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  1. who on here is old enough to remember seeing school bus chassis being driven on the highway from the mfg. to the body installers place of business? no cab only a temp seat and half a windshield
  2. california used to require that setup. not sure what year they lifted it
  3. on that system you had enough air to release brakes one time but you had to hold the button in. intended to only get you out of the road
  4. this stuff has loosened heat siezed pistons in several engines for me . not free but enough to move them
  5. KROIL expensive stuff `about 60 bucks a gallon about 1/2 teacup in each cyl wait 2-3 days heavy duty pry bar in the fly wheel provided you can get to it`` back&forth prying it will come loose
  6. I offered a guy 4 for free he thought i was nuts
  7. why would a piclup need 10 speeds?
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