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  1. RobM626

    98 E7 mack

    I don’t know if this is any help but I found that my older e7’s always sounded a little noisier than the newer ones (03-07) because I think the newer ones have spring loaded pushrods. It makes a big difference on sound especially at idle
  2. I changed an input shaft on the old transmission and it didn’t make a difference. It was t even damaged. And now this input shaft is new on a reman transmission. I had it sent back to the rebuilder and he check the whole transmission out and said it was fine. I even saw it and to my eyes it didn’t look like anything was wrong.
  3. Clutch cable is original, was never changed. i tried locking out power divider because rears croased my mind too. When I do it I feel more power but i still have the clutch issues.unless the slipping axel gear is messing up my clutches. When the post first started. The vibration was my issue and I always felt like it was somewhere between the flywheel and the transmission. The weird thing is is that every time they pull the tranny and put it back on all of the symptoms disappear for like a week or so then come back all at the same time., which made me think it was all related. The problems even change throughout the whole day. It will change according to the load in carrying, the distribution of the load. Sometimes when I start the truck in the morning after not using it a couple days it drives better then goes back to the same thing after driving an hour or so... I’ve never felt or experienced anything like this with any other truck I’ve driven. It’s so crazy
  4. RobM626

    Acceleration Issues

    Just go nice and easy. Don’t start in to high of a gear espcially when you’re loaded. And pay attention to your rpms when pulling don’t fall below like 1100.
  5. RobM626

    Acceleration Issues

    Sounds kinda like the clutch is burning up from starting in too high of a gear and shifting and the wrong rpms.
  6. I hate those air assist clutches. They’re so mushy and the take off on the sucks in my opinion at least. I had an air leak on my granite and could not move the truck until I had like 90psi. I know you shouldn’t be driving until your tanks are full but when your pouring concrete and you need to constantly move the truck to pour a trench and your air bag on your drop axel is leaking and takes almost 2 weeks to get a new one, it takes forever to build 90psi. headache headaches headaches with this truck. It’s a shame all this money in it and I can’t get it running right
  7. Thank you ... will be looking into it ASAP.
  8. RobM626

    Acceleration Issues

    Sounds like clutch to me too.... out of curiousity, when you say you were shifting at 11-1200. Do you mean upshifting or down shifting?
  9. That’s exactly what it feels like. Every time I try to explain that to the guys that work on it they don’t get it... the linkage is mechanical. How does it bind? And 5 clutches? sorry for all the questions but what’s FFS AND SFA?
  10. Yea I guess your right ... the place I was referred to in the Bronx is textron. I’m gonna find out if they have that beeline machine. as far as the emissions goes, I heard that city and state work implemented that requirement a while ago. I picked up a couple of nice pieces of equipment for a bargain from guys that could no longer use it doing city and state work. The loader that hit my truck was one of them lol. 90% of my work is subcontracted through Con Edison and is in the 5 boroughs of the city. They havent required us to change yet but like I said I think it’s coming 2020. I dont wanna get stuck with like 5 trucks that I have a decent amount of Money invested in and not be able to use them or sell them because the local market will probably be flooded with them.
  11. I was really thinking about checking out that place you recomended put in Medford. Someone else referred me to a place in the Bronx not far from me but I gotta find out a little more about them. The last thing I need is another shoemaker. Do you guys think it’s even worth fixing a rusted out frame? I keep hearing that they are going to pass a law in nyc like they did in California where you have to have an 08 or newer emissions truck. I heard it’s coming 2020. I don’t know for sure but numerous sources told me it’s happening. I feel like I’m dumping all this money into a truck I may not even be able to use for much longer
  12. To be honest, every time I get under the truck to grease it and what not, I never saw the frame rust and separation past where the dump lift cylinder is.. I never thought much of it. Everything else seems tight on the truck. I’m gonna take some pictures tomorrow and post them maybe you can tell me how bad you think it looks... I know looks probably don’t mean as much as measurements do though. This is all a learning experience for me. I always thought a truck frame was STRONG. Especially a double Mack frame. I never thought these things were possible. Naive guess, or just dumb.
  13. I have a double frame and rust started eating between the rails separating them... so much so on the back of the truck that my dump body doesn’t sit on the rails flush like they used to. I had to weld plates on the dump body rails to help shim it a little but it’s still not perfect. While driving it sounds more like a roll off carrying an empty box that’s not chained to the rails rather than a dump truck...

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