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  1. has anyone here tried chipping a powerstroke 7.3 and if so how did it turn out? am thinking about trying one. not so much for hp but for the trans. tuning
  2. Pictures of the Week

    I know what fancy super wreckers cost but by god i don`t think they have to try to pay for it off one damn tow
  3. Pictures of the Week

    be very careful who you call for help if you `re stuck any where near martinsville va cost us 1500.00 to get a truck moved about 10 feet last week
  4. Critter in the Yard

    about the only way a bobcat would attack a person is to get him cornered. we have a couple around here but they stay pretty much to themselves
  5. HOT

    maybe this will help
  6. Project - drop deck trailer

    just for you paul a little cool
  7. Project - drop deck trailer

    pony runs the entire operation can use any tractor with that set up
  8. Where did THAT come from??

    right on while you still can
  9. Where did THAT come from??

    a stiff shot of 100 proof george dickel seemed to help mine
  10. GMC

    keep it up show off
  11. Project - drop deck trailer

    thank you got the conspicuity marking to do yet ` find and fix one light problem and the frame work over the winch to carry the power unit . all new tires new alum wheels new led lights . should be ready to work for its keep.
  12. 89 Superliner project

    work on those pictures
  13. Happy Birthday 41 chevy!

    happy birthday hope you have a hundred more
  14. GMC

    this one is on here somewhere else but i`ll include it here to