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  1. and don`t forget those 260 air conditioners
  2. firstly . there is no such thing as an automatic motor . further analysis is needed
  3. for them old gals that have to make two trips to haul ass that one gets it all in one load
  4. my standard day is 8:00 am to1:00 am unless i`m in cal. which does`nt happen much anymore
  5. thats brand new modern progress lots more to come
  6. time marches on od . I shudder every time i look in a mirror. some great pics though keep em comin
  7. a good number of the stupid bas$ards don`t even know they have a high and low beam
  8. I have a pair with the exception of the dogs that are identical came out of a late 80s international. not quite as new looking
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