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  1. Will you make up your mind?
  2. You might better focus your ire on the starter of that thread...
  3. Some white guys are so fragile... Almost like snowflakes!
  4. 41 Chevy, it's simple: You sign a contract, you have to abide by it.
  5. The 4500 Allison should have enough capacity for the 375 HP rating.
  6. Well said, Mack Technician- Murder is pretty low on the list of causes of death, suicide is more common, and most of us die of heart and lung ailments or cancer. I got no problem with sane citizens lawfully exercising their 2nd amendment rights, or their 1st amendment rights for that matter. Same with freedom of religion, political association, and who folks choose to love.
  7. Not exactly, but ownership of absurdly large amounts of firearms and ammo does tend to correlate with "clinging to the past" philosophy. It's pretty much a proven fact that unionized workers are better paid, as evidenced by some of the jealousy towards union members on this forum. Higher pay attracts the best workers, no surprise. And your poor grammar is rather telling...
  8. David, are you even capable of treating people as individuals?
  9. You just stereotyped all black people with that blanket statement... And you're not racist?
  10. Having lived in Minneapolis for three decades, I've met several of the characters involved and had several interactions with the city's police, so this is no surprise. The historians generally agree that Minneapolis' police were thoroughly corrupt until mayor Hubert Humphrey cleaned house in the 1940s. But Humphrey was only mayor for a few years before moving on to the senate, so I suspect the corrupt cops just went back to business as usual after he left. Former police chief Boza, a retired cop who wrote a book on the department, and a number of other authorities agree that the department is dysfunctional. Throw in the drug fueled crime wave of the 80s and 90s and we've got a department whose SOP is to operate "locked and loaded" with the safety off... No surprise that mere fireworks in the area may have caused a cop to panic and shoot an unarmed civilian. This paranoid approach to law enforcement is common in Minnesota, note the similarity to the panicked police shooting that occurred in a suburb of Minneapolis last year. Police are taught to fear everyone- When I applied for a DOT truck inspector job back in the 90s, I probably didn't make the final cutoff because I gave the wrong answer to the question "You are inspecting a truck and the driver is becoming angry". The correct answer is "Retreat and call for backup". That's increasingly the mentality of cops in Minnesota and much of America. Combine that paranoid police behavior with a segment of the population that's amassing arsenals and runs around "locked and loaded" too, and you've got a recipe for disaster...
  11. Your trying to race bait this tragedy, it ain't about race- Minneapolis has a dysfunctional police force. Used to listen to the scanner when I lived there, heard one officer shoot another officer who was working plainclothes. Heard another officer shot in the station, not sure if he shot himself or another officer shot him. They also had a crash with an officer behind the wheel plowing into a crowd that was watching a parade and killing two, later found that the officer hadn't driven the vehicle before and mistook the gas for the brake.
  12. 'Cept Volvo would rather let Mack die than see Mack live on as a competitor.
  13. Nice to see the V8 Mack sharing company with a locomotive, being that it's the locomotive of trucks...
  14. For a truck that runs in the city a lot 30 MPH or less average is par for the course. At the Postal Service it's even worse- I've seen Macks there with only 400,000 miles but 20,000 hours, even slower average speeds in some of the more congested cities.