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  1. Kwdriver84

    NEED E6 350 MANUAL

    many thanks guys. I purchase my copy at a local mack dealer for $80. The price was worth it because the illustrations were real clear and was able to fix my camshaft.
  2. Kwdriver84

    NEED E6 350 MANUAL

    Im changing my 89 mack superliner camshaft and wondering where I can find the manual for this engine? I found a e7 maual online but Im guessing they are somewhat different. thanks
  3. I've had this issue for a while now. My 97 mack ch613 vmac 2 keeps shutting off radomly at idle and running and shows code 7-5.I changed the fuel injection pump hoping that would fix the issue. About two weeks it ran fine no issues now it started doing it again. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  4. @turckster well $3,300 later with a re manufactured injection pump. I drove home this afternoon with it and didn't have any issues. Went to get a load to the woods and it started to shut on me again giving the same code 7-5 and at one time it gave me 5-9. I managed to drive it out to the highway for a 80 mile load and 45 mile trip back home and no issues whatsoever. I'm thinking about driving it tomorrow to see what it does again. What you think @turckster?
  5. Well Mack place priced it at $2,600 taxes included and the rebuild shop said anywhere from $1,800-$2,200 to rebuild it. I went with the Mack place since it's going to be alittle faster to replace. It should be ready this week and hopefully that is going to take care of the whole 7-5 issue I had. I'll keep you updated.
  6. @turckster it's been a while since I posted an update. Well the truck didn't give me much problem during the winter season but somehow now that we got hotter temps and it's summer the truck has been shutting off on me more often. Finally Tuesday it left me stranded on the highway it didn't want to crank anymore and the same code came up 7-5. I had enough and took it to the mack place and now I'm being told I might need a new injection pump. Do you think if there's soldering issue inside the pump like you suggested does it need to be rebuild or is there a cheaper fix?
  7. Kwdriver84

    E7 shutting off randomly

    I think I have the same issue. I'm driving the the road and it shuts off and gives me the 7-5 code every time. It's sitting at the mack place right now and they are trying to figure out what's the issue. I have notice during the winter season it wouldn't do it but the hotter it gets the more it starts acting up. They adjusted the fuel pump yesterday because they said it was out of adjustment but that didn't fix the issue. What you guys think??
  8. @turckster I have unplugged it and cleaned it out and plug it back in and the problem goes away for 2-3 days and it starts again. If the plug is the issue can I just buy the plug and rewired the new one to it? Thanks
  9. The harness connector is it a round cylinder plug? @turckster
  10. @hatcity yeah I did find the mac3 codes and it did say it was battery/alternator I was just making sure it was the same code for the mac2.
  11. @turckster I'm sorry for bother but I'm having an issue. My truck has been shutting off randomly and also going down the road. The lighting bolt comes on and gives me a 7-5 code then I able to crank right back up. Somet days it cuts off than others. I tried to find the codes for the v-mac 2 but no luck yet. Do you know what could be the issue? Thanks
  12. @turckster I ordered the speed sensor and finally got the light to go out and got power back on my truck. I appreciate your help/advice and hope this post helps more people out there. Thanks again buddy.👍🏽👏🏽
  13. @turckster I checked the engine plate it says e-7 330-350 and my I do have an inline injection pump. So the next question is "where is the speed sensor on this truck on the flywheel or back of transmission?" I also found this speed sensors online what's the difference? Thanks
  14. I have a 97 mack ch-613 with a 350 engine. The electronic malfunction came on and I figured how to pull up the code which is 4-2 fan clutch output If I'm not mistaken.The light has a weird pattern from what I have seen sometimes its stays on for days and sometimes it cuts on and off through out the day. when its on I loose performance power and when it cuts off I get it back again. My fan works good and I don't see why I'm getting this code please help anybody!!!

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