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  1. theres one of these hiding out in pa longer wheel base with a big sleeper red & black in color one of the sharpest trucks on the road
  2. the rig i`m talking about was a white -gmc 22'coal body .he was playing a game with weights and measures but he got the truck to where he could legaly haul 26 tons payload all axles were on air except steer
  3. thanks i could`nt come up with his name
  4. used to be a guy in frederickburg va that had a 7 axle set up 2 behind the drives and 2 in front
  5. ouch kinda rough i`m sure some one has a couple! do you know anything about working aluminum ? if you can raise superdog the guy from iowa he most likely would have them
  6. an in tune 549 with dual exhaust will give you all the growl you can stand
  7. 549 teapot on it
  8. blue truck is standard length there was an even shorter sba
  9. w900a is the fore runner of the w900b both long and short and shorter hoods are a models 1981 was the last year of the a
  10. a cat dealer in florida ( won`t mention name) offered us one reman 450 hp out right 36.500
  11. hendrickson rubber block roughest riding sob ever built unless you have about 60.000 on it
  12. coal slag known now as black beauty abrasive grit
  13. nice rig that should last a while