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  1. Most UPS runs are on hourly pay, but there are a few that pay by mileage. On the mileage runs, they are also paid at hourly rate for time fueling, delays, etc.. As far as trucks needing electronic controlled engines to support ELDs, back in the 90s when UPS first started using their "IVIS" ELDs, almost all of their trucks had mechanical engines.
  2. Fortune Worldwide 500, transportation companies: Not a single one in the top 100, and not a single trucking only company made the top 500. Even the biggest trucking company has less bargaining power than at least 500 companies, so the trucking industry has little bargaining power in relation to their big corporate customers. And the little guys with one truck or a small fleet? The big corporations have you all fighting with each other for money losing hauls while the CEOs buy million dollar Ferraris while you work hundred hour weeks trying to eke out a living with decades old trucks!
  3. Fleets like UPS have been running e-logs for a couple decades now, and their drivers are still making money like crazy!
  4. Local legend has it that Twin Cities Fargo Freight got a heck of a deal on a fleet of Mack Western F model cabovers in the 70s, but felt the Mack V8s in them were too powerful. So they yanked the V8s and replaced them with Mack 6s, and sold the V8s to the Minneapolis International dealer who installed them in International gliders.
  5. You describe yourself better than I ever could. But go easy on yourself for being a vet, that's a good quality in a person.
  6. Such a threat has been illegal under federal law for decades.
  7. Again, you haven't even proved correlation, never mind causation.
  8. Is this engine in an MR chassis? Perhaps a former Postal Service tractor?
  9. Correlation is not causation, and you haven't even proven correlation.
  10. Gonna try to make it, being as I'm only a bit less than 300 miles away. Not having much luck finding a cheap hotel though, so may have to make a long "day trip" of it...
  11. Ford is doing great at profitably building cars and trucks. But instead of solid sustainable profits, Wall Street wants sexy stuff like driver-less electric cars that no one is buying or even lining up to buy. Ford family and workers, it may be time to take advantage of the low stock price and take Ford private and/or into an ESOP again!
  12. Until about a century ago, republicans were the party of equal opportunity for blacks. That alignment has now shifted 180 degrees... Notice how the south has turned mostly republican?
  15. They've been investigating Obama for years and the Clintons for decades, and they haven't found any crimes committed... Sorry boys, it's time to move on...