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  1. Truck Shop

    1960 B75 Rebuild

    I deleted photos in my old threads still won't let me post any photos. So If you want to see any progress photos go to my thread under {Old Iron} 1960 B75 on Heavy Equipment Forums. I'm tired of fiddling around here trying to post photos. Sorry. Truck Shop
  2. Truck Shop

    1960 B75 Rebuild

    Soda blaster cleaned up real nice and everything went to the body shop. The doors were in great condition and the cab was also but there will be several hours welding the drilled holes shut in the cab. The radiator core is in great condition only two tubes had small amounts of crud in them. I would post photos but for some reason there is no place to do it. Apparently I reached my max on images now I just have to figure out how to manage attachments to free up space it says.
  3. Truck Shop

    No photos

    For some reason I can't post any photos on my B75 rebuild thread, will not show attachment bar. Truck Shop
  4. The R model steering box is a HFB64055 from a R686ST mid 80's. Truck Shop
  5. Truck Shop

    1960 B75 Rebuild

    I'm the only one, If I need help with something heavy there are two others in the shop to help me. Truck Shop
  6. Truck Shop

    1960 B75 Rebuild

    Have made some progress and as soon as I get the doors gutted I will send those plus the cab to the soda blaster. Truck Shop
  7. Truck Shop

    Another new guy

    Oh yeah Superliners were available with the dozen there was one years ago that roamed the West Coast with twin turbos, engine was built by a boat yard in Long Beach Ca. That puppy flew. There was not a Cat or Cummins around that would run with it. Truck Shop
  8. Truck Shop

    Another new guy

    Good to see you here. Members- 12V71 is a bonafide Detroit mechanic and pretty damn smart on Cat/Cummins also. Enjoy the Forum RZ. Truck Shop
  9. Truck Shop

    Bought two today

    Yeah Big Mack Forums are pretty good. The photos are some of the best online that's for sure. There are a bunch of good folks on here that have some great humor. Truck Shop
  10. Truck Shop

    62? Diamond T C.O.E. CL

    You mean one of these Royale's
  11. Truck Shop

    Bought two today

    Well I'll be it's RZ, about time you made it here. Truck Shop
  12. Truck Shop

    62? Diamond T C.O.E. CL

    I've spent most of my money on old trucks and motorcycles, the rest I just wasted. Truck Shop
  13. Truck Shop

    1960 B75 Rebuild

    Made my decision today on power plant, rear drives and gear box. Bought a 81 Freightliner for way less than scrap price with a running BCII 350, 10 spd and 3.70 ratio SQHD's for $500.00 bucks It's too bad because the cab is in pretty nice condition but it will go for aluminum scrap. Plus the engine bell is right hand starter which helps make room for the power steering box. There are lots of other parts I can use also. Truck Shop
  14. Truck Shop

    62? Diamond T C.O.E. CL

    Because there is more open ground, hills and mountains to hide things. Truck Shop
  15. Truck Shop

    1960 B75 Rebuild

    Actually I have several choices of Cummins power and several gear boxes, so at this point I'm not really sure. Really just a small cam 350 would be plenty for a garage queen Truck Shop.

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