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  1. A bit out of the way, but I know of a L cab 73 setting in Royal City, Wa. frame, cab and radiator look to be there. Not sure on fenders or hood . That stuff could be there also.
  2. Well here buy this rusty pile. https://kpr.craigslist.org/hvo/d/dayton-56-mack-b75-wrecker/7051918187.html
  3. I know years ago a common practice was smearing some bees wax on the welting to keep the hood sliding and stop squeaking on old vehicles that had hood welting. From what I've been told it worked well and was cheap.
  4. I used the CHL1316 WS 3/16 because of the longer hood it will be made out of 16 gauge to keep it's shape. So I allowed for thicker material with the 3/16 lace.
  5. Welting came from Restoration Specialties, window sweeps from a 68 Ford pickup.
  6. Not very good photos,sorry. Hood length will be right at 72"
  7. Cummins estimates it only takes six ounces of fine dust to eat the rings and liners. fwiw
  8. Is it a 676 cpl, those had a higher compression ratio. Cummins doesn't really use cylinder psi as a test but instead goes by inches of water on a blow by test. fwIw
  9. This 11" is not a bad fit, from a Freightliner 90's model FLD.
  10. That was not a Mercury, looks very much like a Truck Trailer built.
  11. finished with mirror brackets, sanded them down and shipped them off to the plating shop.
  12. Those are some really nice sign art, but unless one has done signs on a brick surface one can't know what a job it is. When I worked in my dads sign shop we restored several old business signs on exterior brick walls. Several that we did were for the town of Roslyn, Wa. for a movie by Stanley Kramer {The Runner Stumbles} and later Northern Exposure.
  13. This what I came up with for the visor I used. All 1/8 material
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