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  1. Ill try and stop there one day and see if anyone remembers the details
  2. I wish I knew the answers to those questions but unfortunately do not
  3. I’ve heard especially Mack’s will run with a broken crank from numerous people
  4. He did do that. But he told me there’s a possibility that there can still be a problem with the crank that will go unnoticed with the crank still in the engine. They also ran the motor many times without transmission installed. It sounds better. Much better. You dont have the gears spinning and chattering when it’s not installed so it makes you think the problem is after the flywheel
  5. The last guy that worked on the truck pulled the pan and pulled every set of mains he said he couldn’t find a problem. He was also the one who found the burr and had his machinist smooth it out. It’s almsot impossible to do a full analysis if crank is bent with it still in no?
  6. Runout was checked when I changed balancer and check out. Pulled pan looked for damage on crank, check out as well. There was however a burr on the flywheel end of the crank that the machinist smoothed out. When your throwing parts at the truck you have this glimpse of hope that it’s going to solve the problem, especially when the mechanics tell you “this is causing the problem”.
  7. Gotta give it a shot. I always said everytime the tranny came out and they put it back on the truck felt and drove better for like a week. Then it felt like something was shifting and the problems came back or got worst. And the clutches always started going after a few months. The clutch seems to be absorbing all of the shock from whatever is going on
  8. I just can’t jusitfy spending that kind of money in this thing. The frame isn’t in good shape anymore and the dump body is at the end of its life. For me to get this truck in a good working replacing engine and a new dump body would probably be around 35 grand. And it’s not a guarantee. If I knew the last 30 grand I dumped in the truck wasn’t gonna fix the problems I would have done it 2 years ago but to do it now would be insanity.
  9. Vibrates in nuetral going thru the rpms. Worst is around 1100. Smoothes out a bit around 12-1300 then picks up a little more vibration after 1300...has an 8ll. I put in a reman about 15 months ago. I even pulled the reman and sent it back to rebuilder to put on his dyno. He says it checked out fine. The new tranny never fixed anything. It was a complete waste of 5500$. From the moment it was put in it never made a difference. The crazy thing is the clutches never last. I thought I solved that problem when found the clutch cable mangled. I replaced it maybe 5-6 months ago. And now the pedal goes soft again and I have that horrible clunk when I press and release the accelerator again. Mall you hear when you drive the truck is gears whirling and chatter. And the vibration I’ve been complaining about for more than 2 years now.
  10. My 08 granite gives the codes selecting diagnostics menu on dash
  11. Sorry for the delay in reply. You are correct truck was hit with loader in front right. I have checked runout on flywheel multiple times then ended up just putting a new flywheel on. Just this week it started acting up again. It really has to be an engine/transmission alignment issue. That’s really the only thing left. No matter how many new parts I throw at it nothing really changes. Now I’m really screwed Because we were selling this truck and the 06 granite, and the granite sold and this one didn’t. So I don’t have a back-up triaxle now. I just don’t know how much more money it’s gonna cost to fix this curse so I’ve been trying to hold out thinking we were gonna replace it.🤷‍♀️🤦‍♂️
  12. Yes. That was changed about a year ago made no difference
  13. Yea I agree about the Allison. If your fine with your manual and you don’t go through clutches then Sri k with manual. The only thing I don’t like about the new trucks with a manual is the air assist clutch. I personally hate the feel of them. Our 2000, 2004, and 2006 feel so much better than the new granites when your taking off especially in stop and go traffic. We’re in nyc so I definately know what your talking about. The 2 Allison’s we have are great for the city. Just spec it right for your application and I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed
  14. They were quoting me like +3000 when we thought that was the problem but it wasn’t. They were telling me they had to take the turbo off and a lot of times the bolts break bla bla bla. 95% of the shops out there are a much of crooks that change parts on our expense and don’t even know if that part is the problem. It’s is a pricey job though
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