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  1. Yep the cardboard headliners aren't cheap, throw the custom upholstery job on top of that and it will eat up a $1,700.00 dollar bill. All depends on what a person wants. It reminds me of a nice casket.
  2. It's new headliner-one of those expensive ones Watts sells.
  3. That's the GPS sensor for the 160 mph speedometer. 😉
  4. Does the shifter move fore and aft when you let off the fuel or accelerate slightly? More than likely main shaft end play? Would be my thought.
  5. Should be a E-6 valve, sure you don't have the ports mixed up? you have supply going to delivery-Supply should be IIRC 11 and delivery 12- on primary and secondary supply 21 and delivery 22. IIRC
  6. One other thing I used was Bostik 1100 urethane/adhesive to hold the weather striping in the register tracks and the two vertical seals in the vent windows. Those were originally riveted but using the 1100 and letting it set 24 hrs you can't tear them out. We use the 1100 to patch the inside of our refer trailer walls. When it drys it's stuck for good.
  7. A mechanic I know on another forum took that photo. He works in the Atacama Desert at a mine in Chile.
  8. Whats that behind me?
  9. One extra thing to help besides using tape. I used duct tape around the rolled edge of the opening in the door then smeared a thin layer of Napa brand Sil Glyde on the duct tape. The registers slid right over the tape/ no scratches.
  10. On the early FRO's the shift fork in the rear section was held in place with a snap ring, those are known to break. You will have to remove the transmission and remove the top cover/shift bar housing. You will be able to see the shift fork and shift bar. Snap ring goes on end of shift bar. It's a simple fix. I have repaired several for that problem.
  11. If your talking about the 1/2 hole in the dash, that will just get a chrome push-in plug, And yes the cab is off frame and that hole in floor is for clutch pedal.
  12. H67ST I bought the insulation off Ebay, it was the best price I could find. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Heat-Proof-Insulation-Killer-Sound-Deadener-Mat-Classic-Cars-Truck-Automobiles-/174087580510
  13. Dash finished, go to work on the doors. the headliner is being covered with gray diamond tuck.
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