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  1. Getting down to the wire, a few work lights to add and a 36" or so rotating halogen. Truck Shop
  2. Except you left out some major calculations. Cleaning the DPF filter and replacement will eat a hole in the diesel savings. Your lucky to break even on fuel savings after dealing with that. That is the #1 gripe even with big fleets and that maintenance is the same weather you own one or a hundred. Lose the [ONE box as it's called in a Freightliner] and you just dropped 10 grand. So actually you really don't understand. My last reply on this subject. Truck Shop
  3. Almost two miles.
  4. That cab and grille combination on the 73's was a great design. Next to the LT one of the neatest looking trucks ever built. Truck Shop
  5. I put a Holmes 750 on it and I believe it was converted to a Holmes 1701 and it resides in Sandy, Or. Pic of it with the Holmes 750. Didn't mean to high jack your thread Casper. Truck Shop
  6. I ran this old girl for quite a few years and made money with it, never let me down no payments either. 1966 with a 64 Truck Trailer sleeper. So yes it can be done. Truck Shop
  7. First I would sand depending on surface using 320, 400 then 600. I use a DA air sander. Then most people use rouge on a 8 to 10 buffer wheel. This one I'm doing now I'm short on time so sanded and Mother's mag polish is all it will get for now. Next year I will go back over them when I have more time.
  8. Sure go out and buy a truck that's only five years old, hell it could send one through the side of the block just as easy. It's a truck- a perpetual wear out machine, open the hood in the morning and dump a sack full money in there and drive away. New or old trucks are all the same. Truck Shop
  9. I cut them vertical because that method is how Kenworth says to do it on a frame repair. Their frame service section lists vertical cuts only and six 5/8 bolts equally spaced two inches from weld, three each side. Truck Shop
  10. The only way I can see that Fuller/ Eaton working is with a auxiliary gear box or change drive axle ratios also. That transmission pictured could either be a 12513 or 14613. The slave valve on the side is the early style IIRC 4688 model. It does have the tall shift tower. More than likely it is a RTO, more common than the RT. Truck Shop
  11. Getting a little closer, steer wheels are getting polished now and we started work today on polishing the fuel tanks ans hydraulic tank. Have a used cab guard to clean as well. But the drive wheels look ok for old wheels. Truck Shop
  12. Well if I could work on it full time and had all the parts when I needed them I should have been done two weeks ago. But with all of our trucks and trailers and outside work on farm trucks getting ready for harvest it's eaten up a fair amount of time. Truck Shop
  13. Yes Truck Shop
  14. The Hendrickson northwest field man showed up at our shop today and inspected the broken axles. He admitted it was metal fatigue that caused those axles to break. And those axles that broke were first generation and redesigned twice since. As far the air pressure being to high- 70 psi is not out of range for our application. As far as correct height he looked at two other trucks we have{ same model and wheel base} measured and found nothing wrong with installation. And all of our trucks have factory installed drop axles. So That's- That. Truck Shop
  15. A few more pics of progress, waiting on fenders from Pro Tech. Last time I buy anything from them. I need the fenders mounted so I know where the top side tool boxes will set. I fabricated the light housings and other mounts. Couldn't find what I wanted pre-made. Truck Shop