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  1. https://www.americanclassic.com/1947-53-Wiper-Motor-Electric-Conversion-12-volt/productinfo/67-064/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Bing Shopping&utm_term=4579259771914807&utm_content=Ad group %231 With some modification.
  2. Nice job, Those two motors are the same as the single unit I used. Good motors And the shaft length is the same too. https://www.americanclassic.com/1947-53-Wiper-Motor-Electric-Conversion-12-volt/productinfo/67-064/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Bing Shopping&utm_term=4579259771914807&utm_content=Ad group %231
  3. Great job. I used a EZ harness for a early 70's chev pickup, but only used about 3/4 of it. The rest I made up, it was 160 bucks IIRC. Wiper motor I used was for a 53 chevy pickup that was a conversion from vacuum to electric. Then modified the mack linkage, two speed with park.
  4. Socialism is the dirty word of the day yet the U.S. has had it for years and years, even the internet your on right now was created by the Gov. This is a old piece 2014 about the worst states for socialistic behavior, there's uh quite a few red states listed and somehow I doubt the statistic changed, probably even more now. https://www.thestreet.com/investing/stocks/10-most-socialist-states-in-america-13275683
  5. The forum I frequent the most. https://www.heavyequipmentforums.com/threads/vintage-macks.21193/
  6. Problem--Both sides are pointing the finger at each other, until that subsides and both sides start making concessions nothing will get done. A one party system will not work, not before, not now, not ever. Both sides have good ideas.
  7. The country was 19.5 Trillion in debt when took office in his four tears it climbed to 27 Trillion-fact. The wall he told everyone Mexico would pay for-he used defense department money to build it. John Kasich is the one who should have been elected he wasn't perfect but he could write a budget that would worked. Any business man who has a litany of bankruptcy's is not much of a businessman.
  8. You haven't missed much then because there was nothing to miss.
  9. This page is all too funny everything said above about Dems and brainwashing-what the hell do the T supporters think has been said about them the last four years. A crazy elitist takes a ride down a escalator to announce he's running for president no one pays much attention, then he starts telling folks what they want to hear and Voila he has a sudden bunch of jim jones followers. Brainwashing? I seriously doubt that 80% of people who voted for him even investigated him before voting.
  10. Difference between a new wave republican and a jet engine? The jet engine stops whining when it gets to Hawaii.
  11. Front brakes were not federally mandated till July of 1979 on all trucks. But most all were installing them as standard equipment by 1976.
  12. 1980 Freightliner C.O.E. . I could have them put in a lathe and turn the drums off of them. instead of pressing the studs out to remove the drums.
  13. Story in online Overdrive magazine. and a video I made this last weekend, photos are not the best quality. A buyer is showing up this Saturday so may not have it much longer. Such is life.
  14. Center point spindles use a totally vertical King Pin and the bearing spacing is different compared to a conventional axle/spindle.
  15. Might be a little lighter around 100 lbs each, these are aluminum hubs with steel drums. 1980 vintage.
  16. With drums and hubs roughly 275 lbs.
  17. Yeah, Know where there are two sets of them, one axle was mine. Only problem is your 2000 miles away.
  18. Well I can see this will go on and on forever.
  19. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2021/01/14/fact-check-dominion-voting-machines-create-ballots-only-audits-tests/3973030001/
  20. That's pretty baseless-It doesn't have anything to do with how many showed up for a rally. I had a boss some years back that was selling a truck, about ten minutes before the would be buyer showed up the boss came back to the shop. He told me to tell the interested party that the trucks runs out real good. I looked straight at him and said straight out-{I have never looked at that truck, run it or drove it. Boss said again {just tell him it runs out real good ok} I looked the boss right in the eye and replied { Your asking me to lie for you--Then you better let me kn
  21. If it has a lot of hours on it and the front structure gear train hasn't been checked it needs to be checked. The bull gear and related gear bushings can drop the oil pressure when hot at idle considerably. To check the aim on 3406 piston coolers Cat does that on a fuel injection test bench. Saw one in late 90's that the bull gear bushing gave out and bull gear sawed a half moon cut through the front cover before disaster struck a short time later.
  22. If the election was really rigged as some are saying and Biden is also some kind of sleepy idiot to boot. Just how did this mass election fraud take place if Biden is such a idiot? How could a idiot be able to control that many election boards across the U.S. and rig the election? If that were the case as some believe then Joe Biden is just possibly the smartest idiot on the planet. But none of that happened. Didn't happen folks. Not one reliable person has come up with verifiable proof-not one.
  23. Finally got the hoods back and one side installed, a few small discrepancies but other wise ok. Maybe next week it will be completed. Sorry one photo is not so good.
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