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  1. if you decide theres to much involved in the rehab let me know along with a price
  2. understood . if you ever have to grab one of those wheels with greasy hands or an oily glove it never comes off. off white plastic would be my choice
  3. nice lookin dash but that funky grease soaking steer wheel would have to go
  4. kind of sounds like both the pp1 and pp7 valves need replaced. and checkthe out let hoses for mud dobber gunk
  5. to be fair since cummins was the originator of the jacobs eng . brake their design produces the most usable braking hp of any engine that I know of . supposedly if you have 500 pulling hp then you have 500 braking . i am told that the 60 series detroits are almost the same . we have one of those to and it works
  6. we have a tandem mack rollback and a 2000 vision .the vision has the 460 eng rollback has e6 350` both are properly tuned neither is as effective as a 3406b loaded heavier` and no where near as effective as a 350 cummins. I should add. that the e6 350 has genuine jacobs set set up not positive what the 460 is
  7. I`m sure i`ll get pounced on for saying this but if i were you i would save the 12-1500.00 dollars for something more useful
  8. obama made off with the last two brain cells that joe had
  9. little late in the day but happy easter all
  10. the best lookin one got away
  11. I think i have a right side one that could go in the pot
  12. thanks for posting this tom thats just down the road from me & never been there, and happy belated bd
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