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  1. RobM626

    New Mack question?

    Wow...I’m impressed. Especially with that VIAB!
  2. RobM626

    New Mack question?

    It would be nice if Mack was able to take the reigns and design and build their own motors and transmissions again. I don’t think there’s one thing I actually like about Volvo’s products. not that Europeans don’t make a good product. They’re ahead of us with all types of technologies. But Americans did know how to make a tough and good looking truck
  3. RobM626

    New Mack question?

    You have a point there.Multiple points!
  4. RobM626

    New Mack question?

    I would like the 485 or 505 but I gotta see the price difference and see if it’s worth it we usually run one big lift axle that matches front tires so we’re not buying different tire sizes and can rotate the fronts to the pusher if need be. yea we need the wb to legally carry a half decent load. If I’m in nyc I can only carry like 56,000 once I leave the 5 boroughs I can carry 72,000, so the longer the better but then it’s a bitch to drive in the city when it’s too long and you got cars parked everywhere and can’t make turns. im unsure about the air rides. They must be very comfortable to drive but I get nervous about the stability and traction of them. I love the camelback . It’s rough riding but reliable. I like them better than the Hendrickson too. I notice a lot more people running 22.5 rubber as well
  5. RobM626

    New Mack question?

    Those are beautiful trucks... that triaxle is nice and long too... i was thinking at least 455 hp. 20k front, 46k rear, 20k pusher, spring suspension, WB at least 237”, 17.5-18’ steel high lift dump body, and I’m leaning towards the Allison tranny because we’ve had good luck with them. Change the oil and filter once a year and it’s pretty much problem free... I get mixed reviews on the Eaton ultra shift. Whoever I know that is running them don’t really like them and said they have issues With them. The m-drive I heard people like and I believe they’re built for the job especially with those creeper gears. The reason I don’t really wanna go with the automated manual is because it still has a clutch as opposed to a torque converter and in the wrong hands has potential to be abused if not driven The right way. I know how to drive them correctly but some guys don’t. If they drive it like a regular automatic they constantly slip the clutch and heat it up. I just don’t wanna open the door to unnecessary problems on a brand new truck. What do you think? ih and geared low at least a 4.10 rear. I see some guys running even 4.80
  6. RobM626

    New Mack question?

    Definately not legally. Body is like 19 yards. Truck empty is 31,000 ... I try not to put more than 20 tons but I usually have to carry 25-26 tons so that puts me at like 83,000. Whenever I can I try to not overload but with traffic here sometimes I don’t have time to make another load... if I’m hauling broken concrete which is what I’m doing most of the time I usually stay around 70-74000 because of the voids
  7. RobM626

    Gutless wonder

    What Mack technician did to that truck is the only real way to fix those motors without dumping a lot of money into the truck... got 2 AI motors that do the same thing, but selling one of them and the other we just deal with... I love though how we can come on here type in our problem and guys from all over the place know exactly whts going on and have a possible remedy. But if we go to a Mack dealership we have to spend countless money , put the truck down for days and weeks and they make us think we’re crazy. You came to the right place. These guys are great!
  8. RobM626

    New Mack question?

    Yea I try to average my numbers using 8hours a day, 5 days a week. But we’re running like 12 hours a day, 6 days a week
  9. RobM626

    New Mack question?

    Those numbers don’t seem too bad to me...I gotta look over my numbers and compare, but looks about same maybe a little lower. How many days/hours a week do those trucks work?
  10. RobM626

    New Mack question?

    Hmm... everyone around here rounds them with double frames... After looking further into it I think they only do the gliders in a couple models. 388-389 and 5 something
  11. RobM626

    New Mack question?

    I’ve spoken to a salesman there numerous times they can do the Pete’s as well... there’s a bit of a wait on them but it’s doable. A guy I know in Iowa got a mixer mounted on one and he loves it. Says it’s a beast. I Wish I lived somewhere else so I can get them and not have to worry about emissions laws going into effect
  12. RobM626

    New Mack question?

    You can get a Peterbilt 388 with a dump body on it or just the chassis and have it sent to whatever upfitter you want
  13. RobM626

    New Mack question?

    Were the test subjects for their r&d. And when there is a problem no one properly diagnoses the issue. They just throw parts at it on our expense and the root of the problem goes untouched
  14. RobM626

    New Mack question?

    I had a sterling with a small Mercedes motor in it. I can’t recall exactly how many liters but definately less than 11. It might have been 9 or 10. And that motor would not get hot for the life of it in the winter. I had a heat exchanger installed on it that I plunged to the heater core that would heat the water tank for the concrete mixer and even at the end of the day that tank wasn’t as hot as the one on our mp8. So I dont know if that theory holds water?

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