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  1. Truck Shop

    Guess the year of this KW

    Fare enough! Truck Shop
  2. Truck Shop

    Guess the year of this KW

    I see your a troll-standard Pennsylvania model or top line national model and one that can't read. I said I will get pics when I go back to get my parts. Truck Shop
  3. Truck Shop

    1960 B75 Rebuild

    Those rear drives I traded out to a friend as basic scrap {no one around here is interested in them}. But If you are interested he will probably sell them pretty cheap. I think the ratio was 6.30 something could be wrong on that. I wasn't planing on using them so I really never looked. Truck Shop
  4. Truck Shop

    Guess the year of this KW

    Well now I have to ask- I ran across two un-restored AC Macks and another that is restored today as a matter of fact. Now with those Mack's were two 30's KW's and a 1939 Pete. Now I have to go back to the salvage yard in the very near future to pickup the steer axle and other parts that were given to me for my B75 by the owner. And I'am going to get pic's. Big question does anybody want to see pics of the AC Macks. If so am I going to hear flack about the KW's and Pete I post under {Other Trucks}? Truck Shop
  5. Truck Shop

    Guess the year of this KW

    That's true but they did build some west of the Rockies for a while. And I think that batch of cookies were the better ones. lol Truck Shop
  6. Truck Shop

    Guess the year of this KW

    I think the title of this forum is Other Trucks. But I agree there are things everyone does not care for, for me it's anything east of the Rockies. Truck Shop
  7. Truck Shop

    Guess the year of this KW

    I like damn near anything from 81 down. Old trucks have character, new trucks look look like a egg with small fins, can't tell one from another. And less reliable. Had a two reps from Freightliner-Portland in the shop a month ago discussing issues. I don't think they were impressed with me. I told them it's a good thing they don't build airplanes. Truck Shop
  8. Truck Shop

    1960 B75 Rebuild

    Removed the SQHD 3.70 ratio drives that I will use from the housings. Which are in pretty good condition, other than setting the preload on side bearings just a fraction on the rear drive. Clean and replace seals will be about it. Main reason for disassembly of the front power divider was to check the nut on the pinion drive gear, It's tight and staked. Truck Shop
  9. Truck Shop

    Guess the year of this KW

    The rig above was purchased as a glider kit new in 1966. Truck Shop
  10. Truck Shop

    Guess the year of this KW

    Last three built and owned by the same person. What year is it? Truck Shop
  11. Truck Shop

    1960 B75 Rebuild

    A little more done, finished my free 15 spd I rounded up. Have a whopping $150 bucks into it, RTO 12515 with a aluminum bell. Finished wiring and plumbing the 400 for easy installation. And a bunch of time repairing the headlight buckets, one was cracked from opening to fender edge and the other had a piece broke out on the bottom next to radiator support. You can see it at the start of page one. Truck Shop
  12. Truck Shop

    1960 B75 Rebuild

    Here is a video that explains the operation of a Cummins PT pump. Much easier than and more precise than I can do.
  13. Truck Shop

    1960 B75 Rebuild

    Finished the BCII 400 and test fired this afternoon, ran just fine. Removed the stock 42 button and installed a 32 button, has a little cackle to it. Truck Shop
  14. He is moving along. I haven't even gone by the body shop my 75 is in since I dropped the cab and fenders there a ways back. I suppose he will give me a call when it's done. Truck Shop

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