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  1. I have a pair with the exception of the dogs that are identical came out of a late 80s international. not quite as new looking
  2. they do tilt but they are spring loaded no hyds. unless added on a/m
  3. had some thing similar in an mh marker lt circuit turned out to be the breaker its self . would over heat and not reset` no shorted lights just breaker gave up
  4. have not seen anything about last wknds show .did no one make it?
  5. a 1980 u mack has very little in the way of sensors .sounds like weak or dead batteries to me ` check them out first then all ground cables and connections
  6. l have serious doubts that these trucks still exist . this has to be an old photo
  7. shift lever MUST be in nuetral pos. to tilt cab. must also be well lubricated to slip in and out of the socket it bottoms in . be ultra careful not to break or bend any part they are extremely hard to find replacement pieces for
  8. the rollback mh we have for sale has pretty near the same setup
  9. ole bear looks like he-she`s been eating good
  10. no problem he gots four wheel drive
  11. ahhh the old disapearing tool trick. looks goood
  12. mix lemon juice and peroxide 50/50 spray the seat` cat piss smell will go away in a few hrs.
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