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  1. RobM626

    04 Granite CV713 with a e7-427?

    We have one auto and one Maxitorque 8 speed. I like driving either of those more than the rd. Just a much more comfortable truck. The cab is a lot bigger and absorbs the ride better. They also handle better. That’s my opinion.
  2. RobM626

    04 Granite CV713 with a e7-427?

    It’s prob got an AI in it. E-Tech with an EGR. We have an 04 and an 06. It’s not horrible. They can be a little sluggish but I hear if you do the throttle response update it helps it out a little. Auto or manual?
  3. Wow nice. Out of curiosity, what did they charge you to straighten it out?
  4. Medford is kind of a troop out there. I’m very familiar with the island. That place good though?
  5. I’m in Westchester county. Minutes away from the Bronx . I usually go to spring tech in the Bronx for alignment and suspension stuff. I gotta ask if they do chassis straightening
  6. What kind of place should I bring it to check that out? A body shop or alignment place?
  7. Well I just got my truck back after 2 weeks in the shop and it’s 100 times better than it was. They dropped the oil pan and pulled the bearings to look for any breaks in the crank and found nothing. They did however find a burr on the end of the crank where it meets the fly wheel. The machinist cleaned it up the best he could. They also found the flywheel housing had some runout so they brought it in a little to be within spec. I can instantly tell by listening to and sitting in the truck that it calmed down a lot . That studder that I had when the motor was returning to idle also almost completely went away. I don’t feel the clunking when I press and release the accelerator either. i still have a slight miss in the motor and am gonna pull the valve covers and do a cylinder cut out test to check it out. I haven’t ran the truck with a load yet. That’s where the problems used to really show themselves. But if the truck stays the way it is now I would really be happy. Thanks for all your opinions and ideas guys. Just wanted to give you guys an update
  8. I paid 1343 for my cam 166 x12 for lifter assemblies 206 x6 for eup rollers Plus 2000 labor
  9. It makes sense. Gonna ask them to start measuring
  10. I think the abnormal clutch wear was from the flywheel being cut wrong so the clutch’s were never seating right.
  11. I have a lot of stuff to check. I wish I had a real E-Tech guy that can go thru this stuff with me. The last guy that put the injectors in thinks my crank is bent and that’s what’s throwing my timing off. There’s so much weird shit going on with this truck it’s drivig me crazy.
  12. RobM626

    Blow by E7 350 2002

    First I heard that. Thanks for the tip. my old mechanic told me I think it was CAT, that they don’t recognize blow by
  13. Yea that the bulletin I saw too... I still think I should’ve put a vibratech. The Mack damper costed me over 1000$ . And their 19$ bolts
  14. I was told the injectors were pop tested when the eup were changed but they could have lied and the injector lines were not changed . I was also told they put the cal codes in but that could have been bs too BC I know they didn’t bring the truck to the dealer. I’m gonna check all that stuff out once I get it back. The guy that has it now is taking forever. It’s a week already

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