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  1. Prayers for mike69mackman

    chin up mike don`t know what else to say
  2. group of engineers having synchronized wet dreams
  3. Waiting in line at the drive up:

    pete n cat still do their thing once in a while
  4. 1958 Mack Service Truck

    service records come with it
  5. cummins engine

    sent scheid an e mail will see what they offer
  6. cummins engine

    1963 nh 220
  7. cummins engine

    I`ll check with them. but have time to look around for some thing usable just starting to open it up and see what i find
  8. cummins engine

    need to find a good set of fuel lines for this
  9. White with Dozer

    the spookiest part of the trip in this picture is loading the machine over the tail as that trailer does not appear to be an rgn.
  10. Tow hooks

    i have two sets of custom made tow hooks built for a mack however i don`t know which mack and neither does the guy that built them` if you can get me some hole dimensions i`ll check them and see if they will work
  11. rob I`d say you need to hire at least 4 full time mechanics or you`re going to run out of things to work on
  12. White with Dozer

    years ago i made a few trips with a7400 cabover with that mess under it. kinda like ridin a smooth drum roller over a boulder patch
  13. White with Dozer

    a reasonable description
  14. craiglist scan

    looked briefly at that last night but gave up and went to bed. I`ll give it a try meantime if you come across something interesting yell at me, I`m trying to get the money man interested in that 85 lube service truck in your posted list thats in wash.
  15. craiglist scan

    who can school me on how to do a country wide craiglist scan ? I`m looking for a later model 24 26 ft flat bed with good power prefer single axle day cab with 300 or better hp