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  1. Napier Deltic

    Here's a video of some Deltic noise turn the volume up It's leaving the station in a hurry. Truck Shop
  2. Napier Deltic

    A discussion came up at work about odd engines and I tried to explain the Deltic and ended up using this cutaway pic which did a much better job. Saw one this last summer loaded on a drop deck headed for port of Seattle. First and only one I've seen. Truck Shop
  3. birthday present

    Red like this one? Truck Shop
  4. Results from Reno air Races

    A little interesting info on the Walla Walla air field. Truck Shop
  5. Results from Reno air Races

    On the eve of the eclipse Aug 20th I'm setting on my patio later in the evening when I heard the unmistakable pitch of a Rolls V-12. I don't live far from the airport in Walla Walla. I looked up to see a P38 followed shortly after by a P51. I waited a few minutes watching both bank back toward the airport. On the second fly by the 38 picked up a P40 and a F4U, the third fly by was one more a P47 Thunderbolt/Jug. Those planes were on their way to an air show and just stopped for fuel. It was really neat to see five of the greatest fighters ever built all flying at once and hardly anyone in town saw it or probably cared. Because few people look up anymore. Truck Shop
  6. 49 IH fire truck-CL

    Cool looking old IH. Truck Shop
  7. Yes, But I have to laugh at all the concern over the possibility of over tight wheel bearing preload. It's a pretty simple job And one would have to really get carried away setting a hub that tight. It's an area that has been blown way out of proportion. And yes no one wants an accident but the Stemco rep agreed that zero is best. The Conmet and Stemco with the bearing spacer called Pro Torque is not reusable on a wheel seal change because that set up is only good on new bearings and races. If the spacer is reused you put the same sloppy end play back in that wheel end. We throw the spacer away and install the two nut, two locking washer set up that was used for years. That way the hub bearings are zeroed and we have no issues. What really causes bearings to fail is no lube or bad seal. New wheel ends are set up by machines these days and we have found new trailer hubs that have almost zero end play on one side and the other side set as much as .016 end play. Even had a rep from Hendrickson in the shop when we found two on the same trailer with leaking seals and the trailer was two months old. Both set at .014, He didn't have much to say, bad case of lock jaw. Truck Shop
  8. We set them at Zero end play. Especially three axle trailers which is all we have. The factory sets them with end play and usually we start changing out wheel seals within a month from new. The front and rear axles sweep in a turn and if there not zero those will go to leaking in short order. Most of the time we reset them as soon as a new trailer arrives. Truck Shop
  9. '54 Plymouth Bit more than a buff out

    With an average of twenty eight guns per house hold and a little over one million people living in Montana I would say at least everyone took a shot at it. What an ugly pile. Truck Shop
  10. 1953 Euclid R-10 Dump Truck

    One thing about Euclid --------------very basic. Truck Shop
  11. Local iron show

    Thanks-------------------That sleeper is a Truck Trailer AKA Arrow Liner, built in Spokane years ago. Truck Trailer was the parts side of Alloy Trailer company. Truck Shop
  12. The finest slogan or phrase I ever lettered on the side of a sleeper was { The Memory Maker Inn }. Truck Shop
  13. Wheel lift toter

    Left click on pic twice and it will expand Truck Shop
  14. Nice work he does, wish my hands were more limber so I could do the freehand sign work I did in the 70's & 80's. Truck Shop
  15. The only one I found on the cover of Over Drive is this one and it has a Merc. Truck Shop