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  1. worth checkin old mh we have was giving me same kind of greif . it turned out to be the airhorn valve leaking through not enough to blow the horn or even hear from the ground but was enough to cause exactly what you`re describing
  2. that one that turns down & out would have been on a non sleeper cab.
  3. that bottom picture would be my choice` btw i`m looking for one like that
  4. should only be a matter of getting them in the right place
  5. wonder if the marinco could be wired in to the existing wire harness going to the motor? it takes 5 wires to use whats there
  6. I have a drill press similar driven about the same age
  7. really good thinking on the wiper solution` you may have found the answer for me to my problem with the controller set up . bad (gem) in a ford 450` ford wants 800+ for a replacement ` less than 200 for one of those
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