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  1. Three speed that has a low torque rating of 675 to 775 I believe.
  2. It's pretty easy, mileage. the company I work for has 68 tractors, eleven old units with DDEC IV 550 hp 1850 torque 14L, four DD16 and the rest DD15 some rated at 535 hp and some at 505 hp. The mileage on the DD16 is not so good. The DD15 is better but the Series 60 will stay pretty close to it on the mileage end at 5.2 pulling 100,000 on northwest grades. And the Series 60 14L will out pull the the DD16 rated at 565 hp. At least the 550 hp 60's we have will. But the cost of running a DD15 can be a problem. Biggest problem is keeping the fuel rail where it enters the cylinder head from leaking oil around the grommets. Variable speed water pump $950 and Detroit is always on back order because everything is going to new production. Cylinder heads can have a problem with valve seats around 500K, three week wait period is normal for replacement head. Air compressor is real fun to change and the coolant feed hoses to the compressor constantly are needing replaced-it's a push lock preformed plastic/nylon hose starts gushing around the o-ring. Plenty of issues. Some laugh at the old 12.7 L Series 60 but the last years from 1999 to 2003 with piston coolers added to the block {early 12.7's didn't have piston coolers} rated at 500, 1650 torque ran pretty good. I know of three that were factory rated at 515 hp 1650 torque and all three ran 1.1 million on the original head gasket.On the early 12.7 L GK series without piston coolers factory max rating was 470 hp 1550 torque. And scads of those ran over a million on the original head gasket. I think the DD15 is getting better but it is a rather slow process.
  3. Note in the photo below this Vickers pump and Ross steering has a return flow from the Vickers pump back to reservoir. One pressure line from pump to gear, one return from gear to reservoir and one suction line. It was a fairly common set up on PacCar's. At higher rpm the pump bypasses some at road speed at low rpm it steers easy backing up.
  4. The company I work for mainly has DD15's and only a few Series 60 DDEC IV 14L rated at 550 hp 1850 torque. The 60's will out pull the DD15 rated at 565 hp plus the mileage is the same. I hated to see the Series 60's go away and DD15 take over, we had way better luck with the 60. IMO
  5. In 1989 I was at a seminar put on to discuss tech issues on the Series 60, a question was asked about Deere's involvement with Detroit in the design of the 60. It was answered with a resounding {No}. But that Deere was building or had built major components was noted.
  6. It was only the Series 50 that Deere was involved in and even at that Deere was only contracted to cast the cylinder heads. Which was not designed by Deere. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Detroit_Diesel_Series_50
  7. Truck Shop

    Tire irons

    When I'm buying tires for the fleet {65 tractors, 96 trailers} the price includes mounting. I've spent too many years working the floor as a mechanic, I haven't and won't bust tires, silly to have mechanic busting tires.
  8. For quick lesson this video probably is the best, and he runs some speed on the buffer-but he does it for a living too. Notice the direction the buffer is turning and he chases the polish line upward. The thrown off polish is always moved in the next pass, not below the wheel.
  9. For DIY use just go to harbor freight they have two models of polishers I bought the $75.00 buck one that has like four speed settings, 1000 to 3500 rpm. And I found 3500 works best. I bought a 3 pack of one 10" and two 8" buffer wheels with three two lb bars of polish for $92.00 bucks off ebay. All of it worked real well, as you can see below.
  10. I'm using this outfit for door seals, vent window seals and weather stripping for my B cab. Nice work? https://www.steelerubber.com/
  11. And that D8 above was moved by this 56 B71 all it's life.
  12. This D8 14A wet clutch cut many a logging road and forest service road years ago, still used to dress the roads on the farm where it sets.
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