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  1. @Joey Mack well I took it to a mechanic today took the oil pan off and saw leaking on number 5,6 and 2 liner seals according to him. He said once he open it up he can see if I’m going to need sleeves and liners. I might as well just buy an in frame kit right?
  2. @Joey Mack I live in Wallace NC I believe your over 3 hrs away from me.
  3. @Joey Mack I appreciate your help/info very helpful. Thanks. 🤙
  4. @Joey Mack yeah the liners might be what’s causing me to loose coolant. I’m going to go ahead and do that tomorrow to see for sure. Just in case that is the issue what’s the average repair cost?
  5. I’ll go ahead and try that @Joey Mack would the egr cooler cause that also? @mrgumby?
  6. Hey guys, have a 05 Mack ch600 asset 427 engine. I recently notice gunk coming out the crankcase pipe so I went ahead and open the filter and found all this gunk. I also had the water pump replace a few days ago because it was leaking and I was using up antifreeze before that. Here’s some pics of what I found. Any idea what’s causing this gunk? Thanks
  7. Good afternoon, I have a 97 CH613 E7 vmac2. It started to rev high without me touching the pedal. I had to cut the truck off and start it again for it to get back to normal. It did it a few times this morning randomly while idling. could this be an issue with the pedal or sensor? any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
  8. Good afternoon fellas. I have a 97 mack 613 V-Mac 2. I was going down the road and truck suddenly shut down and won’t crack anymore. Had to call the tow man to the house. The codes I get is 7-5 and 5-7 is there anyone out here that can help me out. Thanks
  9. what would a 89 superliner rw600 all mack transmission,rears and engine have in the hood? I bought this truck from someone and i feel like they took the gold dog and put a crome one on it. Ive seen some for sale with a number 1,387,477 on it and some with 87931.what are the difference in these?😕thanks
  10. Do you get lighting bolt when it shuts off on the dash? I use to have a shut off problem myself. I had to replace the fuel injection pump and it would still shut down but this time it would crank right up as before it would shut off and would take some minutes to crank right up. One day I was parked and decicded to wiggle the cables leading to the ecu on the passenger side under the dash there’s an opening. As soon as I did that it shut off and lighting bolt would come on. I decicded to open the cover and unplugged the ecu cleaned the connectors and plugged it back in. I also tight down the wi
  11. many thanks guys. I purchase my copy at a local mack dealer for $80. The price was worth it because the illustrations were real clear and was able to fix my camshaft.
  12. Im changing my 89 mack superliner camshaft and wondering where I can find the manual for this engine? I found a e7 maual online but Im guessing they are somewhat different. thanks
  13. I've had this issue for a while now. My 97 mack ch613 vmac 2 keeps shutting off radomly at idle and running and shows code 7-5.I changed the fuel injection pump hoping that would fix the issue. About two weeks it ran fine no issues now it started doing it again. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  14. @turckster well $3,300 later with a re manufactured injection pump. I drove home this afternoon with it and didn't have any issues. Went to get a load to the woods and it started to shut on me again giving the same code 7-5 and at one time it gave me 5-9. I managed to drive it out to the highway for a 80 mile load and 45 mile trip back home and no issues whatsoever. I'm thinking about driving it tomorrow to see what it does again. What you think @turckster?
  15. Well Mack place priced it at $2,600 taxes included and the rebuild shop said anywhere from $1,800-$2,200 to rebuild it. I went with the Mack place since it's going to be alittle faster to replace. It should be ready this week and hopefully that is going to take care of the whole 7-5 issue I had. I'll keep you updated.
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