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  1. HBIS 600 672 cu.in. https://www.dieselworldmag.com/diesel-engines/where-old-cummins-diesels-go-to-live-again/
  2. I have friend that has a 180 with a blower I'll have to look at it.
  3. I could be way wrong but it looks like a old 300 to me.
  4. Maybe a little better photo for the tint or maybe not, you decide.
  5. The color has a bluish/purple tint in direct sunlight, the camera didn't show that very well. I had him weld the holes for the grab handles and markers plus some other holes shut. I think I'm going to install 7 torpedo marker lights on the roof. The stacks have their own mounts and are also going to be bolted to the headache rack I'm building. I didn't want the stacks mounted on the cab, the cab is old and did not want the extra stress on the corners. The stacks are 6"x 5" x 108" miter cut and there heavy. Thanks for the interest and reply's everyone.
  6. Thanks, but the one who deserves the credit for the great body work and paint job is {Jose Palomino}.
  7. Finally picked the cab up today and hauled it to the shop. Almost afraid to start working on assembly for fear of scratching.
  8. That's a beautiful B75, no doubt one of the nicest I've seen.
  9. I'm not seeing 6" longer hood or 4" rise on the cab, not saying it isn't I'm just not seeing it I guess. It should have longer fender extension between cab and fender I would think. I know I will have to add at-least 12" to mine to make up for the distance I moved the cab back. And I raised the radiator plus cab mounts 2" which will set bottom of cab about a 1/2" above frame rail. Look at the fender extensions on the one below, mine will extend past the inside radius of the bottom rear of fender if visualized on this truck. I see it but it is hard to make out.
  10. Don't feel that way, sometimes I wish I had taken a different approach on this one. It's fun to build but at times very nerve wracking because everything has it's place and time to be constructed other wise mistakes can pile up.
  11. Cab painted, same color inside. A fine sanding and buff on the clear coat and I should pick it up next week.
  12. Thanks for the reply, the one that was in it was 3/4 tube 4 row 3.00 thick. But in talking to the builder in B.C. those 3/4 tube radiators flowed to fast. and the coolant would not cool down enough exiting the bottom tank. Years ago they built 1/2" tube five row for Cummins powered loggers. Thanks again.
  13. Can anyone tell me the standard number of core rows and tube dimensions for a 73 or 75 radiator core. I'm installing a five row 1/2" tube core. Thanks for any reply's
  14. Well I stand corrected on a B model long hood-But mine will be in a group of only maybe three. That one has a L cab and mine with the B.
  15. Your the only one to ask that question and it's a damn good one. More than likely {linkage} but I will cross that bridge when I get closer to installing the cab. I have several Ideas and types to think about, just the stuff in the mix.
  16. Few things completed, fuel, steering hydraulics, air system from compressor, belly strap/brace built and installed under transmission and set radiator. Will hook up cooling system, drive lines and exhaust next.
  17. Use to run south from Ellensburg, Wa. to L.A. with a guy that had a black Superliner Magnum like the one above. That puppy would run it would.
  18. It's laughable, anyone can come right behind and take a photo from the same angle and who is to say who's photo it is. It happens all the time at car and truck shows. Now my art work {only I created it with hours involved}. My work was copyrighted, but if someone posts my work or puts it on a tee-shirt I could care less. I'm honored that someone thought it was good enough to put on a shirt or post.
  19. Actually the frame is all new steel and straight as a pin. It's all built on Freightliner COE dimensions and engine mounts, the engine is setting at the standard 4* for Freightliner mounts.
  20. Had a few extra minuets today so I installed the BCII 400 and 15 spd.
  21. I understand what brake fade is with drum brakes, I have been at the mechanical and driving end for 46 years. Just last week I towed one of our tractor and trailer rig loaded with a total of 130,000 gvw including two truck. Down Cabbage hill I-84 in Ore-6 miles of 6% grade at 25 miles an hour with a total of 6 axles of brakes. 3 on the tow truck and 3 on the trailer none operative on the tractor hooked to trailer running jake at 2000 to 2100. Used the brakes four times. never had a problem. I have found that the ones who smoke the brakes are usually afraid of long grades and most likely look like a cigar store indian with a death grip on the wheel.
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