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  1. carlotpilot

    Scraper Convoy

    jp is a character
  2. carlotpilot

    Dodge Bighorn

    and the one that i got to make one trip in was a pleasure to drive
  3. you can`t turn em tight` can`t keep tires on em because if you have to get on brakes hard you flat spot tires` single landing gear sinks when loaded ` are a real pain for one person to hookup` single gear usualy won`t lift tongue if dropped loaded or bump it a little to hard and collapse the gear` plus lots more reasons( i )don`t like em this is one more reason not to like though not involved
  4. fwiw `the ladder idea sounds like the way to go to me personally i would not trade what you have pictured for 2 of any make pintle hitch trs.
  5. carlotpilot

    heavy lifting

    branson crane maybe?
  6. carlotpilot

    heavy lifting

    changing tanks at a dairy processing plant
  7. carlotpilot

    heavy lifting

    winged crane working very close to me a few days ago. worth a look
  8. carlotpilot

    what a difference a day makes

    southwind is certainly a recognizable name ` they also made a diesel heater
  9. carlotpilot

    what a difference a day makes

    never had much to do with either of those cars likely why i did`nt think of them
  10. carlotpilot

    what a difference a day makes

    you`re right never gave them a thought . don`t recall ever seeing one of them though
  11. carlotpilot

    what a difference a day makes

    slightly different topic but related . i remember as a kid riding in a car a plymouth i think that had a gasoline fired heater . anyone know how that would have worked or has anyone ever seen one
  12. carlotpilot

    what a difference a day makes

    like to see that vid where is it found ? the heater
  13. carlotpilot

    Joining the gang

    I used to stop at that place when it was called( bill&effies) they had 2 gas pumps and 4 diesel==== long time ago
  14. carlotpilot

    11r 24" Tires

    I`d hate to think i had to buy 10 of them tomorrow at that price and i don`t know where petes tire is get in touch with bob at american tire on tapley st in springfield ma. if anyone can get you tires at a reasonable price he can
  15. carlotpilot

    11r 24" Tires

    fwiw I found 11.00r24 bridgestone m857 at pete`s tire barns inc .$ 615.00 each 16 in stock 800-239-1883

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