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  1. helluva deal
  2. call
  3. real iceie situation
  4. I believe I have met that fellow some where in Oregon I think
  5. edd what town is that diesel shop close to?
  6. after looking at what you have there ` I probably have enough stuff laying around to do the trick just have to look closer at what i have
  7. would look even better towing something @6.75 a mile + a 350.00 hookup fee which some in fla. try to charge
  8. agree 100% with you about that abortion piled on top of the engine` I have been watching for pieces to use to convert ours to a snorkel type intake . if you have the pieces by all means go for it
  9. hand full of nuts n bolts n a roll of tar tape that 61 would be ready to roll
  10. Here's a couple that I am supposed to be working on. Not getting much done odd-old- ragged
  11. It's gonna have to hurry
  12. fred i guess you know the bridgewater steam&gas show is on this week end are you coming over
  13. fred did that one have the open flywheel? can`t tell from the pic
  14. good ole kalifornia the land of fruits&nuts
  15. for me it was a tricycle b 2 cyl ya cranked it with the flywheel