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  1. What a beautiful looking truck. Fantastic Job well done!
  2. I was following the progress on a beautiful B75 mack tractor. The chassis was stretched and so was the nose and hood. I believe it had a 450 big cam cummins installed in it. I had the thread saved so I could go right to it to check the progress. Somehow I lost it and I can't seem to find it anywhere. The truck was a light purple and the guy was doing such a nice job with it. Does anyone know how I can find that project again. I believe it might have been a 57 B75.
  3. My 98 RD was doing exactly the same thing. I suspected it might be a liner. When I tore it apart it ended up being 2 of the liner seals were hard and crusty like bak o lite.
  4. We have always cut them out with the torch. Take your time , don't go crazy, light blast pressure and you'll be fine. Just wear your protection, the sparks and hot metal only have one way to go and that's right back at you.
  5. By any chance, did anyone ever check the harmonic balance wheel
  6. Thank you for that information, I'll check it out.
  7. On a 1996 CH600 with a 427, the red hose connection from the turbo to the charge air cooler, sucked out from the clamp and away from the the cooler mouth, where it was clamped. The first time it happened I found a broken clamp and didn't think anything about it, I just slipped the hose end on and installed a new clamp. The second time it happened, maybe the third time the truck was used after the repair, I figured maybe it wasn't tightened enough, but I decided to check the air intake filter and found it to be excessively dirty, so I changed it and I figured, that might have been the problem.
  8. Don't think that I'm crazy, but I had one driving me crazy, checked the pressure and pressure was low, changed the box great pressure, same exact problem, I disconnected the steering column and all was fine. The problem was the bearing on top of the housing for the double u-joints. The truck was a bear to steer, I changed that bearing and you could steer the truck with one finger. Now it is a must for any truck that comes into the shop for a service, that bearing gets oiled as part of the service.
  9. That's what I was thinking, but wasn't sure, I didn't want to be stuck with a 3000 pound paper weight Thank you so much for taking the time to reply it is greatly appreciated. Frank
  10. I have a 2000 RD with an E7 330-350, with the ECM on the passenger side. My engine block has a crack in it and I want to replace the engine with a good used engine. When I look into used engines they ask me what side the ECM is on. I have a shot to by an engine out of a 1999 MR fire truck with an E7-350 with only 23,000 miles, but I have no way of asking what side the ECM is located on. Do I need to know that specifically or is it a non issue, such as, Don't worry all 99's are on the passenger side. If it does make a difference, what is the difference? Is it just a matter of the ECM harnesses
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