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  1. RobM626

    Automated Manual Transmissions

    Yea I agree about the Allison. If your fine with your manual and you don’t go through clutches then Sri k with manual. The only thing I don’t like about the new trucks with a manual is the air assist clutch. I personally hate the feel of them. Our 2000, 2004, and 2006 feel so much better than the new granites when your taking off especially in stop and go traffic. We’re in nyc so I definately know what your talking about. The 2 Allison’s we have are great for the city. Just spec it right for your application and I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed
  2. RobM626

    Flat rate for egr and cooler

    They were quoting me like +3000 when we thought that was the problem but it wasn’t. They were telling me they had to take the turbo off and a lot of times the bolts break bla bla bla. 95% of the shops out there are a much of crooks that change parts on our expense and don’t even know if that part is the problem. It’s is a pricey job though
  3. RobM626

    MP8 EGR & DEF Delete ???

    A bad tune definitely a possibility
  4. RobM626

    2008 mp7 low fuel pressure

    How many fittings are there on that motor that I need to check?
  5. RobM626

    2008 mp7 low fuel pressure

    Thanks Mack pro...gonna check it out tomorrow
  6. Hey guys I’m getting a code on a 08 mp7 mid 128 pid 94 fmi 7. Looked it up and says low fuel pressure. Driver said truck loses power when it comes on. Where would be some places I should start looking so I don’t have to bring the truck in to a shop and lose it for 2-3 days?
  7. Yea I know I just loosen Ed them at the yard and tightened back up... I’m gonna grab new ones. Thank you
  8. Cracked the caps open like you said and fuel equalized. Thanks, appreciate the advice... I personally never had a problem because I always put 80-85% in each tank. But I can’t stay on everyone’s ass with simple things such as fuel
  9. Yea my 2000 has a vent with a plate and 2 screws holding the plate down. The 08 doesn’t have that from what I saw other day. I think the caps are vented on the 08
  10. We’re they the newer style caps ? 08+?
  11. Will check when he gets back tonight.
  12. Yea tell me about it... this isn’t the first thing that’s happened after specific instructions to do or not do something... and then he calls me like “this or that just happened, I don’t know why, something is wrong with the truck” i would be too scared or embarrassed to call my boss if something happened that he specifically told me to do or not to do. I would be walking my ass to a gas station and buying a fuel can and fuel with my own money just so he didn’t find out I was screwing up the day or the truck
  13. What’s up guys? I have 2 fuel tanks On my 08 granite with mp7. Driver has gotten lazy when fueling up and is only filling driver side tank 90% of the time and 2 times in the past 2 weeks the passenger side tank has run dry. The truck shut off both times and I had to fuel passenger side tank and re-prime fuel system to get it running again. I guess my question is does the fuel not equalize between both tanks? I told him to fill both tanks but he thinks he knows better than me and replies “but I never used to have to fill both. This never used to happen”. Is there a transfer pump between the tanks that could be bad?
  14. RobM626

    New Mack question?

    Wow...I’m impressed. Especially with that VIAB!
  15. RobM626

    New Mack question?

    It would be nice if Mack was able to take the reigns and design and build their own motors and transmissions again. I don’t think there’s one thing I actually like about Volvo’s products. not that Europeans don’t make a good product. They’re ahead of us with all types of technologies. But Americans did know how to make a tough and good looking truck

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