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  1. 4449 Daylight Special

  2. 4449 Daylight Special

  3. 4449 Daylight Special

    She has spent the last five years getting a rebuild. I have been in the cab and I must say it was one of the funnest things I've done. She was under steam at the time. The most photographed locomotive on the planet and she will fly. I put this on here for the steam train enthusiast. Truck Shop
  4. Cracked Frame

    It had a small crack and then the rust got to it between the rails. The best way is to drop the suspension, cross-members and remove the inner rails. Cut the frame at the cleanest spot and replace outer rail and install new inner rails. 80,000 material for replacement rails. A bunch of work but it depends on the shape of the rest of the rig. If it's rough it might be a pass. Problem is when you pull the inner rail out you will probably find thin spots all through what's left of the main rail. Truck Shop
  5. See Eye To Eye

    Oh boy that's a fine sight . Truck Shop
  6. Antifreeze in fuel.

    Any thing with coppers or injector/water jacket sleeves can do that, Cummins, Cat and Detroit. For the 5EK and up 3406 and C-15's use the green cat loctite on the sleeve o-rings. The Series 60's use a large o-ring that you install in the injector bore on top of the sleeve then install the injector. The injector pushes down and seals off the top of the sleeve. I have seen old 855 Cummins push coolant mixed with fuel past the radiator cap after parking . Truck Shop
  7. 2016 cascadia no wheelie light.

    These new trucks may as well be mini vans--mini van=diaper wagon. I have never drove or rode in a mini van and never will. Truck Shop
  8. 2016 cascadia no wheelie light.

    When dropping off a steep grade you have to shift to manual flip the jake on and down shift it to the correct lower gear where the jake will hold. Not doing so can cause over speeds on the engine and Detroit will void the warranty. I find it to be less B.S. when the shift lever sticks through the floor and not a stalk hanging on the column. Truck Shop
  9. 2016 cascadia no wheelie light.

    The DD12 automatic is known for sometimes starting in too high of gear. We have a slight ramp into our shop and I've had several do that. But ours have a performance mode when programmed for manual shift. The one problem that will eventually arise will be after setting over night It will suddenly not want to shift from neutral to first or reverse without warming up for awhile. And the problem will only get worse. I will look up the repair for it tomorrow when I get back to the shop. Personally I hate the sons of bitches it's made our lazy drivers even lazier. And out side shops can't touch that transmission Detroit has locked up the info on it. Your stuck going to Freightliner. And yes brake wear has gone up having auto's in the fleet. It's suppose to be a truck not a car. Truck Shop
  10. I thought that was a submarine-K 19. I have seen several for sale in the last year. Truck Shop
  11. B-81

    You folks know the truck- It's picking a boom lift to change out some tires.--------------------Tocci Truck Shop
  12. Pressure in coolant

    Install a pressure tester, do not pump up leave it at zero on the gauge start engine and see if gauge climbs. Get a Napa block check tester go by the instructions. If you see bubbles and it turns the fluid green there are exhaust gases in the cooling system and clamp off the compressor cooling lines while testing if you can. Truck Shop
  13. A friend took this photo today. Truck Shop
  14. Go figure. Autozone strike again......grrrrr.

    One thing people miss on installing joints is making sure they swivel freely. Sometimes you have to wack the yokes to free them up, if it won't swivel free without binding it won't last even if it's a Spicer joint. But I agree with only using Spicer brand. Truck Shop
  15. 1975 LH Jimmy-CL Truck Shop