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  1. Early 60's heavy

    Price is high and years are off but the cab and nose are pre 1964 Truck Shop
  2. Wix filters

    Some filters are better than others for sure, but if a bearing goes to hell and a rod puts a window in the block the brand of filter doesn't matter much. IMO The thing for trucks is the oil change intervals are done at the right mileage and on time every time. Truck Shop
  3. Charlottesville

    Well I will start first with a picture of myself and partner in crime in our shop. That's me on the left and Gayle the other mechanic on the right. I do look somewhat like that. But everyone tells us we definitely act like these two. Truck Shop
  4. Wheel lift toter

    With harvest and many other things going on it got put on back burner for a bit. Too much work going on, but we will be back on it soon. Thanks for asking. Truck Shop
  5. Charlottesville

    This doesn't have anything to do with D's or R's. What it has to do with is a group who hates, and when they run out of their favorite people to hate they will just find someone else. It's been in progress since 1865, and here it is 2017 and it seems some Americans haven't learned much. Truck Shop
  6. Question for married members

    Now you guy's know you can't market those ideas with out a set of these, especially that poop alarm. But wait there's more! Truck shop
  7. 79 K100

    The guy that owns it is retiring from farming, and he is getting rid of several things this being one of them. I have had an eye on it for years, I don't believe he wants much for it. I know his son in-law and he told me they just want to get rid of it. Truck Shop
  8. 79 K100

    Believe me I'm not a torsion fan-that would go and a 260 wheel base change also. Truck Shop
  9. 79 K100

    I was hoping it had a 12V71. Truck Shop
  10. 79 K100

    Looked at this 110" sleep KW today, it was a little warm out 99*. 1979, 8V92 on torsion suspension. No rot living out here, been setting for 11 years. Use to drive one of these. Truck Shop
  11. International 9800i COE

    A redo of mine from American Truck Spotters Guide. Truck Shop
  12. My dad had a sign shop from 1948 to 1983. I learned how to freehand letter and pinstripe working with him. He did some of the best bomber nose art during WWII. When he left the service in 46 he worked for Seagrave in Ohio gold leafing fire trucks till late 47. He was a pro with gold or silver leaf. We lettered hundreds of truck doors, his lay out was just chalk no tape and normally the customer wanted script. I remember a customer asking why we didn't follow the chalk lines in the lay out-my dad replied the chalk is only to make sure the spelling is correct before lettering. He passed away in 83 I lettered truck doors for a few more years then gave it up. Some damn fine lettering in those pics above. Truck Shop
  13. Western Movie Themes

    He is forced to kill his own son.
  14. Western Movie Themes

    The duel-The Big Country
  15. Western Movie Themes

    The 1959 classic The Big Country with Gregory Peck. Burl Ives played a role as a true hard ass no one could have played that part better. Truck Shop