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  1. carlotpilot

    LiL' Red Wrecker

    one piece at a time and it did`nt win me a dime
  2. carlotpilot

    Oh No! Are they that lost?

    or sends them after a cant hook
  3. carlotpilot

    New Fad for Cars?

    1100.00 dollars for a pair of jeans ? worn out at that sad part is there are people stupid enough to pay it. I hope I hope
  4. carlotpilot

    New Fad for Cars?

    LOL i have 16 pair of well worn wranglers that will be on ebay very soon will let you know how that goes
  5. carlotpilot

    Show Time

    kenmore I did`nt know sears made trucks
  6. carlotpilot

    And he'll be driving again tomorrow..........

    i`ve had some near miss`s in that part of the country
  7. carlotpilot

    And he'll be driving again tomorrow..........

    don`t know about the state where that happened but here thats an automatic reckless driving ticket
  8. 52 was my first year of school also 1 room school teacher taught 1 2 3 rd grade about 16 total in the room had a coal fired stove for heat and opened the windows when it got hot , 2 out houses out back
  9. carlotpilot

    Still mysteries not the world to be solved

    buffalo chips
  10. carlotpilot

    Tieman introduces innovative new tanker

    i`d say 32ft
  11. carlotpilot

    Allentown Fair

    ok quite a show
  12. carlotpilot

    Allentown Fair

    mack doin its thing was that a win?
  13. carlotpilot

    Timbren suspension

    fwiw independent leveling valves cure that problem on an air ride st. truck
  14. carlotpilot

    Retro-Themed New Chevy Silverados

    dump the 4 wd and gm could possibly convince me to try one of these

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