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  1. I told the guy that was interested in the truck most of the history or whatever I could in the 20-30 mins we talked and I think the number offered was pretty fair
  2. To everyone on here that provided insight and help on this thread/topic I truly thank you and appreciate all of your wisdom. I’m glad forums like this exist
  3. Lol I know I was just replying to a comment and updating what was going on. I don’t have the patience or money to keep dumping in the truck. The issues with this truck were stuff that no one could find the root of
  4. It’s definitely frame related. Took it to someone few weeks ago and he thinks the body destroyed the frame. He thinks the body had so much deflection in it that it caused it to not sit on the frame anymore and the constant pounding of the body on the frame threw it out of wack. Idk it makes sense. I’m fixing the truck a little cosmetically as much as I can and trying to sell it. I have one offer. We will see what happens
  5. Sorry for the late reply, I haven’t been on here much lately. I ended up doing some work on the suspension . Changed springs and insulator pads and bushings and it tightened things up in the back. I’m pretty sure my problems are coming from the frame . I got a lot of flex going on throughout. Area behind cab where hoist for dump body sits as well. We were supposed to sell this truck and the 06 granite and buy a new truck to replace the 2, but the 06’ sold and the 00’ didn’t so we ended holding the 00’ and not buying the new truck yet. Dumbest decision to date. Don’t even get me started
  6. Ill try and stop there one day and see if anyone remembers the details
  7. I wish I knew the answers to those questions but unfortunately do not
  8. I’ve heard especially Mack’s will run with a broken crank from numerous people
  9. He did do that. But he told me there’s a possibility that there can still be a problem with the crank that will go unnoticed with the crank still in the engine. They also ran the motor many times without transmission installed. It sounds better. Much better. You dont have the gears spinning and chattering when it’s not installed so it makes you think the problem is after the flywheel
  10. The last guy that worked on the truck pulled the pan and pulled every set of mains he said he couldn’t find a problem. He was also the one who found the burr and had his machinist smooth it out. It’s almsot impossible to do a full analysis if crank is bent with it still in no?
  11. Runout was checked when I changed balancer and check out. Pulled pan looked for damage on crank, check out as well. There was however a burr on the flywheel end of the crank that the machinist smoothed out. When your throwing parts at the truck you have this glimpse of hope that it’s going to solve the problem, especially when the mechanics tell you “this is causing the problem”.
  12. Gotta give it a shot. I always said everytime the tranny came out and they put it back on the truck felt and drove better for like a week. Then it felt like something was shifting and the problems came back or got worst. And the clutches always started going after a few months. The clutch seems to be absorbing all of the shock from whatever is going on
  13. I just can’t jusitfy spending that kind of money in this thing. The frame isn’t in good shape anymore and the dump body is at the end of its life. For me to get this truck in a good working replacing engine and a new dump body would probably be around 35 grand. And it’s not a guarantee. If I knew the last 30 grand I dumped in the truck wasn’t gonna fix the problems I would have done it 2 years ago but to do it now would be insanity.
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