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  1. Well I can see this will go on and on forever.
  2. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2021/01/14/fact-check-dominion-voting-machines-create-ballots-only-audits-tests/3973030001/
  3. That's pretty baseless-It doesn't have anything to do with how many showed up for a rally. I had a boss some years back that was selling a truck, about ten minutes before the would be buyer showed up the boss came back to the shop. He told me to tell the interested party that the trucks runs out real good. I looked straight at him and said straight out-{I have never looked at that truck, run it or drove it. Boss said again {just tell him it runs out real good ok} I looked the boss right in the eye and replied { Your asking me to lie for you--Then you better let me kn
  4. If it has a lot of hours on it and the front structure gear train hasn't been checked it needs to be checked. The bull gear and related gear bushings can drop the oil pressure when hot at idle considerably. To check the aim on 3406 piston coolers Cat does that on a fuel injection test bench. Saw one in late 90's that the bull gear bushing gave out and bull gear sawed a half moon cut through the front cover before disaster struck a short time later.
  5. If the election was really rigged as some are saying and Biden is also some kind of sleepy idiot to boot. Just how did this mass election fraud take place if Biden is such a idiot? How could a idiot be able to control that many election boards across the U.S. and rig the election? If that were the case as some believe then Joe Biden is just possibly the smartest idiot on the planet. But none of that happened. Didn't happen folks. Not one reliable person has come up with verifiable proof-not one.
  6. Finally got the hoods back and one side installed, a few small discrepancies but other wise ok. Maybe next week it will be completed. Sorry one photo is not so good.
  7. This doesn't fit everyone from that age but it does fit a high percentage of them.
  8. Most of depended on how big and which city you lived in. But the real problem is acreage to the amount of people in the united states. Population in 1968-205,000,000 Population in 2020-331,000,000
  9. It's called meeting in the middle, Both side have to give, it can't be one direction. I will help anyone who needs real help I won't help or go along with phony ideas or laziness. Every morning I get up and make concessions all day in order to achieve what I started out to do. I think everyone likes their freedoms, just some don't show it or think about it.
  10. The FBI is arresting those people, local law enforcement is responsible for last year. What part is it you want back? Because if it's all of it-most of it you wouldn't want back if you grew up in the late 50's through the 60's. It wasn't leave it to beaver.
  11. Now as I stated before some time back {I voted Republican for years I'm a Independent for the last 8 years}--- So You don't have to campaign very hard when your opponent is your best salesman.
  12. Democrat's won't hold all three branches this time. Here's the facts. https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/fact-check/2016/12/01/fact-check-one-party-three-branches-federal-government/94636286/
  13. Republican's controlled the congress and senate in 2016 and they lost it if their own accord. Before that the dems had control, It's this constant us or them-question can anyone pick out the party another person is affiliated with by how they look or dress, really does any of it matter? A person should have learned by the age of 8 they don't always get what they want, concessions are a part of life.
  14. Rumors are not facts, There was no conspiracy for anyone to fake the protest as anything other than what it was. It's 2021----Lets stop the whining, gripping, finger pointing and decreeing that any one party is better than the other. It's all nonsense and has no percentage. It's what has gotten us to this ridiculous point in history.
  15. No, by rule it will be the speaker of the house.
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