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  1. interesting posts guys . i quit offering any advice about anything in open threads very shortly after i signed on to the site.
  2. tried to add more pics. getting an error msg. pics might be to big i`ll resize and try later
  3. did not get to bring the toys back this trip . have to make another round out for them
  4. check the pitman arm very closely sometimes they will work loose enough to move under real stress
  5. at a museam in polson mt. made me feel right at home
  6. I hope that's the case
  7. whats the latest or is there anything new about 41chevy paul ?
  8. not n the pittsburgh area but might have a lead on one in va . are you looking for running eng. or one for parts or to rebuild?
  9. worth checkin old mh we have was giving me same kind of greif . it turned out to be the airhorn valve leaking through not enough to blow the horn or even hear from the ground but was enough to cause exactly what you`re describing
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