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  1. Sorry for late response and thanks for commenting. Did find everything at Mack, shoes, drums and brake kits. $1600 for shoes and $1600 for drums. Mack was kind enough to wait for cores because they wanted $200 a shoe, A SHOE. stops good now tho. The shoes we took off where riveted, but mack did say that they used to sell just pads a bolt kit. It does stop good and seem to wear much better. Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, just finished brake job on 58lbs rears with 18x7 brakes. Truck runs and drives great but brakes are getting expensive to change and cores are like gold. Truck was bought as a spare but cant seem to stop using it. Truck only gvw's at 60lbs on heavy day. Can you, or has anyone ever converted to 16.5 standard shoes and drums. Has dayton open spoke rims with 11 24.5 rubber. Thanks for any input on this.
  3. Thanks. Ordered socket today. Called local diesel shop and asked if they have these washers, they said yup, they good bad a lot, said could be cooper or steel have to remove first. Will see what happens. thanks for help.
  4. Whats up y'all. Any ideas would be much appreciated. 1996 all mech 350hp Bosch P7100 pump. Rough idle when cold gets better on warmer days. #1 and#2 cylinder seem to be missing. When i crack fuel lines on these cylinders very little change in running. Seems like low fuel pressure. Did filter change ran fuel cleaner didn't help. Low on power and low egts (loaded maybe 700). Have cummins 8.3 with P7100 pump as well and has overflow valve on pump return line. These valves go bad on p pumps and sometimes cause this problem, but this truck doesn't seem to have one. Do these pumps on macks have them? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
  5. Thanks so much for your help. Tires where wearing funny too. i did look at hoses some need replacing. After closer inspection someone redid king pins and did not install correctly. The adjusting nut was not set right and axle was riding on spindle not bearing. I guess easy mistake diff from other king pins this truck has tapered pins. Axle rides on bearing only. Bought new king pins set from mack at reinstalled new set. Old bearings where chewed up. Was easiest king pins i have ever done. love these old macks two hits pin shoot out. one day both sides. Turns like grandmas lincoln town car now. Thanks to all
  6. Thanks to all, i will go and do a wheel stand and loaded it with grease, and eat more spinach. Got pressure gauge in mail today going see what she has to tell me. Auto steering? David Wild sounds fun sign me up.
  7. Thanks FBGNO going to check asap. Running truck this week and steering gets better after few hours!?!?!. going to check pressure this weekend and replace some lines to box. Thanks again helpful info.
  8. You know, was just thinking maybe you mean more stress on steering when trying to turn wheels. Thanks learned something new.
  9. Brakes not part of system but will def start with pressure readings. Thank you for help i feel like popeye. Don't know whats worse, 1k pump or kingpins.
  10. New to site need some direction. 1996 e7 350. A million mile rolloff. Stiff steering left and right, cold or hot. I mean two hand pull. King pins tolerance seem ok changed fluid, filter lubed everything twice. Just some thoughts toward first steps. Thanks for any help. Mack wants 1k for new pump. Get site read almost daily.
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