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  1. bob you have stumbled on to an old fernstrom moving co van not sure of the mfg. but fernstrom is the only outfit that used that particular type box that i know of
  2. I know of an 18 ton grove crane that as for as i know is still running around that had a mack e6 transplant back in the early90s along with a mack 9 spd and mack rears. it stared life with a 4- 71 in the carrier after this project was completed it turned out to be the only consistent 65 mph crane anywhere in northern virginia
  3. WOW
  4. welcome get some cano kroil its expensive but it works put about a half a cup in each cylinder and wait about 3 days then work it loose
  5. whole barn full of power
  6. glad to hear you`re still kickin keep on keepin on
  7. update some times i can just click back from a post other times i get interference from something called (aniview) which is google oriented . if i go to the home button on this site i have no problem just when i use my back button on my browser. it try`s to load non existant videos i use firefox don`t know if its in the browser or has sneaked in somewhere else. could also be in a microsoft update . my varmit hunter says nothing wrong
  8. but jim she has no umm pockets to fill with sand
  9. all it takes is a computer to screw things up cnc
  10. I would agree with fxyfmn thats beyond any hope of welding
  11. spoken from experience
  12. heres the idea even this set up is just a little skittish on a wet road
  13. Has any one heard anything from or about Mike?