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  1. about that time good ole banning was THE training site for caldot
  2. don`t ya just love it when someone who does`nt have a clue insists on helping
  3. one must dig far deeper than the talking heads on any boob tube channel to find out whats going on
  4. might be a good idea to capture that whole axle . not many left with budd hubs
  5. butler truck parts in pa. may have what you are looking for there were several older int. mixers & dumps out in back last time i was by there . thats been 8 or more mths. ago . might be worth a call
  6. the kw dealer near me has a 7 axle realllly nice looking dump on the lot $ 214.000 range ----- unreal
  7. even Brand new its a crap shoot and the payments don`t stop
  8. I heard a tale about a fella who put a set of odor eaters in his shoes. DISAPEARED 2 DAYS LATER
  9. (8) . 11x24.5 steel dayton rims in good cond 45.00 each
  10. I would lean more to believing this than anything put out by the msm.
  11. 160 years between believe # 2 kicked off today
  12. fyi, go to citizenfreepress.com read the statement just posted by sen. ted cruz
  13. it ain`t over til the fat lady farts
  14. have you looked for manual shut offs under the hood
  15. no pinion shaft that i`ve ever seen has only three teeth on it . check the number stamped on the yoke end that will tell you exactly what ratio you have .
  16. very merry christmas to everyone
  17. was that in an allwheel drive vehicle or somthing else . beefy box for sure
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