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  1. Pulled the oil pan today... nothing that popped out to show breakage or wear... gonna pull some caps tomorrow and check the journals....idk we’ll see what happens.
  2. RobM626

    Radiator removal from a 89 Mack CF 688 FC

    Yea I use air first to blow as much as I can out so the water doesn’t make it like concrete. The best way to do it I found to be taking off intercooler so you can clean everything nice without damaging the fins
  3. RobM626

    Radiator removal from a 89 Mack CF 688 FC

    It’s probably the simplest possibility but try blowing out the fins and hosing it with water after. They rad could be plugged.That happened to a few of our trucks and they ran 20-30 degrees cooler after
  4. RobM626

    Oil cooler 2008 mp7

    Yea I gotta start praying. Thanks . It’s a real pain to work on that motor
  5. hey guys . Caught an oil leak from the recent truck 2008 GU with a mp7.and it looks like it’s coming from a hose/oil cooler on the passenger side going to back of engine. It’s a real pain in the ass to get to. Mechanic is telling me it’s prob a 2-3 day job. Does that sound accurate?
  6. Yea ... Renault renault was involved with Mack since the 80’s till 2000-2001
  7. RobM626

    Air governor

    So those tee’d lines are supposed to share a port?
  8. RobM626

    Air governor

    It looks like they put the compressor and another line together on one port. I think this is part of my new problems i cant tell which line is for reservoir and which line is for dryer
  9. RobM626

    Air governor

    Hey guys . Does this look right to you? Aren’t the lines supposed to be in 3 different ports?
  10. RobM626

    06 Mack Granite CV713 idle issue

    If you have an electronic fault I don’t think it will work so clear the faults if you have the lamp lit
  11. RobM626

    06 Mack Granite CV713 idle issue

    Turn cruise control on/off 3 times quickly . Set the rpm you want then press the clutch pedal to set new rpm
  12. RobM626

    06 Mack Granite CV713 idle issue

    Auto or manual?
  13. I was at the world of concrete show out in Vegas this past January. Mack was there and had some beautiful trucks as part of the show. On of the representatives was there telling me about the common rail MP saying how good it is bla bla bla. All I can think of in my head is “this engine wasn’t really designed for it”. It really is a shame a company that has had such a long/strong history of building tough products can be held down like this. My question is how do you guys think the common rail mp8 stands against say the Cummins x15. I understand one is a 13 liter and one is a 15 liter so obviously there’s going to be a power difference. But as far as design and reliability go?
  14. I bought the etech service manual but there’s not much in there on trouble shooting. Unless there are different service manuals I don’t know. There’s information on how it runs and assembly/dissasembly but not much on how to diagnose. That’s y I’ve been driving all you fine gentlemen crazy for Months lol. im running the truck everyday I really don’t have much of a choice. It costs us 800-1000$ a day to rent a dump truck from another company and that’s a non union truck. I feel like I’ve been running the truck like this so long that I did irreversible damage. Gonna see what happens when I drop the tranny and oil pan. thanks for the input

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