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  1. it is 90" needs the hood rebuilt and some other tlc other than that bc 350 runs good . I will start on the hood shortly can`t find one that i`m willing to pay the price for so gonna do it myself
  2. heres another of those 2+2+2 arrangements
  3. sears was today's equiv. of amazon
  4. I can`t even stand the old shows anymore
  5. I have an mh driver side door that needs to go somewhere glass is good hinges good `far as i know everything inside is good IF SOMEONE WANTS IT LET ME KNOW
  6. i`m sure its expensive but thats the way to go . as said above check the shocks to.
  7. perhaps he`s trying to say don`t count on me.
  8. from mack if still available a new cab leveling valve comes with the correct height linkage` you just install in same place as before
  9. great history lesson paul never knew we had ford battleships ` learn something new every day
  10. we have a shop here in town that does basicly same thing with IH scouts . some of them really scream
  11. the forks are definatly home made but the mast is case
  12. well I hit 1 out of 4 - it could be driven home - good luck with it if you go that route
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