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  1. Makes me glad I work and live in the middle of wheat fields. About the only noise I hear is the screech of a red tail hawk. The less people in general is better.
  2. The biggest problem with most frame extensions is the material used. Many jobs are done with only cold roll about 62,000 lb tensile strength. Standard rails from factory are 80,000 lb tensile strength and can go as high as 120,000 lb. Plus many liners or inside frame rails that are installed are nothing more than cold roll formed. I've done major frame jobs through the years and never had any problems, knock on wood.
  3. Main shaft end play, rear main shaft support bearing or input shaft bearing allowing 3rd and 4th sliding clutch to move, does the shift lever move fore and aft when throttling up or down while moving. Plus 3rd and 4th gear clutching teeth are probably worn right along with the sliding clutch teeth. 3rd and 7th are used alot and first to go. Plus a worn broken main shaft key can cause issues too.
  4. It's a synchronizer hub in the back section, and yes you do have to remove the counter shaft bearing covers and install retaining straps to hold the counter shafts in-place It is much easier to just remove the transmission, stand vertical on bell, install straps on counter shafts and remove the rear section. It's easier to reinstall plus easier to check/reset counter shaft end play..
  5. All three axles are aligned, first the back then the steer then the front drive.
  6. The shop i'm in was an old cat crawler shop. Those are RR iron set into the concrete floor to keep the growzers off the floor. 90% of work was D5 and D6 Cats used in dry land wheat.
  7. To stop the problem-I think everyone should get sprayed in the face with it.
  8. Nobody asked about the steel rails in the floor!
  9. Mobile, He has running a mobile alignment/suspension rebuild business for 28 years. I have known him for 23 years. Don is damn good at what he does and doesn't hurt for work.
  10. Did get the alignment done today. Rear axles were off 1/16" equally, I had toe in at zero reset to just under a 1/16, and the caster was dead on at 4*. The custom long hood is in the body shop.
  11. In civilian life once you drop the hammer your life has changed forever and usually not for anything good. Fact And your giving the little pukes too much credit-----they don't even know what the word liberal means. Their only goal in life is to be destructive.
  12. I use to see Van Cleve years ago at SIR. That car always had a nice launch.
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