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  1. glad to hear all worked out ( you might also look for a real truck shop)
  2. Cummins V903 Celebrates 50 Years in Service

    the 903s were not given the credit they deserved. for the most part they were poorly maintained cussed at and otherwise mistreated but i know of 4 that went well over a million with very little downtime and only rated at 275 hp
  3. reread post at top of page
  4. air control module

    if you are jim howdyshell near mt solon dennis over at macklease h burg can provide the info you need
  5. $1200 Autocar

    how did the trip back from tenn. go?
  6. Where's OD and the Pics of the week???

    if i were to get tangled up in that nightie i`d make absolutely no attempt to git out
  7. Happy Birthday FWD

    most likely will be slightly faster than the last one happy b day
  8. This should be mandatory for snowflakes to watch

    well said by both
  9. terry there were 4 black macks that pulled dump trailers hauled salt out of a town just south of rochester ny around the time you are talking about maybe it was one or more of those guys .usually running together and haulin a$$
  10. you can make most anything run a hundred. question is do you have the power to pull it and if so what do you do with it?
  11. sat night

    its saturday night anybody got 5 dollars?
  12. Typical Shop Work

  13. Microsoft Outlook Email

    i might be all wet here but i think i read some where that ms was in the process of dropping the email part of the operation ????
  14. Long-awaited gas giant

    very interesting
  15. Sad story.

    pickin that load up with a slurpee straw working 18 hrs a day 7 days a week would take 5+ years suitable punishment +