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  1. Alabama

    Which one of these would you trust? A lawyer, judge, doctor, politician, priest, cop or a pimp. Truck Shop
  2. Pen & Ink Art Work

    A member on another forum asked if I could produce a pen and ink of his 74 W900. After three attempts I finally finished it. It was the first art work I had done in ten years. Note the dates on the ones I posted in this thread. After finishing that custom drawing I started this 60 Autocar last Monday the 4th, I worked on it two hours a day because my skill has gotten rather rusty along with my vision and steadiness. I have a L cab B75 I'm working on next. Truck Shop
  3. Typical Shop Work

    Sorry, no I don't. And it's not a dumb question. Truck Shop
  4. Typical Shop Work

    Well there are a few sticklers with future gliders, Freightliner anyways. A glider has to be minus two major drive train components to be a sold as a glider. If you order a glider from Freightliner right now with a engine you have to have a core to turn in against it or you will be charged 30,000 for the core. Freightliner has sold so many gliders Detroit is running low on complete cores. And Freightliner from what I understand will stop the glider program in 2020 even with the new EPA plan on gliders. And unfortunately there just isn't that many fleets that want to spend the time building a glider or the shop area and mechanics to be able to complete it. Basic cost of Detroit special tools to rebuild a series 60 about $1,800.00 and most shops that don't have those tools aren't going to invest in tools for 14 year old engines. Thanks for the replies. Truck Shop
  5. Typical Shop Work

    Finished that 14L - 550 hp 1850 torque. The boss is buying another glider so that's where this engine will go. Also changed out the oil cooler and air compressor plus new exhaust manifold. Truck Shop
  6. J series Sterling

    Found this info on old ATHS thread about Sterlings, The pics of the J series are on pages 34, 37 and 39 Truck Shop
  7. J series Sterling

    The one I saw years ago was in 1984 or 85 it was setting in a fenced yard next to a very beat up RD 405 IH . The sterling wasn't much better. It was setting near the local airport in Red Bluff, Calif. My mom lived in Red Bluff at the time and she lived just out past the airport. Thats the only reason I saw it, actually I noticed the IH first. Truck Shop
  8. J series Sterling

    The 1939 to 1942 J series Sterling is a fairly rare truck with a very ornate grille. I saw one years ago in California and the only one I have ever seen. Has or does anybody know of any in collections or have any photos other than this one in the photo I found. Truck Shop
  9. Typical Shop Work

    It was a light Saturday for service work so I pulled the front structure apart and checked the gear train mainly the bull gear for end play and wear {ok}. So it was a clean and reseal. It's an easy job when out of the rails. When you have the chance it's always good to check the bull gear. Truck Shop
  10. Memories for Old Truckers

    Truck Shop
  11. Memories for Old Truckers

    I remember the phrase Monfort Lane well at the same time on I-5 it was called the Far West Lane. Far West Had all black with a single gold strip W900A long hoods with Big power. Little know fact the term Hammer Lane comes from a road that intersects I-5 near Tracy Calif. The highway sign read Hammer Lane Rd next exit, below that it read Not A Truck Route no joke. I'm sure the sign is still there. Monfort was bought out by ConAgra some years back. Truck Shop
  12. Typical Shop Work

    Just the injector/jake harness. the harness can be a problem child with age. The harness doesn't cost that much and when your in there you may as well replace it when there old. Truck Shop
  13. Typical Shop Work

    The cam plate can be a problem area for leaks. I use Napa brand Sil Glyde on the diamond seal and track seal so head slides by on installation and have no leaks doing it that way. Plus there is a brace that goes on at the top front of head to structure both sides, if the left one is gone they will get to leaking after awhile. I worked at a shop some years ago that had the best revolving engine stands, with built in jib crane and swing out tool trays. The owner had them built so you could work anywhere in the shop. They were monsters heavy as hell and they would spoil a mechanic.
  14. Typical Shop Work

    In 44 years of this work it's not my first rodeo. I own all the tools required to do a rebuild on Series 60's. We have 46 tractors and 17 of them are 14L 60 DDEC IV. The company had 20 DDEC V's EGR models-junk. As soon as it lost compression it shut down. And yes it's getting new rods.
  15. Typical Shop Work

    Some typical shop work, this Series 60 14L came out of a wreck and saw some rpm- bent all the valves. So it will get a new OEM cylinder head, cut and shim counter bores and install OEM pistons/liners. Reseal rear structure and change rear main seal, new air compressor plus new injector harness. Never a dull day in the shop. Truck Shop