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  1. carlotpilot

    Back Home

    bottom line says it got pretty radical
  2. carlotpilot

    General Motors News

    theres a little inky dinky 3 hampster wheel buried down in there
  3. carlotpilot

    Even great drivers need training

    what would the average trip milage be with 83 tons
  4. carlotpilot

    Back Home

    you been up in the new england area?
  5. carlotpilot

    Eaton 8LL in an RD...

    bad o ring in shift knob
  6. carlotpilot

    Flywheel bolt torque

    get a setup like this, stop when you think they`re tight
  7. carlotpilot

    Rear brakes seem to be hanging up....

    1 of three things happening either that shoe is wearing out &s cam starting to travel to far or its just a lube prob. lube being the easiest to fix. or the return spring inside the service brake is weak or broken another thought if you have semi metalic brake lining they are most likely just sticking to the drums
  8. commonly called a graveyard hump
  9. carlotpilot

    Night time illumination devises

    I did`nt think there were any still in existence
  10. carlotpilot

    Night time illumination devises

    anybody remember the (autronic) eye think thats what they were called 53-54 caddies &some oldsmobiles had em automatic dimmer switch
  11. carlotpilot

    Night time illumination devises

    probably surprises no one, but there are people including truck drivers that don`t have a clue that there is a dimmer in the vehicle
  12. carlotpilot

    Making noise in the Woods

    way it used to be done
  13. carlotpilot

    Loving the Loadstar - Cooma Sand and Concrete

    not quite so bad. they could have had 345s in em
  14. carlotpilot

    Guess the year of this KW

    lol any way its a nice looking kw
  15. carlotpilot

    Guess the year of this KW

    oh well i only missed by 9 years

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