thing that hasn't been addressed-Eaton for many years used parts forged in the UK and Canada as well as the U.S.. But like so many companies they moved into gears, bearing and other related parts stamped else where. I spent years rebuilding Eaton gear boxes, the longevity on gear life isn't what it was 20 years ago. But with that said if you are rebuilding lets say a RTLO18913A the replacement parts and numbers are for a RTLO16913A. So basically you end up with a half and half transmission on torque rating. The tempering/hard surface process for the 18913a gears is more expensive and Eaton just replaces with 16913A parts. Sad but true.
  11. https://www.americanclassic.com/1947-53-Wiper-Motor-Electric-Conversion-12-volt/productinfo/67-064/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Bing Shopping&utm_term=4579259771914807&utm_content=Ad group %231 With some modification.
  12. Nice job, Those two motors are the same as the single unit I used. Good motors And the shaft length is the same too. https://www.americanclassic.com/1947-53-Wiper-Motor-Electric-Conversion-12-volt/productinfo/67-064/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Bing Shopping&utm_term=4579259771914807&utm_content=Ad group %231
  13. Great job. I used a EZ harness for a early 70's chev pickup, but only used about 3/4 of it. The rest I made up, it was 160 bucks IIRC. Wiper motor I used was for a 53 chevy pickup that was a conversion from vacuum to electric. Then modified the mack linkage, two speed with park.
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