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  1. no alex he`s not the only other guy
  2. mh has spring loaded saftey latches built into the hydraulics . if system is working right with pump control lever pointed toward cab it should raise . takes about a two foot pump handle
  3. no other place surpasses el paso during rodeo 2 weeks
  4. rebuilt exchange are about 58.00 each cores 35.00
  5. thank s for turning this upright. don`t know who own`s it. just sitting at mack in h`berg
  6. most democrats should be also
  7. Sorry to hear .may she rest in peace
  8. About ready to do the same
  9. Happy birth day 41 Chevy hope you have a 100 more
  10. I have pulled many 121.000 k gross loads with a 220& an r96 roadranger back in the good old days when the limit was 73.280
  11. That's a start keep tryin
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