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  1. autocar is a survivor for sure
  2. if anybody remembers mason-dixon lines they to had a slew of gas rigs
  3. some really nice looking trucks thanks for posting, I ran an ih west coaster pulling a dump trlr around wash dc for about 6 weeks while another truck was laid up for an overhaul back in the 60s, sure did`nt look like the last pic , in your post but it got the job done, single axle also, the owner was an ih dealer as well
  4. no real big hurry but when can i see it ? not real sure what a9964 looks like
  5. if you happen to find an an acar cab that is still intact that could be bought please let me know about it
  6. mike harbison ( superdog) probably has 1 or 2 of each check him out
  7. this latest will cost them millions more
  8. wonder if keystone museum has looked at this
  9. just like the old harleys except this one won`t toss ya over the handle bars
  10. bob you`re right there among those beasts . likely a few real mccoys for sale near by
  11. would have liked to have been there but spent my day pulling the motor out of my zero turn . damn thing is leaking oil out the side at about a quart an hour. looks like the pan gasket blew a hole right behind the filter base . this is going to turn into a project for sure
  12. carlotpilot

    Tire irons

    these tool s work great BUT trying to use them with out super slick lube they are just as hard to handle as the regular tools
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