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  1. Yes vibration is while stationary. I gonna take belt off later today and see if it makes a difference. Went by Mack yesterday after work and they told me I need to make an appointment or leave the truck. the flywheel was my original thought and it’s looking more and more like it. It’s an Eaton 8LL. do you think pto backlash could cause vibration?
  2. Looks like it... I think I’m still gonna pull oil pan on next oil change and check it out... Do you think it’s possible for a fan hub to cause vibration to resonate to the clutch/transmission?
  3. Electrical issues really suck... I know technology advancements have improved a lot of things but it also made a lot of things more difficult. It’s like you need 2 types of mechanics/technicians. One for mechanical work and the other for electrical. I’ve had trouble finding someone very proficient at both
  4. I know that’s the part I don’t get either. That still doesn’t solve the clutch problem. Only thing I can think of is that maybe I’m dealing with 2 issues instead of One. This truck is a mess... too many people had there hands on it. And I don’t know what anyone REALLY DID.
  5. But having improper ecm programming can definitely affect run quality correct?
  6. Alrighty... gonna see what happens ... thanks bro
  7. Now that you mention unit pump CAL codes I wonder if the codes were even put in right when the new unit pumps were put in . That wasn’t done at mack... I’m gonna stop by the dealer this week and see what I can do... I just hope they don’t make me leave the truck another couple days and that they don’t slam me with a 1-2000 dollar bill... I remember when I asked about getting a re-rate to 400hp they said it was around $2000 and they haven’t done those In years.
  8. Can mack tell if the programming is wrong by hooking it up to their computer? Other than codes coming up that aren’t relevant to my truck? Is it a quick job or do you think I need to leave the truck there for a day or 2?
  9. Yes I do have a dealer a few mins away. I’m going to look into it this week. should I just ask for a re-flash and any updates if any? we bought the truck new in 2000.
  10. When I saw those codes and looked them up that was the exact thought that went thru my head . Maybe u were saying it joking but I seriously thought it. My mechanic mentioned “it seems like the truck lost it’s memory” forgive me if I’m not as technically inclined as you guys but is that a possibility? does mack charge to reflash ecu? How long does it take?
  11. Checked endplay with dial it’s a .010”. run out was at zero. I changed the cam and crank position sensors and the studder when returning to idle seemed to get better... I still think I should maybe pull the pan and have a visual inspection of the bearings there’s a few other things that I want to check out too. one more thing that I found strange was when I scanned the truck with computer it was sending codes for air mass flow sensor and an egr related code both of which my truck doesn’t have. Aren’t the codes for ASET/AI motors? Why would my truck me sending those codes?