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  1. I think i have a right side one that could go in the pot
  2. thanks for posting this tom thats just down the road from me & never been there, and happy belated bd
  3. best I can gather is ZERO tolerance
  4. that would be a spade working in that rock pile, quite a loader thats at least a 50 ton haultruck . this is a 992c older machine. i think the one first pictured is a 992k mislabeled
  5. fertilizer & manure spreaders
  6. those guys on the radio tower make my teeth itch
  7. after reading all thats been said if that motor ran any appreciable amount of miles whoever put it together had a pretty damn good idea of what he was doing
  8. the t-50 and vt 50 were oem prior to the holset line . was likely the original and likely rebuilt at some time. when the pulse manifold was introduced along with the holset turbo the 50 series just kind of faded out
  9. you are very right, at about 50 more rpms the valves & pistons catch up to each other, when that happens you have a scrap pile. and that looks like a cummins vt-50 turbo
  10. gxbc do you know john redman? is he still in business?
  11. how did the bucket leveler survive all these years?. thats usually the first thing that gets knocked off
  12. when did mich start allowing lift axles
  13. this was basicly a cabless dump truck that you drove facing the dump end . they did not have hydraulics so you drove the thing toward the pile or where ever you were hauling to when you got where you wanted to dump you declutched it and stood on the brakes and hauled back on a huge lever, that and your momentum is what dumped the thing.
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