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  1. working--- just need to ad the forward guard
  2. not much room left in that b cab when he`s in it either
  3. agree with bob on that one . my knees are to crotchety to sit on the floor
  4. that was the best looking big truck that ford ever built as far as I am concerned .the only other one that got close was the long hood ltl.
  5. been tested and working . now gets a clean up & some paint
  6. engine has gone in to limp mode will likely take a dealer diagnostic tool to find the cause . not much help
  7. the pictured truck most likely had a 534 gas engine and a5x4 trans.` could have been an 1160 cat
  8. I can tell you that even on level ground they did not git anywhere fast
  9. already out there.------ called a waterpic.
  10. update still not quite ready to use but getting there
  11. you should not be able to hear the turbo unless you have it tromped wide open
  12. the old black cab did look pretty sad` what did you do with it?
  13. pump them front tires up to 130 lbs. shake some of that weight off him
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