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  1. Now I just got it started back up and when I shut my hood it shut back off. Is my wiring harness shot, and letting wires rub during the right vibrations?
  2. I've got a 98 ch 612 with e7 etech and it keeps intermittently ringing the buzzer with the shut down light. I replaced the fan clutch solenoid and it went away for a few hours. Now the light and buzzer still come on. I slammed my tailgate today and it shut off. Still flashing a 4-2 code. I checked the wires on the coolant sensor and they seem okay along with the ac high side pressure sensor. Do I need to replace both sensors?
  3. It's an early etech, ECU on the turbo side of motor
  4. I've had this issue ongoing for several months and I found some older threads concerning several people having similar issues. I've replaced the ground relay, power relay, oil pressure sensor, engine speed and engine position sensor, and the ECU. Today it only shut off after reaching engine temperature and hitting bumps on a rough road. The tach will bounce and then it will shut off. Sometimes it will start right back up and other times it will take a couple minutes. When it shuts off it doesnt shutter, like its losing power. Does anyone have any ideas?
  5. Driving the other day was running fine, went over a rough bridge and it shut off. No codes are flashing. When I have my key power off by brake air light stays on on the dash now. I've checked the frame ground, the ground behind the speedometer, replaced my engine position sensor and speed sensor, oil pressure sensor, and my ECM and also cleaned my coolant level sensor. Started for me this morning and ran fine for 5 seconds and shut off. Running out of ideas
  6. The fuse panel in the glove box or on the firewall in the engine compartment? My diagram for the relays and fuses is missing on the glovebox compartment.
  7. No malfunction light and it will start right back up. For some reason the low air light and alarm stay lit up and buzzing after key power is off
  8. Anyone have a picture of the fuse diagram in the glove box? Mine is missing. It's a 98 ch600.
  9. Blower motor and wipers still operate after it shuts off.
  10. Just started having issues with CH600. A couple of weeks ago It sputtered on me once. Then on tuesday I was hauling a load of dirt and it sputtered and shut off. Thought it was fuel filters, changed them out and it ran fine until I got down the road a couple miles. My tach then stopped working. Now after towing it home it will start and run for 3 or 4 seconds and shut off still no tach. Also brake lights are stuck on. I've cleaned the cab ground and swapped out some relays. I pulled the ecm off and checked the pins and they are not corroded. Running out of ideas of things to check. Thanks for any help.
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